Look into my Eyes

This skill is a Special Rule that is only available to specific Star Players. Please visit this page to find a list of current Blood Bowl Star Players.

Look into my Eyes

Once per game, if Boa starts his activation marking an opposition player with the ball, he may roll a D6. On a 1, nothing happens. On a 2+ the opposition player loses possession of the ball, Boa immediately gains possession of the ball and Boa’s activation immediately ends.

This ability could be game changing, though the hard parts are being in a situation where it triggers and then maintaining possession of the ball afterwards. Coaches tend not to leave their ball carrier in marked square at the end of their turn, unless perhaps a turnover occurred which is generally already bad for them and great for you. Thankfully Boa does have some skills to try and be in that situation, firstly with Side Step which makes it harder to just push you away, Dodge to make Boa harder to knock down and Prehensile Tail to make it harder for their ball carrier to try dodging away.

If you do manage to successfully get Look into my Eyes to trigger, then you’re now in a situation where you have the ball carrier who is being marked and you can’t just move away. You’ll need to use team mates to block or blitz the opponents away and hopefully provide some cover to stop the opposition having an easy return hit on Boa. If you can’t manage that then Boa does have the new skill, Safe Pair of Hands, so if they do get the knock down, or have Strip Ball, then you at least get to choose which empty square the ball ends up in.

I see this as being a very hard ability to use, especially against more developed teams. Good coaches should be able to avoid the situation where it will trigger. If you do manage to get Boa next to their ball carrier then look to try and position the rest of your team to at least make it hard to block off the available Side Step squares. You also need to be wary of placement that might allow them to chain push their ball carrier away. Tackle and / or Grab opponents will have an easier time dealing with Boa, so if they’ve not got many of those try and mark them up with your team mates at the same time.

This feels like a fun puzzle, though ultimately experienced coaches shouldn’t have too much issue dealing with this the majority of the time.

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