Raiding Party

This skill is a Special Rule that is only available to specific Star Players. Please visit this page to find a list of current and past Blood Bowl Star Players.

Raiding Party

Once per drive, whenever Ivar begins his activation, he may choose one Open player on his team within five squares. The chosen player may immediately move one square, ignoring Tackle Zones, though they must end this move Marking an opposition player.

When this got announced there was immediately a lot of comments about how this has been badly worded. You have to pick an open player who can only move one square. The fact they are open means they aren’t in a Tackle Zone so why would they need to ignore them to make that one square movement? Perhaps it was changed as a result of playtesting but the wording wasn’t cleared up?

Regardless of the wording of the skill this is a pretty powerful ability. It means opposing teams will need to keep their cage at least two squares away from any of your team. If they don’t then this ability will let them move a player into base contact with part of the cage and then hopefully block open a path for a hit onto the ball carrier.

If the opponent isn’t paying attention and accidentally puts the cage touching one of your players then it might even be possible to move your player next the ball carrier to hit them without using your blitz action for the turn.

Even the threat of doing this will alter how the opposing team has to play and you aren’t even limited to using it once per game like a lot of the other special rules, I wouldn’t be shocked if that gets changed at some point. As you can also use it on your own drive it can also be used to create a hole through the opponent’s defensive screen. It could also be useful if you are attempting a one turn touchdown via chain pushes.

The last option would be to set up a crowd push, though I think the cage breaking threat is where this is at its most potent. If you are just using it to get an extra general hit on an opponent then I would question if you are getting the most out of it.

2 thoughts on “Raiding Party”

  1. “Perhaps it was changed as a result of playtesting but the wording wasn’t cleared up?”
    I still dont get it : does the player targeted by the “raiding party” special action has to be “open” (not marked) ? Or is it a mistake in the wording, given that he can ignore tackle zones (and there are none if he isnt marked) ?
    If you have the final answer could you also justify it (so to avoid personal opinions). Thanks a lot


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