BB2020 Slann / Kislev Starting Rosters

Slann / Kislev Circus Starting Rosters Overivew

If you’ve not heard of Slann they are a NAF approved team that were play-tested during the Living Rulebook Era as a throwback to second edition Blood Bowl. However they never got the official stamp of approval from GW despite making it through play testing and getting the BB Rules Committee approval. You can read more about them in the following document

Due to the situation with Slann teams the roster did make it into the 2012 Blood Bowl PC Game but under the guise of Kislev Circus. So they are the same roster / team but just have a different skin on them.

Trying to decide if you want to start with more Blitzers or Catchers is a tricky conundrum. The Catchers are very agile and hard to pin down but have low armour. The Catchers will tend to hog the star player points if you aren’t careful. The Blitzers cost a bit more, have strength and agility skill access and slightly better armour. They can be hard to skill up when you have Catchers on the team as they start without any skills to help them block and the Catchers are much better at ball handling.

Rerolls are also important to this team due to the lack of starting skills. They are very affordable as rerolls go so starting with a lot should be considered. The only skill you can get them to attempt to reroll any jumps/leaps/pogo actions is Pro. The downside to that is it means you’ve not taken a potentially more useful skill and Pro doesn’t work all of the time either. If it’s an important move than a team reroll is a better course of action anyway.

QTYPositionCostMASTAGPAAVSkills & TraitsPriSec
0-16Lineman60k633+4+9+Pogo Stick, Very Long LegsGAS
0-4Catcher80k722+4+8+Pogo Stick, Very Long Legs, Diving CatchAGSP
0-4Blitzer110k733+4+9+Pogo Stick, Very Long Legs, Diving Tackle, Jump UpAGSP
0-1Kroxigor140k655+10+Bone Head, Loner (4+), Mighty Blow (+1), Prehensile Tail, Thick SkullSAG
0-8ReRolls50kApothecary: Yes
Special RulesLustria Superleague

Reroll Heavy Slann / Kislev Circus

QuantityPlayer / ItemCost

This is a team that doesn’t have the core starting skills so they tend to benefit from having more rerolls. The agile Catchers are really hard for teams to pin down (unless they injure them). The Blitzers have better armour and access to strength skills so I like to start a couple of those as well. The downside to getting more rerolls is that it’s hard to fit in a Kroxigor. If you think four rerolls is overkill then you might want to swap one for an Apothecary.

Kroxigor Slann / Kislev Circus

QuantityPlayer / ItemCost

The Kroxigor provides a bit more muscle than the Blitzers do and can soak up a bit more pressure. I’ve put an Apothecary in this lineup, though in the reverse of the above you could swap that for the fourth reroll.

Slann / Kislev Circus Starting Rosters

Admittedly Slann / Kislev teams aren’t something I’ve a lot of experience with. They aren’t that popular which I would mostly attribute to their rather ambiguous status as a Blood Bowl team. They are also very unusual compared to all the other teams so it’s hard to draw any parallel experience from other races.

It’s hard to know what the best starting roster for them is as there are hard choices to make and none of them really feel that great. Please share any successes or failures that you’ve had playing these teams in the comments below.

5 thoughts on “BB2020 Slann / Kislev Starting Rosters”

  1. I am playing the 4 rerolls, 2 blitz 2 catch roster, they are humans with high-risk high-reward playstyle. One of the funniest team ever played, but in the pc game they can be competitive as they can play passing game with the catchers, while in the new ruleset they just need to leap around with ball in hand, still fun, less performing.

  2. Slann are one of my favourite teams and I’ve played them a lot. I’ve tried the following starts:
    – Kroxigor + 3x Catchers + 4 Rerolls
    – Blitzer + Kroxigor + 4 Rerolls
    – 2x Bltizer + 1 Catcher + 4 Rerolls
    – 2x Blitzer + 2 Catcher + 4 Rerolls
    – Bltizer + Catcher + Kroxigor + 3 Rerolls
    – 2x Blitzer + Kroxigor + 3 Rerolls

    My favourite start is 2x Blitzers + 1 Catcher + 4 Rerolls. It allows you to field just a little extra muscle on the pitch with the extra lino and allows you to develop your Blitzers with handoffs for touchdowns. This is for the long game.

    If you want to win games right off the bat for a short league, I recommed Kroxigor + 3 Catchers + 4 Rerolls. The blitzers are VERY overpriced for what they offer in the early levels. So it’s just better having linemen.

  3. Personally I like starting:
    2 blitzers
    1 krox
    8 linemen
    3 rerolls

    The hitting power of the krox is useful as you don’t start with any combat skills at all. Level the blitzers to block by using them as ball carriers and then buy a catcher.

    It can be tough to start with but once the blitzers are levelled up you have some reliable hitters with really useful auxiliary skills that catch opposition coaches out.

  4. Well For me it was a Little DIfferent. I join a League a Month ago but it was a Vet League with most Team Returning. SO the Manager of the League gave New Team Coaches a 100k to buy Skills. So I went with the

    2 Catcher with Dodge 160k
    2 Blitzer one with Block and one with Strip Ball 220K
    1 KROX with Guard 140K
    6 Linefrogs 420K
    2 ReRolls 100K
    2 Fans 20k
    So I took 5 Primary Skills.
    Having a Player that can Jump into ANY Cage with Strip Ball on a 1 Die Block is Fun.
    Catchers that Can Leap out of a Cage on a 2+ and Dodge away on a 2+ is Great.

    The Down side of Slann is they have no one with access to Passing Skills as a Primary for Leader. But they are the Best at stopping the Pass with the Very Long Legs Trait.


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