Beer Barrel Bash!

Beer Barrel Bash! Once per drive, at the start of his activation, Thorsson may perform a Throw Keg Special action. When he does, select an opposition player within three squares of Thorsson and roll a D6. On a 3+, the player is immediately Knocked Down. However, on a 1, Thorsson is Knocked Down instead. My … Read more

Blast It!

Blast It! Once per game, when Barik makes a Hail Mary Pass, he may re-roll any scatter results for determining where the ball lanes, and any friendly player attempting to catch the ball gains an additional +1 modifier to the roll. Unless you’ve built your team to take advantage of this ability it’s going to … Read more

Blind Rage

Blind Rage Akhorne may choose to re-roll the D6 when rolling for the Dauntless skill. Unlike most of the Star Player special rules, Blind Rage can be rolled on every failed Dauntless attempt. With a strength of 1, along with Frenzy, Akhorne will likely be rolling Dauntless on nearly every Block or Blitz action that … Read more