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Blood Bowl Beast of Nurgle

Beast of Nurgle Overview:

The Beast of Nurgle come in many different shapes and sizes but no matter what they look like they can all perform a very useful role for a Nurgle team. Their benefits to the team are their high strength and armour, along with the useful skills Disturbing Presence, Foul Appearance, Nurgle’s Rot, Mighty Blow, Regeneration and Tentacles. That is quite a hefty combo of useful skills to start with but they are let down by having low agility and being slow, along with suffering from Loner and Really Stupid, this is all wrapped up into an expensive package as well.

Like most big guys on other teams a Beast of Nurgle can’t really be counted on due to their unreliability. This usually means that such players who have high strength are used to mark and tie up opposing players and sometimes doing some hitting as well. A Beast of Nurgle is probably one of the best rookie players at marking opponents, so just getting them next to targets and leaving them there makes them useful and negates their unreliability somewhat.

Their high strength makes it hard to get an easy block to either push them away or knock them over. Foul Appearance means that one in six blocks against them will not even take place. This not only wastes the opposing players action, but makes blocking them away even harder. The fact that the opponent may waste their action can also mean they don’t even attempt the block! Even if they do get hit, their high armour and Regeneration means they are quite hard to injure as well, so you don’t really mind if they are in base contact with an opponent more often than not.

Tentacles is fantastic combined with their high strength to stop opposing players from running away, though this is more effective the weaker the opponent is. Due to that point, marking opposing receivers is something they are fantastic at. Typically they are the weakest players on the opposing team, that means it is harder for them to get the strength to hit you and they also have the hardest time at dodging free. The Beast of Nurgle also has Disturbing Presence which will make catching the ball even harder and thus shut down the opposing teams passing options as well, or even better possibly cause a turnover.

Having high strength also means that they are often in a position to be able to get a two dice block. Unfortunately Loner and the lack of Block (and the difficulty in getting Block with only strength skill access) can make them unreliable. When you couple that with the fact they also have Really Stupid which can cause them to lose their tackle zone, being more passive with them can often be the better ploy. Really Stupid also means that they need a team mate to buddy up with them, or they have a very good chance of going Stupid and creating a hole in your defence. It also causes you to have a team mate next to them who may be better served else where. There is a benefit to having a team mate next to them though in that it makes getting the assists to block the Beast of Nurgle that much harder.

If after weighing up the downsides to blocking there are some good reasons to attempt it. They have Mighty Blow so that increases the chance of removing an opponent. Nurgle’s Rot is also a consideration in that if you kill certain players then you may get a free Rotter at the end of the match for your team. Also blocking can lead to casualties which generate SPP and along with MVPs these are the only likely source of SPP for development that they would get. A Beast of Nurgle can become an even better player once they have got a few skills as well.

Road Block Beast of Nurgle:

The classic road block build suits the Beast of Nurgle very well, get them somewhere that causes the opposing team problems and then just leave them. Don’t place them on the Line of Scrimmage to get tied up but somewhere that will enable you to move them where they cause the most problems. Typically this will be next to a receiver or if you can clear a path to the opponents ball carrier, that can also cause problems.

Start off with Stand Firm to stop opponents trying to push you away. Unless they have Juggernaut on someone they will have to knock you over. This can instantly stop a lot of blocks against you (especially two dice you choose ones that some weaker teams will otherwise attempt) and cause a change of plan on their part. If you get next to the ball carrier then they may opt to hand the ball off instead (though then your Disturbing Presence comes into play) and perhaps give it to someone without Sure Hands which opens up a threat from Strip Ball if you have it on the team.

After that either get Grab if you like to block with them as you can then keep as many opponents as possible tied up and possibly set up chain blocks or crowd pushes depending on the situation. If you like to remain more passive then Guard would be better and it can really support your team mates, it is probably the better option if your league is heavy with strength teams. Following from there Break Tackle is the best option as it stops them getting tied up and marked out the game and will let you move away to place them in a better position.

For doubles there is debate between Block and Pro and probably more so than compared to other big guys. Block will let you do more hitting with them and for this build I think that is probably better.  Pro will help negate Really Stupid though and save you rerolls for attempts at re-rolling failed rolls, usually from blocks but also perhaps the occasional agility roll (could be useful for interception attempts). A strength increase could be passed up for the double, though for a Beast of Nurgle I would take it. It makes Tentacles even harder to dodge away from and it also makes them even harder to block than before. Agility increases are a waste and shouldn’t be taken and movement is better than armour. I would skip movement on an early increase though, the other skills are move effective and most turns you probably won’t be moving at all anyway.

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14 thoughts on “Beast of Nurgle”

  1. Nice article Coach.
    These guys are slow to skill up some times as once you get them in a good spot you might want to fore go blocking with them to maintain your hold on key players. I love snatching up a heap of Skinks! Still haven’t got to a first skill on mine yet, but planning to go Stand Firm, Guard and then Grab.
    I see the point of taking Break Tackle early but as you always need guys around the Beast to deal with Really Stupid, it should never be hard to block him free.
    Pro on doubles. I took a Pro Beast to a tournament earlier in the year and he was immense.

  2. Very often the beast will have 3 dice, and then I feel I must block, to try and get him those SPP. Will ofcouse never do it if a failure opens up the pitch for a stroll in to my endzone. But I always try to use him activly instead of passively.

  3. With Really Stupid instead of Wild Animal and Loner + no block, I’d have to think about blocking vs losing tentacle + tackle zones. Still really looking forward to playing this big guy as one of the first teams I try!

  4. Does anyone else think its totally out of character that the Beast of Nurgle doesn’t have mutation access on a normal skill roll? Not that I would give him any mutation skills anyway, but I just can’t understand why they only gave him mutation skill access on a double.

  5. Such a great big guy. Tenticles and disturbing presence can make a mess of any plan. I took Guard to start (my Nurgle team are primarily bashy) then Stand Firm and Grab. Was unsure what skill to take next but I think you’ve shown me that Break Tackle would be useful (hoping for a double though)
    The stingiest defence in my division this season (2 TDs conceeded in 6 games, including a High Elf and an Elf team) – and the Beast was a huge part in that.

  6. @Narly Bird : Fluff wise the beast is a demon of Nurgle and is considered perfect in it’s current form, so no mutations for him. The warriors and pestigors are still mortals and eligible to earn mutations from Nurgle

  7. I think that Piling On is even a worse choice than what you propose: in addition to making the Beast less reliable and mobile, if you use it you lose Tentacles, but if you don’t you waste PO, thus every turn you will find yourself wasting one skill on a player that won’t skill up fast.
    It’s different from having, for example, Pass and not actually making a pass, because that skill still represent a menace that your opponent should consider during his turn.
    I’d only take PO if I found my Beast often dragged away by blodge lineman fodder, to get rid of the pest faster and get back into the fray, but even then I think it would be better to try and improve my gameplay with the Beast.

  8. I’m interested in knowing what injuries would be a retiring injury. My level 3 Beast with Break Tackle and Stand Firm just ate a Move break. Would you keep him or fire him and get a new Beast?

    • Depends on how you utilise him, if he spends a lot of time just standing still tying players up then it isn’t a problem. If you move him around more you will really miss it as they are already slow. Another factor to consider would be how quick they are to get SPP, they can take a while, so you need to weigh up if you would prefer to keep your current one with the skills he has already, compared to a new one without the injury who may take quite a few games to get even one skill.

      Another factor in all of that would be how the rest of your team is developed. If you create a thread on the forum and post your team roster along with the typical opponents you are facing and any league situational factors (like your schedule) then more specific advice to your situation can be given.

  9. i find the giants useful as a wall or if i can turn them into killers, and the beast of nurgle is probly the best wall i find

  10. I gave it Guard as well. I sit It middle of the LOS, best scenario he gets avoided and we hit the Blitz, screw it, take both GFIs, you already passed the Really Stupid test and screw up the game play.

    Blitzing with your Big Guy always seems cool but let’s face it, it’s a team sport. S5 is pretty close to setting up 3dice Blocks though and that is oh so tempting.

    Stand Firm helps with getting blocked away so that Guard still shines. Never really tried Grab, Piling On with a 160,000gp M4 piece seems silly, I think it sometimes works on kill pieces but not on this lynch pin.

    on doubles Block? Meh.

    If Mutations were a single roll, I’d get Claws to sync with MB. But it is a double.
    Like Jump Up, just for the M not for the iffy 4+ chance to Block.
    Or indeed Dodge. Only for getting blocked. I guess. Dunno if that’d be worth 30k gp.

    I’ve played against Big guys before, IMO once they hit their second skill and take Break Tackle to get that single S5 instead of Ag1! dodge, there’ll be defensive build Blitzers and Catchers types around with Diving Tackle and maybe *gasp* Shadowing.

    Not taking a turn doesn’t require any dice rolls. Maybe take this guy’s Block at the end of your turn if it going ga-ga doesn’t take away tackle zones, assists, etc. It’ll happen if you roll dice.

    Really Stupid affecting Disturbing Presence or not is one of those few things I am not sure about.

  11. Well, I am playing BB Chaos Edition on PC and I can’t do anything with this player except leave him on the touchline, hoping he distracts/annoys enemy players.

    Try to block with him? Fail intelligence test.
    Try to move with him? Fail intelligence test.
    Try to stand up? Fail intelligence test.
    Try to re-roll? Fail re-roll.

    I have so far never been able to do a single thing with the Beast of Nurgle. RNG makes Blood Bowl 1 and 2 almost completely unplayable for me. A 16% chance of failing something becomes a 100% chance of failing. (I have the EXACT same issues with Rat Ogres – just cannot ever make them do anything.)

  12. Well, if your beast is next to a Non-Really-Stupid player, its only a 2+ to do any of those things. The problem with Really Stupid is that to do any of the things you tried to do, its a 4+ if there is no one adjacent to him. He also has Loner, and that’s a 50/50 to fail as well. It’s why he is an excellent roadblock, but never try to do a 4+ thing with him, or you chance him losing all his tackle zones (which affects his tentacles as well). You ALWAYS need to leave a rotter adjacent to the beast if you want to do anything with him.


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