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Over 8,000 years ago, the Khemri played the first games of Blood Bowl against the Slann. But, as the Kingdom died off, so did the game until its rediscovery. And as the game returned, it was inevitable that the ancient players and stars of the Khemri would return to the pitch they once played on.

QTYPositionCostMASTAGPAAVSkills & TraitsPriSec
0-16Skeleton40k534+6+8+Regeneration, Thick SkullGAS
0-2Anointed Thrower70k634+3+8+Pass, Regeneration, Sure Hands, Thick SkullGPA
0-2Anointed Blitzer90k634+6+9+Block, Regeneration, Thick SkullGSAP
0-4Tomb Guardian100k455+10+Decay, RegenerationSAG
0-8ReRolls70kApothecary: No
Special RulesSylvanian Spotlight

Tomb Kings Team Overview:

Khemri teams are generally known by the fact they have four ST5 Mummies, which makes them very strong. They are the only team in the game where every single player regenerates, which makes then very resiliant, especially if they hide behind the Mummies. Cheap Skeletons also let you flesh the roster out which means they will rarely have to start a drive without the full eleven players.

The downsides to the Khemri team is the fact they are a little bit on the slow side but their biggest weakness is the low agility across the team as a whole. This means you really need to cage well, if the ball carrier gets isolated or the ball becomes loose the team may really struggle to recover it, let alone move it to the end zone for a touchdown. Rain is also something that the Khemri team does not want to see, this exaggerates their low agility disadvantage even more.

For beginners, the Khemri may prove really hard to coach because of their low agility. As even picking the ball up in the first place can prove futile, trying to do a hand off or a passing play, may frustrate to the point of wanting to quit. I would suggest to perhaps start with another team when you have a better grasp of the game mechanics and odds before progressing to coaching Khemri.

Tomb Kings Team Strength:

  • Four ST5 Players
  • Every Player has Regenerate
  • Very Cheap Linemen

Tomb Kings Team Weaknesses:

  • Expensive Reroll
  • Low Agility

15 thoughts on “Tomb Kings / Khemri Teams”

  1. Khemri is not a team for beginners as you so correctly state.

    What really needs to be said about this team is Re-Rolls… Loads of thoes..
    You need your mummies, do not forgoe them at all. They are your strength, basicly your only strength.
    What you don’t need in a Khemri team, is the Thro-Ra.
    Sure hands is nice, yes, but their move is too low to make them TD scorers. You get the exact same opertunaty with a Blitz-Ra, and 1 extra move, 1 extra armor and block. Sure Hands for the first skill up, unless your so lucky as to get a double, then choose Dodge (Block, Dodge rules).

    • The Throw-Ra now has MA6, thus I would argue in league you’re better starting with two and a single Blitzer.

      They’re also surprisingly not bad at throwing with PA 3+, so they can offer some stretch play.

  2. Any chance we can get an update for LRB6/CRP Coach? In particular I’m wondering if it’s a smarter move to just take 3 TGs and go for 2 Blitz-Ras and a deeper bench to begin with, since those Blockers are key…

    • Check out the Starting Rosters section, due to you asking and having others enquire about Khemri, I wrote up an article covering those options. It might not give you a definitive answer on what is smarter, but hopefully will make you think about the variations involved so you can decide what might work best for you.

  3. One thing I’d like to mention about this team is the very limited upgrades for the tomb guardians. This caught me by surprise when i was finally able to level up only to find out that I would have to roll doubles to ever get the block skill. Huge let down and I had wished I caught that earlier.

  4. Thro-Ras often get misunderstood with their “pass” skill and low agility. They do not play the “passing” game, their throwing ability is meant for the Hail Mary skill. Also the Leader skill helps with the expensive rerolls for Khemri

    • Could you please elaborate? I like the team and I could use some advance tactics like that one. You use that to pass your blitzers? Seems risky and very situational.

      • Hail Mary as an offensive skill is very risky, though it can be handy to have when defending to throw the ball right down the other end of the pitch after you knock it loose. Typically on offence Thro-Ras will just pick the ball up and sit inside a cage as you march down the field hitting people with your Tomb Guardians and Blit-Ras. If you want some more in depth help and discussion head on over to the BBTactics forum.

  5. I have a unique Khemri team that leveled up really well – a +2Ma +Ag throw ra, and a diving catch/catch blitza ra 🙂 I can actually pass farily well with this dynamic duo, something no one ever defends against a Khermi team for. Diving catch is a way underrated skill and essential for khermi if you ever plan to try to throw, even in a “holy crap” situation.

  6. For a 2turn Touchdown with Khemri it is most essential to be able to throw. But throwing is not the problem- catching is and dodging. Since the enemy still gets a turn he will easily be able to mark the receiver. So anything which makes your catching/dodging easier and counters the enemies ability to surround you properly will help.

    such as diving catch, catch, dodge, high movement and agility.

    But this should be on the receiver, not the thrower. So think about another role for your mighty 3stats+ Thro-ra. Maybe even use 2 your two mentioned players as receivers and the second thrower as … well… the thrower, since the skill accurate isnt that hard to get.

    One good thing about Khemri is that noone suspects them to actually throw and many players give you quite often two or three turns to score. If you can do it then… welll done.

    • This is why Humerus Carpal is such a good a star player to have on the Khemri team. Sure, you do not get the TD-spp on a player you keep, but movement 7, dodge, ag 3, Nerves of Steel and Catch means that you may even try to do a one-turner.

      With Ithaca Benoin these two handle the ball almost as well as dark elves. This is the way I prefer to do it in resurrection tournaments (as long as the rules allow it). Another good things with khemri in such tournaments is that Decay means nothing. Also, whilst an apo is better at preventing lasting injuries, a team packed with Regeneration is worth more when the players return for certain next game.

  7. I start playing this game few days ago and my first team is Khemri I like how they look, I’m using this site and Its really helpful rn I’m 1660TV and have 6 re-rolls. I dont get why are they so har ? 4 Tomb Guards really make it easy for me and after buying Tho-ra game start to be more easy I know Tomb Guards can fall apart but how its works, when they Die or when they are Injured.


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