Nurgle Teams

Nurgle teams are a form of Chaos team whose players worship the god Nurgle. Nurgle is the Chaos god of corruption and disease, and he rewards his players by granting them a rather unpleasant disease known as Nurgle’s Rot. The fact that Nurgle teams smell awful is assumed rather than proven. True, they are all made up of semi decomposed flesh surrounded by swarms of flies, but by the time anyone gets close enough to get a really accurate whiff, he has inevitably caught one of Nurgle’s nasty diseases, and he usually dies before he can suggest a new personal hygiene regime.

QTYPositionCostMASTAGPAAVSkills & TraitsPriSec
0-12Rotter35k534+6+9+Decay, Plague RiddenGMAS
0-4Pestigor75k633+4+9+Horns, Plague Ridde, RegenerationGMSAP
0-4Bloater115k444+6+10+Disturbing Presence, Foul Appearance, Plague Ridden, RegenerationGMSA
0-1Rotspawn140k455+10+Disturbing Presence, Foul Appearance, Loner (4+), Mighty Blow (+1), Plague Ridden, Really Stupid, Regeneration, TentaclesSAGM
0-8ReRolls70kApothecary: No
Special RulesFavoured of Nurgle

Nurgle Team Overview:

Nurgle are more specialised version of the Chaos team with some more expensive versions of similar players but with some cheap injury prone Linemen. They start off with Regenerate on most of the player types as well as the useful combination of Foul Appearance and Distubing Presence. They are great at disrupting the passing game and are more resiliant then their Chaos counterparts. The team is slightly less strong overall only having access to four players with horns (though the difference is negligable) and the Warriors are less agile as well.

The cheap Linemen in the guise of Rotters however differentiate the teams even more. They are great as cheap fodder and for putting in fouls as they are pretty expendable. Rotters also allow you to have a fairly deep bench to keep a full compliment of eleven players at kick offs. You can’t really rely on them staying around for long though, with decay they suffer badly when injured and unlike the rest of the team they don’t have regenerate and the team can’t hire an apothecary.

For beginners I would look else where, they start with no ball handling skills, no proper blocking skills and have expensive rerolls. Some of the players are rather expensive apart from the Rotters which don’t really last long anyway. The team is fairly slow as well so moving the ball around could be problematic. The team does get better when you gain more skills but I wouldn’t recommend a slow starting team for a beginner coach.

Nurgle Team Strengths:

  • Beast of Nurgle
  • Foul Appearance/Disturbing Presence
  • Regenerate

Nurgle Team Weaknesses:

  • Expensive Rerolls
  • No Ball Handling Skills
  • Fairly Slow

14 thoughts on “Nurgle Teams”

  1. I would also add that, while Nurgle teams struggle to score many touchdowns, Disturbing Presence and to an extent Foul Appearance, make them a very, very good team defensively, especially when coupled with a Beast of Nurgle with Tentacles.
    Just be sure to spread the players with Disturbing presence about a bit, and get the Beast to tie up as many players as possible.

  2. Hi – please can you help to clarify the Nurgle’s Rot rule.  If I kill an opponent the rules say they become a rotter….do they become a rotter with the rotter stats (MA5, STr5, AG3,AV8) or do they keep their old stats (eg a killed dark elf runner would become a rotter with MA7, STr 3, AG 4, AV7)??? Thanks

  3. They have the standard Rotter stats. You add them to your roster as though you just bought a new one, expect they don’t cost you anything. If I remember correctly Rotters get added at the end of the game, while a resurrected Zombie gets added straight away. Zombies also take the standard Zombie stats.

  4. If you kill an oponent, but they use the apothecary and it results in him not being dead, I assume this will mean that you don’t get the free Rotter?

    Also, when you break a Rotters armour, does that mean you then roll twice for injury? Or is it only if you suffer an actual injury (such as badly hurt or worse) that you then roll twice?

    • You are correct that if a player negates the death with an Apothecary, then you can’t get a free Rotter.

      Decay means that you roll the D68 twice and apply both of those after an opponent rolls 10+ (after modifiers) on the injury roll.

  5. Coach ,does Disturbing Presence skill cause -1 can add with tackle zones?
    for example,the ball stay in nurgle warrior’s TZ,in that case,pick the ball saffer -1 or -2?

    Does two nurgle warriors’ Disturbing Presence skill can be superimposed?

    • All modifiers since LRB5 now stack up, there are no exceptions. This change was done to make the rules easier to understand.

      However Disturbing Presence doesn’t affect picking up the ball. It does stack for any catch or passing rolls (including Throw Team Mate and Bombardier) that are also affected by Tackle Zones, and multiple players with Disturbing Presence means -1 for every player.

      So for a player catching the ball who is in the Tackle Zone of a Disturbing Presence player and there is another Disturbing Presence player 2 squares away, would have -3 to his catch roll. If it was also raining then it would be -4. Just to be super clear, Disturbing Presence also works even if the player is prone or stunned as well. Just obviously they won’t be able to exert a Tackle Zone while on the ground.

  6. Honestly my experience against Nurgle teams so far is they’re not spectacular? Just… annoying. They’re the army where the opposing player keeps whipping out the rulebook going “Wait a minute”. They’re a pain to deal with because they’ve got so. Many. Special. Rules.

  7. I’m not passing and neither are you.

    From a defensive POV, Nurgle are one of the best teams out there, stonewalling cages and passing plays alike.

    The nurgle warriors rivel dwarves in durability. Btw armor 9, regen, and foul appearance, they’re the closest thing to an armor 10 player in the game.

    On the other hand, they’re bashing game seems to lack teeth, and they kinda suck at getting TDs

    • Well, A treeman comes pretty close to being AV 10. But I’ rather have AV 9 with FA and regen, if given that choice.

  8. I think Nurgle are only good at one thing; annoying your opponent. They don’t hit that well, but they can take a beating. The can’t pass, but neither can you. They can’t run, but with all of the tentacles good luck getting past them.

    I played a game against them as Chaos that I finally won 1-0 on turn 20 basically by pushing half their team into the stands. They are my bane.

    Be nice and just pummel your opponent mercilessly with another bashy team. They’ll thank you for it.

  9. I’m just starting out with a Nurgle team and agree with many of the points above. Slow to start, some what slow moving and the Rotters are very prone to going splat when someone big and hard comes calling. However, they are FUN to play! I have played 3 games with them so far and have lost each one. I only scored my first and only touchdown last game, but that was with a nice little play from my pestigores. One picked up the ball, moved and threw to the other who was on the scrumline who then proceeded to leg it up field and score in two turns. However…. this was against halflings who had been reduced to 8 men at this stage and my team were little better off due to two treemen.

    I feel but have not tested yet that a deep defence is required at all times.

  10. I love playing as Nurgle. Veteran BB player and they are one of my favs. Your technique has to be sound, and you can’t afford mistakes, because the good/fast teams will make you pay. Tie up the opponents’ key units, spread out disturbing presence, and make sure to play good zone defense. As others have pointed out, Nurgle is fantastic at frustrating opponents. I don’t know how many times my opponent has gone to make the most important block of the half, and they roll a 1 for foul appearance. Sheer joy.

  11. I have a super star pestigor
    he’s got
    +1 str
    +1 agi
    sure hands
    dodge and mighty blow
    he is pretty much a one man army on the pitch


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