Hit and Run

Hit and Run

After a player with this Trait performs a Block action, they may immediately move one free square ignoring Tackle Zones so long as they are still Standing. They must ensure that after this free move, they are not Marked by or Marking any opposition players.

Hit and Run is a new Blood Bowl Trait that at the time of this article, is unique to Amazon Blitzers. It offers a new and unique way to getting a bit more manoeuvrability into a team that has previously been bang average when it comes to speed. It’s a little restrictive in it’s use and the fact you can’t be marked / marking after the move will mean it’s not always possible to use it.

It may help with keeping your player alive as you can position your Blitzer so that they can’t just be blocked back on the opponents turn. As you do it after the completion of the Block action, that includes following up. This means you can use it to push through a defensive line, even if you don’t knock the target over, assuming there is an unmarked square to still move into.

3 thoughts on “Hit and Run”

  1. Apparently this skill gives you a free MA point when blitzing. This gave me the ability to score once by using my full MA in order to blitz with my ball carrier, push and follow, hit and run away from the tackle zone and then rushing twice to score.


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