Black Orc Blockers

Black Orc Blockers are one of the best value blockers in the game. They are key to a successful Orc team, find out why and how to develop them.

Orc Blitzers

Orc Blitzers are the stars of the Orc team, they will usually be the ones taking on all the important roles and have great development options.

Orc Goblins

Goblins add some extra dimensions to an Orc Team, opening up more viable tactical options that they wouldn’t either be able to do, or able to do well.

Orc Linemen

Orc Linemen are cheap and have high armour which is a fantastic combination for the jobs Linemen typically do, so why don’t most Orc teams have many?

Orc Throwers

Orc Throwers offer some flexibility to an Orc team that usually play a bashing game. This is something comparable races don’t have the access to.

Orc Trolls

Trolls are the Big Guy player that Orc teams can hire, adding even more strength to their strong squad, but will their stupidity prove troublesome?