Blind Rage

Blind Rage Akhorne may choose to re-roll the D6 when rolling for the Dauntless skill. Unlike most of the Star Player special rules, Blind Rage can be rolled on every failed Dauntless attempt. With a strength of 1, along with Frenzy, Akhorne will likely be rolling Dauntless on nearly every Block or Blitz action that … Read more

Brutal Block

Brutal Block Once per game, when Frank ‘n’ Stein makes an Injury roll against an opponents a result of a Block action, he may choose to add an additional +1 modifier to the Injury roll. This modifier may be applied after the roll has been made. Not much to think about with this one, I … Read more

Burst of Speed

Burst of Speed Once per game, Roxanna may attempt to Rush three times, rather than the usual two. You may declare you are using this special rule after Roxanna has Rushed twice. This is essentially a one off use of the Sprint skill which isn’t a skill I personally ever like taking. If you need … Read more

Consummate Professional

Consummate Professional Once per game, Griff may re-roll one dice that was rolled either as a single roll, as part of a multiple dice roll or as part of a dice pool (this cannot be a dice that was rolled as part of an Armour, Injury or Casualty roll). Consummate Professional basically works as a … Read more

Crushing Blow

Crushing Blow Once per game, when an opposition player is Knocked Down as the result of a Block action performed by Zug / Varag, you may apply an additional +1 modifier to the Armour roll. This modifier may be applied after the roll has been made. Crushing Blow is one of the more mundane special … Read more

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