Treacherous Once per game, if a team-mate in an adjacent square to Hakflem is in possession of the ball when Hakflem is activated, that player may immediately be Knocked Down and Hakflem may take possession of the ball. No turnover is caused as a result of using this special rule. I’m not sure quite what … Read more

Two for One

Two for One Grak and Crumbleberry must be hired as a pair and count as two Star Players. However if either Grak or Crumbleberry is removed from play due to suffering a KO’ed or Casualty! result on the injury table, the other replaces the Loner (4+) trait with the Loner (2+) trait. Two for One … Read more

Whirling Dervish

Whirling Dervish Once per activation, Fungus may re-roll the D6 when determining which direction he moves in. One of the few Star Player special rules that you can use every single turn that the player is on the pitch for. I would use it to either try and reroll to try and stay near opposing … Read more

Wisdom of the White Dwarf

Wisdom of the White Dwarf Once per team turn, when one of Grombrindal’s team-mates that is in an adjacent square is activated, that player gains either the Break Tackle, Dauntless, Mighty Blow (+1), or Sure Feet skill until the end of their activation. This special rule strikes me as being quite powerful for a couple … Read more

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