Khemri Blitz-Ras

Blood Bowl Khemri Blitz-Ra

Khemri Blitz-Ras Overview:

Blitz-Ras are important players for Khemri teams, mostly due to their higher movement than most their team mates, but they also start with Block. Their movement is still only an average speed and the same goes for their strength and armour. Blitz-Ras like the rest of the team also have Regeneration and access to strength skills, their weaknesses being that they have low agility and are also fairly expensive.

Under older rules, Blitz-Ras used to be favoured to do all the ball carrying as they started with Block and were faster than Thro-Ras. As Thro-Ras have been changed to make them more viable ball carriers, that has freed the Blitz-Ras up to develop in alternative ways. Their skill access and movement would lean to developing them with the aim of blitzing in mind. There is also merit in building both in a similar way as their low agility means they could get easily marked. Having two gives you a better chance of one being free or easily freed up and also some redundancy against injuries. You should consider what your team needs most though when picking upgrades.

That being said, you do only have the option for up to two Blitz-Ras so building them differently can also be good for the team. Their movement may mean that they tend to develop quicker than a lot of your team mates. With them being the only ones on the team who start with Block as well means that you may need them to take certain useful but somewhat standard skills. If you are very light on things like Tackle, then you may struggle with opponents who have a lot of Dodge. Guard is also another very useful skill to have, though with four possible strength five players that might be easier to get away with.

Killer Blitz-Ra:

As usual with strength skill access a killer build is certainly viable. A Tomb Guardian may also go this route as well but there are advantages of a Blitz-Ra doing it. You lose less strength after they use Piling On and also have more movement to both pick targets easier and for getting up and moving. Another advantage of building a killer build is that it is a greater deterrent for opposing players to try and mark them, that means they will be free to move more often.  I’d start with Mighty Blow to cause more damage and to help get SPP quicker and follow it up with Piling On (probably best to only use it on injury rolls though).

After that you have a lot of options, Juggernaut will let you pick on Wrestle players. Tackle will be great against Dodge players and you may also be light on the skill in the team. Frenzy can help get players over (combos well with Juggernaut as well). Guard also can be very handy, especially as your Tomb Guardians aren’t going to get it first choice and Blitz-Ras are more mobile. Break tackle can also be worth while to give you a better chance at dodging, though I think it perhaps would be more use if you got a strength increase.

For doubles I would take Dodge, sure they could get targeted easier on a Dodge light team, but there are going to be times when you need to attempt dodges even with your low agility. After that Side Step is useful, especially if you look to try and get crowd pushes. Jump Up can help with Piling On, though if you are just blocking their low agility can make it risky. A strength increase makes hitting players easier and also makes them harder to hit. An agility increase gives you greater scope for dodging and also more ball handling options. They could be used as a catcher at a pinch if things get tight. Movement is more helpful for a slow team than the armour would be.

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6 thoughts on “Khemri Blitz-Ras”

  1. First – this article called Khmeri instead of Khemri.
    Second – do I understand correctly that I need to take a break tackle just in case +ST or this skill should be taken in any way?

    • I’d pretty much always take +ST on Blitz-ra, you can always take Break Tackle on the next skill and good positional play means you should be able to block them free with a team mate should they get marked (though not always). Though if you get desperate an AG2 dodge is only a 4+ which will work 75% of the time with a team reroll or half the time without it. Generally though if you are going to be using a player to dodge for a blitz, it will probably be your Blitz-Ra so Break Tackle can be nice to have but I’d concentrate on the more staple core choices like Tackle first.

      Thanks for spotting and letting me know about the typo in the article name, surprised no one else picked up on that until now!

  2. Hi coach, I would like to find out the stats for the Khemri people, could you tell me them? Also, would catch maybe be a good skill to get if you wanted to try a different stratergy?


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