Snotling Teams

Snotlings are the smallest, and perhaps the most numerous, type of Greenskin in the world. Tiny in stature and severely lacking any sense of self-preservation, they are enthusiastic follower and players of Blood Bowl.

QTYPositionCostMASTAGPAAVSkills & TraitsPriSec
0-16Snotling15k513+5+6+Dodge, Right Stuff, Side Step Stunty, Swarming, TitchyAG
0-2Fungus Flinga30k513+4+6+Bombardier, Dodge, Right Stuff, Secret Weapon, Side Step, StuntyAPG
0-2Fun-hoppa20k613+5+6+Dodge, Pogo Stick, Right Stuff, Side Step, StuntyAG
0-2Stilty Runna20k613+5+6+Dodge, Right Stuff, Side Step, Sprint, StuntyAG
0-2Pump Wagon105k455+9+Dirty Player (+1), Juggernaut, Mighty Blow (+1), Really Stupid, Secret Weapon, Stand FirmSAG
0-2Trained Troll115k455+5+10+Always Hungry, Loner (3+), Mighty Blow (+1), Projectile Vomit, Really Stupid, Regeneration, Throw Team MateSAGP
0-8ReRolls60kApothecary: Yes
Special RulesBribery and Corruption, Low Cost Linemen, Underworld Challenge

Snotling Team Overview

Snotlings may be the worst team in Blood Bowl. They are extremely weak and fragile but make up for it in sheer numbers. However with two Trolls, two Snotling Pump Wagons and access to cheap bribes they can utilise these to give them a slight chance. With a unique ability that allows you to have both more than 16 players on the team for match day and also being able to set up more than 11 players on a kick off, this numbers advantage can give you an edge.

Given how easy it is to hit a Snotling and remove them from the pitch, you want to use your extra numbers while you still have them. This basically means fouling, a lot. With more players on the pitch you can get those assists for gang fouls without sacrificing your spread of tackle zones elsewhere. Getting sent off is going to be a great trade if you remove the opposing player too and don’t forget you have those cheap bribes (though you may want to save those for the Pump Wagons.

Utilise the high strength players to hide behind and use them to get as many blocks in as possible to make use of that Mighty Blow skill to again help remove players. The Pump Wagons have Dirty Player (+1) so use them for fouling when you’re not going to be able to save them with bribes from being sent off due to the Secret Weapon skill.

Fungus Flingers (Bombardiers) can cause some chaos and disruption, especially against lower agility teams and you can have two of these on your roster. I wouldn’t bother saving them with Bribes and if you have both then save them to set up one in each half rather than at the same time.

Snotling Team Strengths:

  • Cheap players
  • Can field extra players
  • Cheap Bribes

Snotling Team Weaknesses:

  • Weak
  • Fragile
  • Limited skill access

Snotling Team Summary

Snotlings are going to be a tough team to do well with but can offer a unique play experience. As a Snotling team coach you will need to be prepared to lose players frequently, but the good thing about them is that there are plenty more available! The keys to success are going to be trying to carry your numbers advantage as far through each drive as possible and to drag those drives out for as many turns as possible. You always have that quick one turn Throw Team Mate attempt in your back pocket, though it’s not something you can rely on.

3 thoughts on “Snotling Teams”

  1. I would say they are among the strongest team against other low TV team.
    I use two trolls, two stilty, two funhoppas, 3rr. Pumpwagons are not worth the money.
    You can fit rioutous rookies AND two stars in at TV1000.

    Morg and bomber dribblesnot or kreek and hakflem. Pick your poison. ?


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