High Elf Blitzers

A High Elf Blitzer is a very versatile player, so developing them to maintain their flexibility makes it harder for the opposition to counter them.

High Elf Catchers

High Elf Catchers are the fastest ST3 players in the game, coupled with their high agility they can be fantastic on both defence and offence.

High Elf Linemen

High Elf Linemen do all the usual grunt work of players in this position, though still possess the ability to make outstanding plays when needed.

High Elf Thrower

A High Elf Thrower is the single best player in the game at precisely and safely getting to the ball to a receiver nearly anywhere on the pitch.

How to beat Elves

Hello sports fans, Skip Tasteless here!  As a perennial High Elf coach and player (I played alongside Jarranial Jones with the Galadrieth Gladiators), I have seen many miraculous plays and also much bloodshed.  Lately, though, I’ve been hearing smack talk about how overpowered Elves are.  Elves are  not overpowered, and coaching them takes more skill than … Read more