Chaos Dwarf Teams

Chaos Dwarfs are the twisted descendants of Dwarf explorers who have been terribly affected by the forces of Chaos, turning them into evil, self-centred creatures. In one way, however, they haven’t changed at all – they still love playing Blood Bowl! Chaos Dwarfs are not very numerous and make great use of sneaky Hobgoblin slaves to perform all kinds of tasks, including playing on their Blood Bowl teams.

QTYPositionCostMASTAGPAAVSkills & TraitsPriSec
0-6Chaos Dwarf70k434+6+10+Block, Tackle, Thick SkullGSAM
0-2Bull Centaur130k644+6+10+Sprint, Sure Feet, Thick SkullGSA
0-1Enslaved Minotaur150k554+9+Animal Savagery, Frenzy, Horns, Loner (4+), Mighty Blow (+1), Thick SkullSAGM
0-8ReRolls70kApothecary: Yes
Special RulesBadlands Brawl, Favoured Of…, Worlds Edge Superleague

Chaos Dwarf Team Overview:

Chaos Dwarfs whilst they prefer the running game like their counterparts, the Dwarfs, they have a somewhat different approach in how they execute it. They have stronger players than the Dwarfs and some much less skilled, fragile and cheaper players as well. This mix makes them more like Undead, though they have more starting skills and more high armoured players as well. The Bull Centaurs are one of the best players in the game, strong, high armoured and can move a fair distance. This makes them great blitzers, the Minotaur is also great at blitzing, both able to make more space to move a cage and at attacking the opposing team. The cheap and somewhat dispensable Hobgoblins are great for carrying the ball as well as fouling and they round the team off nicely.

The drawbacks for the Chaos Dwarfs are that the Hobgoblins are fragile and start with no skills, the Centaurs don’t start with any blocking skills and low agility, the Chaos Dwarfs themselves are slow and have low agility and the Minotaur can be unpredictable and unreliable. Their rerolls are also very expensive and with no ball handling skills you really don’t want to do more with the ball than pick it up and hopefully just run the length of the pitch with that same player to score. If you find yourself needing to start doing lots of dodges or passing then you are going to end up in trouble.

I think they make a great team for a beginner, they have a good mix of players who can dish it out and take it. They can be somewhat forgiving to mistakes, Centaurs normally get blocks in their favour, the Dwarfs have block and tackle and the Hobgoblins can move the ball about if you have rerolls to hand. High armoured players and cheap players won’t leave you outnumbered too often as well.

Chaos Dwarf Team Strengths:

  • High Armour
  • Bull Centaurs
  • Cheap disposable players

Chaos Dwarf Team Weaknesses:

  • Expensive Rerolls
  • Low overall Agility
  • Not that fast

18 thoughts on “Chaos Dwarf Teams”

  1. Hi, this is my first post so first of all; great site!

    As I’m about to start up a Chaos Dwarf team I find it a shame, that there seem to be only this article on the subject, so I’ll present my team list here in the hope that people will comment on ways to develop players and/or other ideas on how to spend the first 1000k’s.

    1 x 150k    Minotaur
    1 x 130k    Bull Centaur
    5 x  70k    Chaos Dwarf Blockers
    4 x  40k    Hobgoblins
    3 x  70k    Re-rolls

    1000k        Total


    • Thanks for your comment, glad you like the site! For any articles that aren’t done for things you are after then please check out the forums and ask over there. Personally I prefer to start the team with four rerolls as they are pricey and with all 6 Chaos Dwarfs. You need to drop the Minotaur in order to do that though and may not be suitable if you are playing a rather short league.

  2. Thanks – will do.
    I see your point and have been considering the same. I’m a big re-roll fan and four re-rolls is very sweet indeed. It’s a ten-match league with possible possibility of taking the teams to the next season (still unknown, though), so… difficult choice as to whether the extra re-roll is worth sacrificing the angry cow for..

  3. Man this site is very informative, great job Coach. I’ve been trying to start Blood Bowl, and I’ve found all I need here. Thanks!

  4. Fiz-Phaar not sure how you got on in your league but from personal experience the minotaur is a very poor option compared to the second bull centaur. The Bull Centaurs are more reliable (no loner), faster and will not lose an action (wild animal). For me the Chaos Dwarf team is all about these bad boys they have the potential to be amongst the best players and with only one or two skills (Block and Break Tackle) are really formidable.

  5. fiz-phaar. i just played a season with chaos dwarves and won the league. i completely agree with the bull centaur addition. i started with 2 bulls, 6 dwarves and some hobgoblins.  First game, i was able to give the bull centaurs the ball. My opponent had no answer. After that i gave them skills like break tackle, block and SURE HANDS. get these babies the ball. if not, then i tried to turn my hobgoblins into passers and catchers when they rolled doubles.

  6. I’ve picked up Chaos Dwarves and we’re heading to the playoffs after two divisions with 5 matches each. Starting with two centaurs is the best choice you can make if you’re playing a medium to long duration league.
    I’m a little torn on the mino. On the one hand, the big guy is an automatic choice for the LOS and paired with a guard dwarf, rarely takes a hit. I rolled doubles and gave the mino block – ever since then, he’s been pushing opposing players around like so many dominos. Biggest drawback of the mino is his AV8.

    The fact that chaos dwarves can mutate is a HUGE boon: One of my LOS guard dwarves got tentacles, another has disturbing presence (which really screws with elven teams!).

    The weakest players are the hobos, but they’re great for one job: Ball handling. You won’t score a lot of completions (in fact, I’d advise to always hand over the ball if you have half a chance), but Sure Hands can do wonders. Hobos are also great for assists because they can usually manage to run around the slower dwarves and complete cages, bog down fast players or simply lock down the LOS.

    Fact of the matter: Get both centaurs. One of them has racked up a fair amount of touchdowns in my league, and I’ve opted to give him tackle (after block) instead of break tackle because most of the time he ends up blitzing his way out of sticky situations instead of dodging. Since the centaurs aren’t fast enough to outrun the hobos, it’s fairly easy to manage a two-dice block in most cases.

    Now I’m keeping my fingers crossed for another casualty from the mino so he can finally get juggernaut. Because a wild animal on the ground is a real discomfort in the rear when you need your blitz actions elsewhere.

    • Thanks for your comments. I’m not convinced by Tentacles and Disturbing Presence on a Chaos Dwarf though. There are probably more useful options to take.

      I don’t follow you wanting Juggernaut to help deal with a Wild Animal on the ground though if you can’t use your blitz. Especially given you can only use Juggernaut on a blitz and your Mino already has Block… Juggernaut is still probably the best skill to take (or perhaps Guard / Stand Firm) though I’m not sure if you understand the rules and reasons for taking it? Minotaurs are also not the players you should be putting on the LOS. Trolls are probably the only Big Guy I will routinely put on the LOS.

  7. I had to play against a lot of goblin teams as well as ogres, halflings and pro elves. Tentacles and Disturbing Presence are a real boon against weak and passing teams, in my experience. Since my hobos don’t score too many spps, the dwarves are really where it’s at when throwing a wrench in my opponent’s offense.

    As for juggernaut, I’m really only worried about wrestle, since I managed to roll doubles and get block on the mino on the first try. The reason I’m scared of having my mino on the ground is that I’m VERY good at rolling 1’s. In fact, my six-sided dice only have two sides: 1 and 4.

    The reason I like putting the mino on the line is that it usually forces my opponent to put his big guy right in front of the mino, or off to the side. With two guard dwarves on either side of the mino, it makes my life a lot easier.
    That said, I also find blitzing with a free mino on my first turn very effective, but not as effective as using blitz actions with the centaurs on the side. Apart from Norse and Lizards (the latter of which nobody plays in my league), I’m having a fairly easy time opening up scoring opportunities that way. Having a ST4 dwarf certainly helps, too. Except that he now stubbornly refuses to get any more spps.

  8. As a side note, what are your thoughts on Claws for a mino that already has block? I’m not sure it’s such a great skill (mutation) to start with, but it does slightly increase the chance to score a casualty if you can routinely save the +1 MB bonus for the injury roll.

    Guard of course is an option, especially considering I’m fairly fond of putting the mino on the LOS. Except against Wood Elves and Halflings.
    Multiple Block might also be worth a look, since I have enough guard dwarves on the line and the mino rarely moves out of range of the LOS dwarves.

    • i think claws is great on your mino. most teams you go up against will have a strength 5 player of their own to challenge you, so the massive damage combo lets you dispatch the threat quickly and efficiently which can be a major advantage to your team once he’s out.

  9. Dude, Claw(s) is one of the best mutations in the game, and the very reason Chaos teams are considered so powerful at high TV! So yeah, take Claw if you rolled a second double, I would probably take it even on the first one, before block.

  10. Chaos is considered powerful at high TV because all of their players have good stat lines and, excluding the Minotaur, have GSM access. The lack of AP access makes less difference for them then it would a lot of teams. Even if you never roll a single double or stat increase, they are going to be better developed than most teams at high TV.

    Claw is far from the reason Chaos is considered so powerful. Most players wouldn’t bother with in anyways and even dedicated killers don’t bother with it until fairly late in development (if at all) unless you are basically playing only against teams with a few AV9 players. There is a difference between the TV MM min/maxing where people only have a couple developed players, so taking out one player makes a huge difference and any other context.

  11. Hi,

    I was wondering what you would deem most useful in my current situation, right now I went for 6 blockers 4 hobs and a bull centaur with 4 rerolls and a apoth, after my first game I got another centaur and just got myself another 2 hob gobs after my second in-case they break.

    Would you suggest going for a minotaur now or should I aim to get more replacement hobs so I can use them as cannon fodder and foulers more often?

    And a side question, should I pretty much be trying to foul any low armour people with a hobgoblin if they have a few people nearby or should I be more carful with it? I’ve not used any fouls yet as I’m always worried of just losing a guy and gaining nothing.

    • It’s down to personal preference really, a lot of coaches don’t ever take a Minotaur. Same with fouling, some advocate doing it a lot, others are more selective with their fouls. You are at a point where it’s a case of trying both and seeing what works for you, there is no one right way to go!

      You also appear to be at a point where you will get more benefit from signing up to the forum where you can have more in depth discussions (such as on this subject) than the article comments really have scope for.

  12. Hi,
    Not sure if it’s the right place, but I think your analysis are great, and it’s a pitty there’s nothing about the hobbos and the minotaur into the players focus for the chaos dwarf team.

    I’d especially like to know what’s your advice with hobbo when rolling double for their skills.
    Quite hard to manage as hobbo dies regulary, and I think they deserve their own page 😉

    • I’ve not got around to writing them up yet, in the mean time I suggest checking out the forum, been lots of relevant chat on there you should find useful.

    • I would go with Dodge. Unoriginal but dependable.

      Leader is another option, if you want a cheap re-roll. Seems weird to have a Hobbo bossing his masters around but there you go. Diving Tackle can be handy as well, since your CDwarfs already have Tackle too.

      On other many other ‘General skills only’ players Guard is a shoe-in choice, but a Chaos Dwarf team is rarely short of Guard so you can skip it on the Hobgoblin.


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