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Norse WTF Werewolf?

Discussion in 'League and Team Development Tactics' started by Jimmynids266, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. Jimmynids266

    Jimmynids266 New Member

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    So here is my team up to this point:

    Position<SPP>: Skills Acquired from SPP(in order taken)

    Yhetee<15>: Guard
    Werewolf<10>: Block
    Werewolf<7>: Doubles
    Runner<15>: Dodge
    Berserker<10>: Guard
    Lineman<9>: ST+1
    Lineman<42>: Tackle, Kick, Pro
    Lineman<7>: Strip Ball
    Lineman<8>: Strip Ball
    Lineman<21>: AG+1, Sure Hands
    Lineman<15>: Tackle
    Lineman<8>: Guard

    BIG question is for my now doubles rolling WW with only Frenzy to back it up, do I pickup something like Jump Up or Sprint, or perhaps Leader... or do I choose to waste the doubles and take a safer bet like Block
  2. Coach

    Coach Administrator Head Coach

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    Hi Jimmy,

    I've not used Norse as much as I have other teams. I imagine Dodge is taken a fair amount, Side Step could be good as well (ST4 + Frenzy crowd push potential and help protect from being pushed off themselves). Sprint or Leader would be a big waste. I can see some use from Jump Up but I'd probably rather have it later rather than sooner.

    Can't go wrong with taking Block either though imo, I might well do that myself, between that or the two I mentioned above for me personally.

    As you kindly posted the whole team, you don't need two Strip Ball players, especially this early in team development. Most of the time the opponent will have Sure Hands anyway. I can understand why you took two, though it isn't that important a skill to worry about it being out of position. Tackle or Fend are what you should have probably got more use out of instead of the second one. If you have it due to it being an online team and it was a miss click then nevermind what I said!
  3. Jimmynids266

    Jimmynids266 New Member

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    First off, thanks for the advice.

    I am in an online league with 3 teams of stunty/titchy so I took the tackles first.. the Strip Ball is for the Nurgle team, Khemri, and the Ogres I play against when im mostly getting 2 dice their choice(before i got all the guards up).

    I didn't even consider side step but now that you mention it, it would do nicely to have it lol. Jump up already comes on my blitzers and is a big annoyance to my enemies which is why it jumped out as a go to skill heh. Of course block beats all as far as utility goes but again its a touch call to waste a double on it. As for Dodge, on an AG 2 player I can only see it being so helpful since i usually keep them surrounded or jumping back into melee.. making 4+ in the open is bad enough and 4 rerolls helps cover me when I absolutely need to dodge.. oh yeah lol I have 4 Rerolls and an Apoth, and 9 or 10 FF right now(forgot to include that above)

    Still torn but its between Jump Up, Side Step, and Block now :p
  4. Thanatos

    Thanatos Member

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    I would suggest Dodge.

    It makes it harder to take him down, and can be used for making actual dodges on occasion (4+ with a reroll ain't great but it is needed from time to time)
  5. maxcarrion

    maxcarrion Active Member

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    I'd probably go for sidestep but for giggles I'd consider diving tackle, nothing worse than being stuck next to a Norse WW and knowing that he may well take you down if you run and will certainly take you down if you stay :p
  6. Smiler6310

    Smiler6310 Member

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    I'd seriously consider ignoring the double at the moment and going with Block. Without it your Werewolf is still a fairly large liablity more so than other S4 players due to frenzy.

    Sidestep is a good anti-crowd skill on a frenzy player but it be worked around. I'd prefer to wait and get Stand Firm now its availible without needing doubles. Dodge is good for protecting him so if you were to go for the double that is the one I'd lean towards.
  7. Murkglow

    Murkglow Member

    I agree. You can get Stand Firm on a normal roll so Side Step isn't as necessary. I'd either get Block (very important even if it "wastes" a double) or Dodge (helps his mobility and protects him somewhat).
  8. Frenz0rz

    Frenz0rz Member

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    A norse werewolf with blodge? Dont think I could pass up an opportunity like that.

    That said, if I rolled dubs again I'd be tempted to just take block, since he really does need it.