Star of the Show

Star of the Show

Once per game, when Count Luthor scores a touchdown, his controlling coach may gain one team re-roll. If this re-roll has not been used by the end of the next drive, it is lost.

Count Luthor has always been my favourite player since I first hired him back in the 1990s. He’s not as good as he was originally but the latest Second Season rules has now given him this new ability.

Whilst gaining a re-roll can’t really generally be seen as a bad thing, my first inclination is that this skill, under the current rules, isn’t really that great.

For league play you don’t really want star players taking the SPP for scoring a touchdown if you could have feasibly scored that on one of your rostered players.

Under the current turn structure of the game, you will also tend to want to score on the last possible turn of the half. If you’ve received the ball and then scored on turn 8, you’ll then get a re-roll. Unfortunately in this situation, the next drive will be a single turn for the opponent, so you then don’t get a turn to even try and use the re-roll.

If you started the half by defending, then your opponent will be trying to score on turn 8, or may not score at all. In both situations you may then be trying to score on the last turn on the second half, which again gives you no time to use the re-roll (assuming you even scored with Count Luthor). You might use this situation to try and score earlier with the view of turning your opponent over to try and get a win. If you did that and scored with Count Luthor, then the free reroll might come into play.

The most likely scenario I could see where it can come into play, is if you kicked off at the start of the match, got the ball off your opponent and then scored on the last turn of the half. You will then start the second half with the Star of the Show reroll.

Do note that you don’t have to use it the first time that your score with Count Luthor and can save it for a second, third, fourth etc. touchdown. This doesn’t really make it any better.

Overall, this strikes me as one of the worst star player special rules and it’s made even worse by the stipulation the re-roll has to be used in the next drive. It seems poorly thought out and unlikely to really ever come into play, unless you’re trying to score as many touchdowns as possible and not playing optimal turn management.

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