Norse Werewolves / Ulfwereners

Blood Bowl Norse Werewolve / Ulfwerener
Norse Werewolves / Ulfwereners Overview:

When the Norse side lost two of their Berserkers which looked like a bad hit, they gained Ulfwereners instead. This is a pretty good trade off despite the fact they don’t start with Block like nearly all the rest of the Norse team. Their upside is that they have ST4 giving some more muscle to the team and AV8 making them more resilient than the average Norseman. They also start with Frenzy which is unusual as ST4 players usually don’t have any skills to start with, they are also fairly quick for a stronger player as well. They are expensive players though but I can’t see any Norse team not having both of their allowed Ulfwereners on their side.

In a similar role to the Berserkers, these guys are even more perhaps suited to a hitting, damage causing roll, given that they have low agility and high strength. Frenzy will also encourage this role for them as well and typically these guys may tend to get stuck in the thick of it a bit more than their more fragile team mates. That doesn’t mean you should get overly reckless with them and still be aware of the down sides to Frenzy. They can be quite slow to skill up though so once they start to develop they are a player you want to try and keep alive as long as you can.

Killer Norse Ulfwerener:

Being that they are the only player on your team (apart from the Snow Troll) to not start with Block, that seems like a good place to start and is probably the route I would take. They aren’t going to be scoring touchdowns too often so if you want to hit with them I prefer to boost their reliability. With most of your team having Block it can be more tempting to hit with them given a choice, but you want to try and get the SPP on these guys. The other alternative is to take Mighty Blow first in order to cause more damage when you get those knock downs and rely on team rerolls to negate the lack of Block. Which ever you don’t take first though, the other is probably the best second skill choice. For the third upgrade either Piling On to maximise the damage potential or go for Guard as any team relying on hitting is going to need it and you only can have a maximum of five players with normal access to it.

Later skill selection I would look at either Stand Firm to help with safety after crowd pushes and to remain in base contact to get more blocks in. Juggernaut to cancel out Fend and Wrestle and make sure you can get the most out of Frenzy. It will also help with crowd pushes as well, though as it can only by used on a blitz it will lose value the more players you have with it. Tackle also worth considering, especially in Dodge heavy leagues. Break Tackle can also be worth consideration to make them more mobile and to help prevent getting marked out of the game. This can be a disaster when combined with Frenzy as you can get really dragged out of position.

Doubles are the fairly usual choices between Dodge and Side Step, I may be tempted to ignore it as the first or second skill increase in order to get the more useful skills to help with his role on the team. As far as stat increases go +ST is the only one I would consider as all the others mean taking one less skill and don’t really add too much compared to the standard skill choices. A strength increase can make them more mobile if you get Break Tackle which raises in stock if you get one at ST5.

Norse Ulfwereners Summary:

One thing I haven’t really touched on is taking Wrestle on one of the Ulfwereners. Due to the similar nature of effects between Wrestle and Block it can be hard to fit the former in on a team that starts with so much Block. This means you can perhaps consider making one a more defined ball carrier hunter. With ST4, Frenzy and Wrestle you have pretty good chances of getting the ball carrier down. Combine it with Tackle and Break Tackle your odds are scary to the other team. It does mean giving up on developing a player who can cause quite a bit of damage and a clever opponent will look to keep them away from the ball altogether. These guys are very useful to a Norse team so getting them is a priority. Don’t be scared to try and feed them touchdowns (only a 4+ for them to catch or pick up the ball normally) in order to speed up their development. As a rookie they can be a bit of a liability too, but past that they are perhaps your best player.

12 thoughts on “Norse Werewolves / Ulfwereners”

  1. I’m rather interested in the idea of giving these guys Wrestle (like you mention in the summery).  With everyone getting block it really seems like a waste on anyone else and outside of maybe your Runners no other unit on the Norse team seems as suited to the role.

  2. Usually I’m a fan of Wrestle, but seriously, not with the Norse Werewolves. All your Strength access guys already have Frenzy, and Blitzers are likely Piling Onin all over the place – you don’t want to add any more of your Guard pieces just laying on the ground, not assisting.

    • I agree…

      At first Wrestle sounded like an interesting proposition, because this is like the only guy who doesn’t have Block, so why not get them wrestle to be a ball-hawk and drop the carrier?

      Okay, but their speed is not great, their agility is not great, and their strength and armor are good. So why wouldn’t you want to keep them standing on their feet at all times??

      I concur.

  3. Block is my priority on this guy 1st than mighty blow. Kinda stupid that the Werewolf can’t get claw?!?!? Undead werewolves can.

    • I go Block then Tackle…

      Mighty Blow might cause more injuries, but you have a much higher chance of downing the blocker if you have tackle (since it ups your chances against dodgy teams)

      Not as many big injuries, perhaps, but a better chance of winning the game…

  4. In a team so full of players with block would taking stand firm be a bad first choice for one wolfman? This would allow for plenty of crowd pushing early on in the league without repercussion.

    Or is the offensive/defensive bonus from block just to important

    • As with most things the answer is “it depends”. Block will give you so much more leeway, especially on a Frenzy player. Without Block doing a hit that will lead into a 1 die or 2 against block becomes so much riskier that you may find you don’t attempt it. It also makes Stand Firm better as they will stay on their feet more often. Block will also help them get SPP quicker than Stand Firm will and they are players that are somewhat slow to skill up due to being low agility. The same line of reasoning will also mean many prefer to take Mighty Blow before considering Stand Firm too. Stand Firm can help in one way to get more SPP is that they will be standing next to opponents more often as they can’t be pushed away which will leave more blocking opportunities.

      A typical Norse team will also have up to five Frenzy players and your Stand Firm guy may not be in the right place for a crowd push anyway. Good positioning of the rest of your team can protect a team mate on the sideline, or if you don’t need your blitz action elsewhere that turn you can use that to perform the crowd push. You could also take Stand Firm on the Blitzers perhaps earlier instead as they start with Block. So as you may tell there is no clear answer to your question and is a case of trying things out and seeing what works for you. Hope this all helps make the decision easier for you.

      • I agree with Coach on making 1 wolfie a ball hunter. I would actually even add in strip ball after wrestle and before tackle. ST 4 he’s rolling 2 dice most of the time, only 1/36 he doesn’t knock the ball loose, even with 1 die he’s 5/6 getting it loose. That’s power! Add tackle in a dodgy league, or break tackle otherwise, and that’s even more fun.

  5. Hey guys !

    In my Norge team, I actually play one werewolves as a ball carrier hunter as quoted in the summary. I have to say, it works great !!
    I am not very fond of having block and Wrestle on the same player so I decided to give it a try !
    Even with only wrestle, he is a great danger to any ball carrier ! The downside is that I am losing one of my best hiting player but you can farily compensate with the rest of the team.

    Tackle and Breack Tackle makes him unbelievebly strong in breaking cages and getting the ball carrier in the center of a cage. With guard and good positioning, it is not an issue to get the ball off the oposing team. I really recommend it !

    I even think that getting a +1MV in this configuration (not in 1st skill though !) is a must have !

  6. Since my Berserkers amd Yhetee tend to do most of my heavy hitting I like to build these guys as road blocks. I use the block, guard, stand firm progression and then use them to anchor my defense.


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