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Chaos Dwarf To mino or not to mino ?

Discussion in 'NAF Resurrection Tournament Tactics' started by Magustheseer, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. Magustheseer

    Magustheseer New Member

    I will soon participate to a NAF tournament held around here and the rules are quite simple :

    - Resurrection
    - 1100k Gp to build the team
    - 5 skills to give, 1 of them may be a double.

    I'd like to try Chaos Dwarves (my other choice would have been undead, but the minis won't be ready for that) and I have been hesitating for some time about the final roster, because several are interesting.

    Roster 1 Bloody one

    - 1 Minotaur with Block = 150k
    - 1 Bull Centaur with Block = 130k
    - 6 Chaos Dwarves (2 with guard) = 420k
    - 4 Hobgoblins (1 with Dirty player) = 160k
    Total 12 players

    - 3 Rerolls = 210k
    - 3 Fan Factor = 30k

    This team is probably going to go for the bashlord and golden boot (most fouls) awards rather than winning.
    Perhaps I should switch 1 guard or the dirty player for a mighty blow ?

    Roster 2 Numerous one

    - 2 Bull Centaurs with Block = 260k
    - 6 Chaos Dwarves (2 with guard) = 420k
    - 5 Hobgoblins (1 with Dirty player) = 200k
    Total 13 players

    - 3 Rerolls = 210k
    - 1 Fan factor = 10k

    A bit more reliable, more bodies to allow more fouling and no Mino to cause turnovers (but less cage-breaking abilities). Could switch the Dirty player for claws on a chaos dwarf since their is no other use of the double skill.

    Roster 3 Strong Choice

    - 1 Minotaur with Block = 150k
    - 2 Bull Centaur with Block = 260k
    - 5 Dwarf Blockers (2 with guard) = 350k
    - 3 Hobgoblins (1 with Sure hands) = 120k
    Total 11 players

    - 3 Rerolls = 280k
    - 1 Fan Factor = 10k

    Getting both Mino and all Bulls but sacrificing 1 chaos dwarf to get 3 rerolls and only 11 players. Strongest roster but most vulnerable (injury prone).

    Roster 4 Reckless choice

    - 1 Minotaur with Block = 150k
    - 2 Bull Centaurs with Block = 260k
    - 6 Chaos Dwarves (2 with guard) = 420k
    - 3 Hobgoblins = 120k
    Total 12 players

    - 2 rerolls = 140k
    - 1 Fan factor =10k

    Extra power and being able to keep 1 Hobgoblin sub in case of "blitz a hob tactic" but only 2 rerolls.

    I really don't know which to choose. Which one seems the best to you ? (I can adapt my goals to the team, either winning or bashlord).
    Any skills I have overlooked ?

    Thanks for the advice.
  2. Coach

    Coach Administrator Head Coach

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    The last one is quite a common lineup. If you go the first then you would be best taking 1 Coach and 1 Cheerleader rather than 3 FF.

    There is another option of taking no centaurs too, they cost a lot and are best with both Block and Break Tackle, which you can't do with most tournaments. It also means you will have less Guard on the Chaos Dwarfs. It will give you more money for rerolls and reserves allowing you to do more fouling if you wanted to go that route. It is an effective roster for "standard" play as well though.

    I personally really like the Minotaur, he is more useful the more Guard you have though to keep getting 3 dice on your blocks, though as you can give him Block that isn't so much of a worry.