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Amazon Blitzers

Amazon Blitzers start with the excellent Block & Dodge combo, with Strength skill access too, they are a great asset and a pain to the opposing side.

Amazon Blood Bowl Team Logo

Amazon Catchers

As far as Catchers go, the ones on an Amazon team are the slowest in the game. They don’t have high agility and are still fragile, so why take them?

Amazon Blood Bowl Team Logo

Amazon Linewomen

With the rest of the Amazon having roles they are pretty much custom made for, the Linemen on the team can be moulded to fulfil the rest of the roles.

Amazon Blood Bowl Team Logo

Amazon Throwers

Amazon Throwers are the typical ball carriers for the team and their access to passing skills allows you to change to a passing play when required.

Blood Bowl Nurgle Team Logo

Beast of Nurgle

A Beast of Nurgle is fantastic at tying up opponents. Their strength and Foul Appearance makes them hard to hit and Tentacles hard to run away from.

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Black Orc Blockers

Black Orc Blockers are one of the best value blockers in the game. They are key to a successful Orc team, find out why and how to develop them.

Blood Bowl Chaos Team Logo

Chaos Beastmen

Beastmen start with Horns and with Mutation and Strength access you they can make great players. Read this for suggested builds and uses.