Test #003: Side Step Rocks!

Graveyard Rats (Necromantic) vs. Terrors of Tarantino (Chaos)

Down at the Old World Football League, Gym-Bo, the coach of the Chaos Terrors of Tarantino, has created a monstrosity of a team.  During the first half, the Necromantic Graveyard Rats were victim to 3 failed regen injuries and a knocked out werewolf.  Killabruh, the necromantic coach, desperately GFI’d his ghoul on a break-away run as furthest as he could go with the ball, 10 spaces from the end-zone.  With no werewolves, a wight and flesh golem out of commission, bystanders could see the will to fight being sucked out of the coach.  That was until the end of Gym-Bo’s turn… You’re the necromantic coach.  What did he see? And what’s the best way to get it done?


You tell me. 🙂

  • You must do it in 1 turn.
  • Assume that all 1d and 2d (your favor) blocks will result in pushes. All 2d blocks in opponent’s favor will result as skulls.
  • Ensure every 1d non-block action attempt is at most 3+ risk (i.e. passes, catches, hand-offs, dodges, all should be 2+ or 3+ for success).  Assume successful rolls.
  • Assume tentacle rolls are passed and that you can dodge out.
You're the Necromantic coach.  Things are looking bleak.  What's your next move?
You’re the Necromantic coach.  It’s the last turn of the half and this game is looking bleak.  What’s your next move?
You're the Necromantic coach. It's the last turn of the half and this game is looking bleak. What's your next move?
You’re the Necromantic coach. It’s the last turn of the half and this game is looking bleak. What’s your next move?

Terrors of Tarantino (Chaos)

1Minotaur5628Thick Skull, Mighty Blow, Tentacles, Claw, Stand Firm, Horns, Frenzy, STR+, Break Tackle
2Chaos Warrior5539Block, Mighty Blow, STR+
4Chaos Warrior5439Mighty Blow, Block, Claw
6Chaos Warrior5539STR+, Guard, Block, Tentacles
11Beastman6338Block, Piling On
12Beastman5348AGI+, Wrestle

Graveyard Rats (Necromantic)

1Flesh Golem4429Regeneration, Stand Firm, Dodge, Block, Guard, Thick Skull
2Wight6338Block, Regeneration, Guard, Mighty Blow
4Zombie3328Sneaky Git
7Ghoul7337Dodge, Block, Sure Hands, Side Step
8Ghoul7337Dodge, Block, Guard

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By marking the side-stepping ghoul, Gym-Bo inadvertently allowed Killabruh the opportunity to attempt a chain push TD!  With good luck, the game can be tied!

  1. Dodge Wight #2 out of tackle zone and mark Chaos Players 2 and 12
  2. Use Zombie #12 to 1D block Chaos Player #12 and push him one square to L3.  This should form an upside down “T” with Ghoul #7, Wight #2, Beastman #12, and Chaos Warrior #2. The intent is now to blitz Chaos Warrior #2 so you can chain push your Ghoul #7 closer to the end-zone.
  3. Blitz with Ghoul #8. Dodge out of tackle zone and see if Dodge Reroll was used. If not you can dodge into the space directly north of Chaos Player #2 (M5). This is a 4+ roll but you can use the Dodge RR… 75%. If not you can choose to rather GFI twice instead. Push Chaos Player #2 into Ghoul #7. This will activate his sidestep. Move Ghoul #7 closer to the end-zone.
  4. Dodge out and GFI twice to score the TD.


10 thoughts on “Test #003: Side Step Rocks!”

  1. Nice! I didn’t notice that 4+ with re-roll is better than two GFI’s without the re-roll…taught me a useful thing there. Thanks for putting these up.

    • Per Samba Calculator: http://elyoukey2.phpnet.org/sac/

      Probability of Success
      2 GFI’s /without reroll = 69.444% /with reroll = 92.593%

      a 4+ Dodge /w Dodge skill = 75% /without dodge skill = 50%

      There are multiple solutions to your Blood Bowl objectives. If you want to attack a ball carrier in a cage, you can always dodge in with a 6+ dodge and attack with a 1D block or 2D block his favor. Does that mean that’s the best solution? Hardly, but sometimes that’s the only move you got!

      I put the rules in so that we can isolate them to one that can be considered the “answer”. In this case the 4+ dodge is considered “cheating”, Feel free to go back to the other challenges to find more optimized solutions.

  2. This solution als relies on two Str 3 players being able to dodge away from a Str 6 Tentacles player. Those are two ~25% chances.

    It’s a nice play nonetheless of course

  3. Yea, it’s your last turn. You’re obviously getting thumped. You have nothing to lose. If it works you’ll have bragging rights for the rest of the season. 🙂

  4. Hope not wrong 🙂

    #2 dodge 3+ to N1, N2, M3

    #12 block 1D beastemn 12 (#2 has guard), push to L3

    #8 blitz –> dodge 3+ to N-1, and run O1-O2-O3-O4-O5-N6-M5 (GFI) – block 1D warrior 2 with last GFI. Push on the ghoul #7, using side step to go in O4

    #7 dodge 3+ to O5, run to TD with 2GFI

    Samba actions indeed !
    Assuming no Pow or Powskull will coming to a KO or injuring, 10,58% without reroll


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