Test #011: Plan B? 1TurnTD!

elftakelogoHello, Blood Bowl fans!  Welcome to Elf Take!  I’m your host Skip Tasteless and I want to thank the community for such a great response.  I have decided to come out of retiring and coach my own team for the upcoming Crunch League.  Thank you for the games and for making me feel welcome.  You BBT coaches are pretty ridiculous.  I have had to fight tooth and nail for my draws, and I’ve lost a few on last turn TD’s.  I’m slowly working through the replays for some inspiration.  However, to give you readers a treat, here is a scenario that perked my interest while playing.

In this matchup, the orcs were able to score on their turn 8 to tie the game 1-1.  Since the orcs received, you have the opportunity to score once more before halftime.  You set up for a 1 turn touchdown and use your blitzer to chain push the skill-less orc lineman into your side of the line of scrimmage.  On your second block, you get a both down and a defender stumbles result.  You reroll the block but this time you get a defender down and defender stumbles.  Is the play over, or can you still put your catcher into position to score?


  • Can you finish the play and score the TD?



  • Your HE Blitzer#2 was used to blitz the lineman and his action and movement are over.
  • You have just begun your block with HE lineman #15 and your end-result is defender down.  You can still push the lineman to 3 legal spots.
  • You have no more team rerolls left, so choose the highest probability no-reroll solution.
  • Assume your thrower in the backfield will successfully pick up the ball and throw for a completion.
You just blocked Orc lineman #13 with High Elf lineman #15 but you didn’t get the push result you wanted for the one turn TD. You get a defender down result. Can you still score the TD?
You rolled a defender down on your block.  Can you still score a TD?
You rolled a defender down on your block. Can you still score a TD?



Arena League Cougars (High Elf)

1Thrower6348Pass, Safe Throw, Accurate, Dodge
2Blitzer7448Block, STR+
4Catcher8347Catch, Dodge
5Catcher8347Catch, Dodge, Block, Side Step
6Catcher8347Catch, Dodge
15Lineman6348Dodge, Wrestle
16Lineman6348Guard, Dodge

Pine Barrens Bullies (Orc)

1Thrower5338Pass, Sure Hands, Block, Strong Arm, Accurate
3Black Orc4429Block
4Black Orc4429
5Black Orc4429
6Black Orc4429
7Blitzer6339Block, Tackle, Mighty Blow
8Blitzer6359Block, AGI+, Dodge, AGI+
9Blitzer6339Block, Mighty Blow, Piling On, Tackle
10Blitzer6339Block, Guard


20 thoughts on “Test #011: Plan B? 1TurnTD!”

  1. Since I’ve never chain pushed a side-stepper, the solution only works IF sidestep allows you to chose any empty square, even on chain push :

    Push the orc 13 into Lineman 16, Into Catcher 5, Sidestep the catcher to G2.
    Move Catcher 4 to H2 (Closest player with dodge, that can get there by dodging once. 2+).
    Use Catcher 6 to push Orc 11 into G2.
    Push the catcher 5 into H3.
    With 2 GFI’s the catcher will score.

    Not sure on SS rules, though.

    • I don’t see how you can move the Elven Catcher 4 to H2 without first blocking the Orc Blitzer 10 with your Elven Blitzer 2 and pushing the Blitzer 10 into G-2.

      • Elven Blitzer 2 already used his blitz and movement. That’s how orc lineman #13 was pushed behind the LOS. Elven Blitzer #2 can’t be used anymore.

        Elven Lineman #15 is making the block, but you can move anyone else after the block move is completed.

        Elven Catcher #4 has 8 movement. Hint: You’re only looking at a 2+ dodge AND the catcher has dodge.

  2. If you haven’t chain-pushed a sidestepper, you’re missing out! Your assumption is correct, though. Good job!

    When this happened to me in game, I thought the turn was over until I looked at it again.

    Lesson: Don’t quit because another solution might present itself! I didn’t even have to use the reroll. I could have saved it for the gfi’s or the ball pick up.

  3. just 1 query about the original question…. why re roll a defender stumbles on a skill less lineman? he would have gone down and you would still have a re roll

  4. So, I don’t know if the solution has been posted already but I would try this:
    Hit orc 13 -> elf 16 -> catcher5 to G2 (dont follow up)
    Then hit orc 10 with elf 15 (2d block) and good results are everything except attacker down and both down, push/hit him back to H2. And be sure to follow up.
    Hit orc 11 with elf 6 (2d block) and push/hit him into the catcher 5.
    Make the throw, dodge out if necessary, 2gfi => succes.

    This includes a lot of rolls though. Win percentage: 53,3%
    If the hit on orc 10 is a both down, you can always dodge a lineman (13 or 14) into H2 instead (dodge not into tackle zone). If the hit is a defender down /defender stumbles then move some elves around (no dodging) to get a 3 die block on orc 11.

      • I don’t see how elf 15 can hit orc 10, wasn’t he already used to hit orc 13 (defender down)?

        But you can run elf 4 into h2 instead, this takes one 3+ dodge with a dodge skill reroll, which has the same probability as the block (90%ish), and for style points it feels like a more inherently elfish thing to do!

    • I have to get back with you on this. For smaller image sizes, I crop the action areas of plays. I have to go and look at the original to see where the Thrower is located. The ball was kicked behind him and diagonally 2 spots away. With quick step, the Thrower was moved closer to the ball by one space.

  5. orc 13 to elf 16 to elf 5 to G2 dont follow up
    block orc 10 with elf 16 push him to H2 (knock down is welcomed) follow up
    catcher 4 to F2
    block orc 11 with elf 6 push to elf 5 which goes H3,
    throw ball to elf 5 if orcs are kissing grass there is no interceptions possible if not this is a 6+ attempt with safe throw.
    catch on 3+ for elf 5, dodge to H4 if orcs are up and go to end zone with 2 GFI

  6. I solved the puzzle but realised it had already been done the way i had done it 🙁 Just thought i’d post and say how great these are! Litteraly teaching me everything about blood bowl. The best part is it seems your favourite team is High Elves and mine is too!

    • Congrats Bradley and thanks for the comment.

      If you want to see some awesome High Elf Action, go to http://www.oldworldfootball.com, click on Schedule, go to Season 11, Week 17 (first game of playoffs). Look for the Phoenix Kings’ (my team) match and download replay. Keep going until Kings lose.

  7. @Tad, it means a 1 dice block since your catcher does not have guard and its assits will be negated. close though
    @The Mperor you cannot block again with your R#15. He has been used already.
    @ Holleb, you cannot hit B#10 with your R#16 if you pushed him into the cathcer R#5

    (R)ed=elfs, (B)lue =orcs
    R#15 blocks B#13. Follow after Chainpush the falling player into R#16, thats pushes sidesteper R#5 to G5. Then use the dodger #4 to move from F-2 to a dodge on i2 to H3 (2+ with dodge reroll) and ends the move with the 8th step H2.. R14 moves to F2. R#6 catcher with a regular assist and a guard assist will blocks 2 dice on B#11, that chainpushes R#5 to H3.
    Either B#11 is down for a 2+ catch with reroll or its a catchroll on a 3+ with catch reroll.
    Interception chance is possible by B#10
    2GFI’s are necessary.

    recap: dodge 2+ with dodgereroll. Block 2 dice(no reroll (intercept 1/6) Catch with reroll at either 2+ or 3+. 2 times GFI. anybody else wants to calculate the odds?


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