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How to beat Elves

Hello sports fans, Skip Tasteless here!  As a perennial High Elf coach and player (I played alongside Jarranial Jones with the Galadrieth Gladiators), I have seen many miraculous plays and also much bloodshed.  Lately, though, I’ve been hearing smack talk about how overpowered Elves are.  Elves are  not overpowered, and coaching them takes more skill than … Read more

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Wood Elf Catchers

Second fastest player in the game, if you get the ball to them they will usually be off to safety, though watch out for their low strength and armour.

Blood Bowl Wood Elf Team Logo

Wood Elf Linemen

Wood Elf Linemen are quite expensive and fragile, but they have high agility combined with being fast, which makes all of them a scoring threat.

Blood Bowl Wood Elf Team Logo

Wood Elf Throwers

Wood Elf Throwers are one of the best one in the game as they have high agility for picking up and passing and high movement to create shorter passes.