Orc Teams

Orcs have been playing Blood Bowl since the game was invented, and Orc teams such as the GougedEye and Severed Heads are amongst the best in the league. Orc teams are tough and hard-hitting, grinding down the opposition’s line to create gaps for their excellent Orc Blitzers to exploit.

QTYPositionCostMASTAGPAAVSkills & TraitsPriSec
0-16Lineman50k533+4+10+Animosity (Orc Linemen)GAS
0-2Thrower65k533+3+9+Animosity (all team-mates), Pass, Sure HandsGPAS
0-4Blitzer80k633+4+10+Animosity (all team-mates), BlockGSAP
0-4Big Un90k544+10+Animosity (Big Uns)GSA
0-4Goblin40k623+4+8+Dodge, Right Stuff, StuntyAGS
0-1Untrained Troll115k455+5+10+Always Hungry, Loner (4+), Mighty Blow (+1), Projectile Vomit, Really Stupid, Regeneration, Throw Team MateSAGP
0-8ReRolls60kApothecary: Yes
Special RulesBadlands Brawl

Orc Team Overview:

Orcs are one of the toughest teams in the game. Most of the players come with high armour and with having some strong players makes it hard to get them off the pitch. Their access to cheap goblins and relatively low overall player costs combines well to mean an Orc team will rarely start a drive with less than the maximum eleven players.

They come with a fair range of starting skills, though they don’t have any real dedicated receivers. Their main strength relies on the ability to bash the other team and running the ball rather than using passing plays. Their high armour comes in useful for this strategy and they can start with four players who come with block alongside their four strength four players. There is also the ability to use the throw team mate combination of a troll and a goblin to score in one turn if need be.

Overall the Orc team is rather well rounded and the fact the players tend to stay on the pitch means that they make a fairly nice choice for a beginner team. They are fairly average when it comes to speed but hopefully outnumbering the opponent makes up for that. Also running the ball usually requires less dice rolls involving the ball so turnovers are easier to avoid.

Orc Team Strengths:

  • Strong
  • High armour
  • Fairly cheap

Orc Team Weaknesses:

  • Animosity
  • Average speed
  • Weak as passing

28 thoughts on “Orc Teams”

  1. I just start playing BB a week ago and all I can play for the ORC team is running game.

    Do Orc team can play a passing game? and which one is the best cacher in the team?

    Sorry for my bad grammar

    • Welcome to Blood Bowl! I wouldn’t worry too much about the passing game with Orcs, most of the time you want to just play the running game using a cage and use it to control the clock. Orcs are quite a slow team and the passing game doesn’t really suit them, with only MV5 their Thrower is the slowest in the game and you would be better off just building them to sit in the cage. That said if you did want to pass instead, Blitzers are your fastest players, or Goblins who also have access to agility skills so can get Catch easily.

  2. You can play a passing game with orcs, but its far less reliable.

    The goblin is a solid catcher, but they will die fairly frequently (or at least lose stats) and most players dont like relying on the little guy.

    You can tool up a blitzer as a reciever, particularly if you get +1AG with one, and this is probably the easiest path to a true ‘passing game’.
    The thrower is perfectly fine, as good as the human one, just a touch slower (which isnt necessarily a problem).

    But without an agility four player, it gets tough to make the passes consistently, particularly in a more advanced league where opponents will start throwing around players with pass block and the like.

    Since orcs are one of the best teams out of the box for a cage-offence driven game plan, thats what is most commonly used.

    The other point to keep in mind is that you can throw goblins. Some coaches hate it as a method, others love it (I love it, but I often use it as an offensive cage-breaker rather than a scoring move)

    I always try to play with at least one goblin, they are a handy little guy to have around and can give you a lot of options since they are the only guy you get with access to agility on normal rolls.

    I would suggest that if you want to play an orc team that isnt solely dedicated to the cage offence, you get two throwers early, build one as a carrier (block, dump-off if you like, dodge if you can) and one as a Passer (accurate, strong arm, safe throw if you like)
    Then get a goblin and get him his first couple of TDs using the cage (if you’ve got a good cage a goblin can sit in the middle *almost* as safely as anyone against most teams…NOT against wood elves, wardancers cause goblins problems) and get him some skills as a reciever.

    If you feel like playing very quirky, get a couple of goblins, tool one up as a reciever and one to be thrown round the pitch either to score, disrupt cages or get tackle zones on throwers.

    You can for example kick the ball deep against elves (which I know is normally considered silly for orcs 🙂 ) and then during your turn throw a goblin into range to get diving tackle on their thrower for their next turn.

    Although they’ll normally deal with it fairly easily, it can be quite the surprise for the opponent.

    Doing it with a strength three goblin with block is considered unfair though and will make other coaches very angry 🙂 Found that out in a league a couple of years back lol.

    Nothing like a goblin managing to score in one turn when you kicked to them!

  3. I just love throwing gobs.
    IIRC, you can knock down a player by throwing a goblin at it. So if you plan on getting a tackle zone the ball carrier, aim straight at him and pray Nuffles for a good scatter roll.
    Besides, I find that having a one-turn option (even as random as TTM) is better than not having one.
    Orcs are not focused on the passing game, however, consider it as an “option play”. AG3 thrower and AG3 + reroll for a catcher is not to shabby. Anything that makes your opponent think twice is good.
    A blitzer 6 square from the TD line is a credible threat.

  4. Hey guys, im playing a Nurgle team in a few weeks, not sure what hes taking but im fielding 2 blitzers, 2 black orcs, 2 throwers, rest lineorcs, any advice would be aprrieciated

    • How come so few Black Orcs and Blitzers, every Orc team should start with 4 of each unless specifically creating a team with a certain theme to it that would exclude some. If you want advice for this specific circumstance though please create a thread on the forum. The more details you can give about both teams involved the better advice you can get. Good Luck!

  5. I run 2 throwers, since they come with both Sure hands, Pass, I keep them in the back to receive kick offs since they actually have a chance to pick up the ball without dropping it.

    I upgrade them with Accurate and Dodge, and let them hang out in the backfield with the ball. When I have an opening I toss the ball to the thrower closest to the line, run up and hand it off to a blitzer then haul tail with MV6 down the pitch.

    If your orc line falls or high agility teams sneak around your boys, A quick throww across the field to your second thrower quickly moves the ball away from danger. The same tactic works when the opposing team tries to muscle its way around one side of the scrimage line, letting you move the ball quickly and fairly safely to the otherside of the pitch.

  6. When I start an orc team, it’s 6 lineorcs, 2 blitzers, 2 black orcs, a thrower, 4 rerolls and an apothecary (with 20k left over for cheerleader/assistan coach or just banked).

    I know the apothecary isn’t that useful, but after one league where a blitzer got 16 SPP points in game 1 (3 tds, a casuality and the MVP) and getting killed the next game it’s pretty much mandatory for me now.. lol.

    I used to start with all the black orcs and blitzers and only 2 rerolls but I found I was always losing my early games due to turnovers.

    With less skill positions but 4 rerolls I find I win most of my early games. With the new rules allowing you to reroll your winnings if you win I find it doesn’t take me too long to get the rest of the blitzers and black orcs – as I hire a skill position, I fire the least useful lineorc.

    Plus the 4 rerolls means the threat of a passing game is a lot more than theoretical.

    • Given that it is common to see Orc teams without any Linemen at all, do you not find yourself with six players you don’t want further in development? With them being AV9 as well you aren’t going to lose that many to attrition either. I would much rather personally have all four Blitzers and Black Orcs with only three rerolls. The extra Block means turnovers are less likely and you can do more successful hits to remove opponents and the extra strength of the Black Orcs means you are less likely to be faced with one die blocks as well. Three reolls is usually sufficient, hardly any teams start with an Apothecary, I feel you are hampering your development at the expense of a highly unlikely situation repeating itself.

      Still if you are winning your games with that lineup then all the power to you, I just know as an opponent I would much rather face that lineup than any of the others listed in the article.

  7. I completely agree the apothecary is overkill and could see dropping it for 2 more blitzers or another blitzer and black orc. After my experience I still start with an apoth.. maybe that’s also because in our TT leagues we’d go out to pound any of our friends who didn’t have an apoth.. lol

    As for the extra linemen, since my long term roster will be 4 Blitzers, 4 Black Orks, 1 Thrower, 4 Lineorcs (and *maybe* a Troll), I don’t find the extra lineorcs to be that big a detriment… I just end up firing the worst couple as I expand my roster.

    I find having 4 rerolls helps me a lot more than the lack of positionals hurts me. They give me the ability to absorb those ‘bad dice runs’ when they appear… or improve my attempts to exploit my opponents turnovers. Also, about half my touchdowns are from passing and only a relatively small percentage of those are ‘desperation’ touchdowns.

    The one weakness of my lineup is the black orcs to be bought are slowed in their levelling – since I buy my 2 blitzers before I buy my two black orcs… but it does win games for me.

  8. I totally agree with Coach. The full positionnal is essential in my opinion. For example of my roster for my league :

    4 Black Orks
    4 Blitzers
    1 Thrower
    1 lineman
    2 RR

    I keep 10k in treasury.

    For my first match against Pro elven i made a draw loosing the second TD on a 3+ with RR for a reception.

    I played a fairly secured cage game. Difficult in the first drive because my opponent tried to cut in two my team and tried to empeach me to cage. But i managed itit causing 4 Ko in one turn. My opponent did not replace his players after the failure of his anticaging tentative.

    In second drive he scored in 2 tuns. I had 6 turns for the win but i had too much scrupules because of its f******* sidestep Blitzer which is in my opinion one of the best nemesis palyer of Orks.

    So i will buy my apo for the second match. it wil secure my team. Loosing a troll or a Black ork or a blitzer is a really bad experience!

  9. i’ve just started BB and produced an Orc team for 1 pound, it consists of 2 throwers , 2 blitzers , 3 black orc blockers ( BOBS ) 4 goblins and a troll.
    there are lots of different ways to play, this beat halflings and got beaten by undead.

    i will probs work out the best stratagy as i play more.

    i consider myself a learner and by playing more seasoned players i will improve…..

    comon the ORCS !

  10. Orcs should never have more than one Lineman, let alone one Lineman, unless you’re passing on the Troll in order to start the league with a third re-roll, a second Thrower or an Apothecary. Those additional Lineman only hinder your development by having to buy your Blitzers and Black Orcs later and stealing your MVP rolls away from your Black Orcs for Block. About the only use for your starting Lineman on your team roster is to become the designated Dirty Player and replace your Goblin or Thrower on defense. As a rule of thumb, if you ever have more than 13 players on your roster before 1800 then you’ve done something very wrong.

  11. I love my Orcs. I’m no pro, but starting out with this works the best for me:
    (1) Troll
    (2) Black Orcs
    (4) Blitzers
    (2) Throwers
    (1) Goblin
    (1) Lineman
    (3) Re-rolls

    Then catch on the gobbo and tackle on the blitzers, and they start to shine. Meeting up with an Elf team before you get tackle is rough though.
    The 9 armor is a biggie for me. When I first started playing someone gave me the advice of “Love your team, not your players. They WILL die.” But I can’t help myself, I get invested in the little green buggers, and can’t stand it when one dies.


  12. My roster :

    4 Black Orcs
    4 Blitzers
    2 Throwers
    1 Goblin
    3 RR

    No troll, no linemen. They are pointless.

    One of my throwers got +1AG so I got catch for the goblin, now I can pass the ball and not only bash all the opponents !

    • Yeah, but without that +1 AG I’d say throwers are the most pointless players on the team. I’d sooner go with a troll and try to chuck a goblin down the pitch occasionally… (at least then you have some versatility of use — ie. a big guy who can smash/guard up front; or throw goblin as a tackle/downing/ball stripping manouver, rather than just a passing play)

      Definitely a good idea to get as many black orcs and blitzers as you can, though. That much I agree with.

      • You don’t need blitzers at all,,fire them and just use linos+BOs. One lino skilled up as ballcarrier, rest are rookys (maybe keep skillups if they get guard). BOs have block, POMB, and are your killers.

        You will have a way way lower TV and will be better than 90% of opponent teams with the same TV.

  13. I quite like the following; lots of re-rolls because they are 2x the price once the league starts. You only need one thrower max. Blitzers are the wingers, BO+linemen on the line.

    4x Blitzer
    2x BO
    1x Thrower
    4x Linemen

    4x Re-roll
    1x Fanfactor

  14. In Bloodbowl 2 Cyanide has nerfed the Orcs slightly. Blizters cost 90K now, so that leaves you with only 2 rerolls if you choose the full compliment of BO’s and Blitzers.

  15. There are a couple of ways to build an orc squad. It all depends on your play-style, what you want out of the team, and your competition.

    Throwers work for some people; other people don’t like them. Same thing with trolls and goblins. It all depends on how you want to balance risk and reward.

    For me, personally, 4 BoBs and 4 Blitzers are absolutely necessary for the first lineup. I’m not a big fan of throwers; I think everybody here would agree that a blitzer with sure hands is a much better carrier than a thrower with block. You get an armor point and a point of movement, losing pass, for 20,000.

    I think the best possible starting lineup for a competitive league would be: 4 BoB, 4 blitzer, 2 lino, 1 thrower (optional), 3 reroll. This comes out to 980, leaving 20 crowns for the APO.

    In my most recent TT league, we got 100k of upgrades, so I trade a reroll for an APO because i had skilled BoB’s and blitzers to protect.

  16. I remember playing the blood bowl video game in 7th grade. My dad told me to play wood elves, but elves are weak and I always lost. I decided to play orcs, because they’re orcs, and now I have the sneaky gitz: an orc team that only lost once. Because no survivors is still no witnesses.

  17. aaaaaaaah the orcs…

    You’ll definitely need those 4 Blitzers (M6/AV9/G&S skillz) but everything else is up for debate IMO.
    If you get St or Ag +1 on any one of those Blitzers, it will affect the whole team.They are the go-to guys.

    I personally like Gobbos so I take 4 of them in the original 1 million gp set-up and watch them being replaced with Journeyman Orc Linemen for the second etc match 😉

    Every time you roll Ag+ on a goblin, Nuffle smiles. Twice. Enjoy them while they last.

    I take the Troll after the first couple of games. AV9/Regen, sure he’s Really Stupid but at 110,000 gp that kind of staying power is a bargain. Hope for the MVPs, get Guard and sit him on the LOS

    Goblins and the Troll tend to go hand in hand. Getting thrown, Fouling, elaborate Block situations…

    The Black Orcs are stuck with M4 which makes a giant difference, it’s very easy to get outmanoeuvred and coupled with Ag2 it’s very hard to farm SPP. Truth be told, I usually end up getting all 4 of them anyway later on in the league so like I said, up for debate.

    The slow cage usually gets stuck if you cannot break armour. It doesn’t really get better later on, S4 with no skills isn’t that impressive around blodgers.

    I give one Frenzy just for kicks, doubles always gets Jump Up. yeah yeah, Dodge.
    3+ Block or 4 squares left to move instead off 1 not getting canceled by Tackle. Get Piling On next, Diving Tackle on a double.

    Linemen are durable. If you roll doubles you get to take Guard on a M5 piece, otherwise I stick with Block. They do not get much better.

    Thrower at AV8 makes him the weak link. Accurate seems cool but the game being the game, take Block instead. If you are throwing long passes or worse with an orc team either your cage is really stuck or your plan has a flaw.
    Better to hope one of the Blitzers get an Ag and/or St+ for a dedicated receiver. Leader being a temporary skill sucks in a perpetual league.

    @Alex: Wood Elf players are evil

  18. Ah, the new Orc lads!

    4x Blitzer
    2x Big Uns
    2x Lineorc
    1x Goblin
    3x Rerolls

    Fire the goblin after game 1 and pick up a Lineorc journeyman. Hire them after the end of game 2.

    Eventually get an Apothecary and a Troll, and then maybe a reroll depending on your playstyle.

  19. 4 Blitzers
    4 Big Uns
    2 Linemen
    1 Goblin
    3 Rerolls


    Not particularly a fan of Goblins on Orc teams but that’s the only way I can see of starting with 4 Blitzers, 4 Big Uns and 3 rerolls, which are the most important things. Goblin gets ball retrieval duties, then hands off to a Blitzer. Next purchase to aim for would be a Thrower.

    I must say I’m slightly disappointed by the animosity rule for Throwers, I always liked building an Orc team with a decent passing game, not because it was effective but because it was a bit of fun (although it could also be a surprise for opponents).

  20. Well one more day before I can play BB3 and I luv me Orks, so diz iz dem:
    4 Blitzerz
    4 BOz
    2 Chuckerz
    1 RR fer Nuffle to snuffle cuz dey ball iz not dey pointz


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