Chaos Beastmen

Blood Bowl Chaos Beastman
Chaos Beastman Overview:

Beastmen fill in the Lineman role for Chaos teams, though they can’t really be compared to a more standard Lineman type. They are slightly more expensive and have the advantages of starting with Horns and also get normal access to both Strength and Mutation skills as well as General. They don’t start with any ball handling abilities which is the biggest problem with a Chaos team and makes them hard to play early in development.

As Chaos have no standard positional players such as throwers and catchers, Beastmen have to fill in a lot of different roles on the team. Their skill access and the fact you have a lot of them means you can build the team up in a number of different ways to acheive this. Horns on all of them gives you an advantage over all other teams in that nearly every blitz you do will be at least ST4. This ability means you can build them into great blitzers, the skill access means you can build great ball carriers, fairly good recievers, blockers and defenders. Throwers are the only position you can’t really build easily as this requires doubles, however in my opinion Chaos teams don’t really need to build one anyway.

Ball Blitzing Beastmen:
  • Normal: Wrestle, Tackle, Two Heads/Frenzy, Strip Ball
  • Doubles: Dodge
  • Stat Increase: +ST, +AG, +MV

I recommend building two of these guys, so you can cover either side of the pitch. You want to start with Wrestle as your team has no Block or Wrestle to start with and it is the best skill for getting a ball carrier down. Tackle will also be useful as Dodge is a common skill choice on ball carriers. This combo is also useful it you want to get a receiver down if you can’t get to the ball carrier instead. Two heads will allow you to dodge better which will make getting to the ball carrier easier as well. Frenzy can also be considered to get more chances to knock the ball carrier down. Strip Ball can be useful early on in a league where other teams are less likely to have Sure Hands, though later on in development the priority drops. Double choice would be Dodge again to aid getting to the ball carrier and making it harder for the other team to get him off the pitch. For stat increases, +ST is obviously useful for anyone blitzing, +AG helps in getting there and perhaps picking the ball up afterwards and +MV lets you cover more of the pitch.

Ball Carrier Beastman:
  • Normal: Sure Hands, Extra Arms, Block/Two Heads, Fend, Kick off Return/Big Hand
  • Doubles: Dodge, Sure Feet/Side Step
  • Stat Increase: +ST, +AG, +MV

Again I think it will be useful to have a couple of these guys on the team but this would be to cover more of the backfield against teams with Kick. Sure Hands will let you pick the ball up easier as well as saving Rerolls and negate Strip Ball. Extra Arms has a few uses, primarilly in helping picking the ball up, but also aids in catching a hand off if you picked it up with someone else, or aiding a team mate trying to get a completion SPP. You can also use them in a pinch as a reciever, another reason to build two. After these two you have a choice whether you decide to go Block for protection or Two Heads to aid with dodging. I would probably learn towards Block as if makes him more useful in other situations and if you are running a cage well you shouldn’t need to be dodging anyway. Kick off return is useful late on but earlier in development you need the more basic skills other teams start with. Big Hand is another option if you want a guy who can recover the ball in a few tackle zones. Doubles as usual for ball carriers are Dodge for protection and dodging, then afterwards Sure Feet for greater ability to move or Side Step to prevent multible blocks against him and better positioning. The stat increases, +ST makes him harder to hit, +AG is great in that you wouldn’t need Extra Arms or Two Heads and +MV makes it easier to get him to safe squares or the end zone.

Utility Beastman:
  • Normal: Block, Guard, Mighty Blow/Claw/Stand Firm/Piling On/Tackle
  • Doubles: Side Step/Dodge
  • Stat Increase: +ST, +AG

As you will have quite a few who you aren’t specialising you should build some more general purpose guys who will aid either as part of a cage or on the line of scrimmage. Start with Block to avoid turnovers and help with hitting, then follow it up with Guard to take advantage of the extra strength of your team and help against other hitting teams. Past this there are a lot of choices you can do, Mighty Blow will help get players off the pitch and will combo well with Claw and Piling On. Tackle will cause other teams more turnovers and help hitting dodge players and Stand Firm combines really well with Guard and keeping a cage intact. Doubles can be used for either Side Step to control positioning and keep you in contact with the other team or Dodge to move easier and keep you on your feet more. Stat increases +ST is fantastic for hitting and being hit, +AG will allow them to specialise more and gives you another ball handling player. Later on in development you can take +MV or +AV, though they add extra team value compared to an extra skill.

Killer Beastman:
  • Normal: Block, Mighty Blow, Piling On, Claw, Frenzy/Tackle
  • Doubles: Jump Up, Side Step
  • Stat Increase: +ST, +AG

You can also build a couple of these guys who are really good at getting the other team’s players off the pitch, which will help with making it easier to move a cage. They will probably end up being targeted by the other team though! Start with Block for the usual reasons, then work on the skills which will hurt the other team. Mighty Blow first then Piling On as Claw doesn’t help against AV7 teams. After that either Tackle to take on Dodge players as well (pick easier targets until you do) or Frenzy to get that extra hit in. For doubles Jump Up is probably the first choice, especially if you are on the floor from Piling On and can let you get blocks in on the other team instead of using the blitz on some occasions. Side Step is also useful as you can stay next to opposing players. +ST is great for obvious reasons and while +AG doesn’t really help I wouldn’t skip on it and instead change this guy into a different build.

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51 thoughts on “Chaos Beastmen”

  1. I’d like to add another interesting type of Beastman.  I’ll describe him as the Safety Beastman – kind of like an American football Safety. 

    Safety Beastman:

    Normal: Shadowing, Prehensile Tail/Tentacles, Block/Strip Ball, Tackle, Extra Arms
    Doubles: Jump Up, Side Step, Leap 
    Stat Increase: +ST, +AG, +MA

    The Safety Beastman’s key attributes are Shadowing and either Prehensile Tail/Tentacles.  This enables him to continue to chase players once they try and make a break for the end zone.  Combining these abilities makes it very hard for even an agile player to really get away.  Extra Arms then helps with possible interceptions or scooping up the ball and sending it back down field the other way if a tackle is successful.  Block/Strip Ball is also helpful in case he is not able to keep shadowing and has to make a blitz in order to prevent a touchdown.  Naturally having Horns only enhances this move. 

    • How about “diving catch” for the catcher/ball carrier? For fun I gave a Warrior hail mary and it worked surprisingly well against dwarves. With diving catch it could have saved me a couple of turns. Agree that sure hands/extra arms os a great combo.

      • If you’re going to take Hail Mary then yes get at least one player with Diving Catch. However I generally wouldn’t take Hail Mary due to the high risk of losing the ball to the other team. There are occasions where it’s useful but not enough compared to other skills in my opinion. It is however great fun to win a game with that combo, so if that’s your motivation then go for it!

  2. There are quite a few useful skills for a player of this ilk, much like the “defender” build I suggested. I don’t really find tentacles that useful for a ST3 player though, Stand Firm is as good as Side Step for them and doesn’t need a double. You have also put Block quite far down the build so it wouldn’t be too much of a problem for the other team to just hit him.

    I also prefer to keep them not overly specific to one role as this makes them more useful when you are playing other teams that don’t really call out for that specialisation. That said, a player built that way can be an annoyance and certainly of use against certain teams and situations.

  3. If shadowing is your 1st skill, I’d pick tackle next. Block as a 3rd skill would make a better safety IMO.
    In any case, I’d pick diving tackle instead of tentacles on a ST3

  4. Thanks for this, will defo be incorporating this into my Nurgle team(s)’s Pestigors. With only 4 available it’s good to have some ideas ahead of time.
    I’m fortunate enough to have one wuth 4AG, he’s well on the way down your “Ball Handler” build with Block, Sure Hands & Big Hand.
    I also quite like your “Ball Hunter” guy. A good mate of mine loves that sort of player for a defensive Gutter Runner, the core of which is Wrestle then Tackle then Dauntless – hits like a tonne of bricks, has some survivability (Dogde & Wrestle) and can still help score TD’s when needed (he’s still a gutter runner, after all).

  5. In both a singleplayer team and a multiplayer team in Blood Bowl I’ve put tentacle on a Beastman who’ll probably end up as a utility player. In hindsight, tentacle is really a bit too situational unless you manage to get + ST and in future I’d probably not take it, but unless the player dies and I have to start building a new one up I suppose it does in the meantime give me an extra option for those ST2 players I may face.
    Out of interest, what, if any, skills are best used to make the most of tentacle for those like me who selected it in a moment of giddy mutation excitement without putting enough thought into it?

    • Best skills that combine with Tentacles are ones that make it harder for the opposing team to either knock you over, or push you away. So Block, Dodge, Stand Firm or Side Step. I’ll cover this more when I cover Tentacles itself.

  6. I can’t agree with Wrestle being the first choice for Blitzers. This *has* to be Tackle: it’s designed primarily as an anti-catcher skill and there’s nothing better for blitzing runaway ball carriers. Not only that, but against most catchers (who only have ST2) you only need one assist to get three dice (only a 2 in 9 chance of not getting at least one “defender down/stumbles”). With Wrestle, your average Gutter Runner will still have the movement to score after standing up next turn and won’t even be in a tackle zone.
    Giant Hand is also overlooked. When trying to prise the ball off of a blocking team like Dwarves, it’s likely that if you can get to the ball carrier in the cage that when the ball comes to rest it’ll still be in two or three opposing tackle zones. Leaving it there and trying to knock down every one of the cage before picking it up is risky, whereas with Giant Hand a beastman can grab it without worry (assuming he already has Sure Hands) and then the rest of the blocking group can consolidate around him.
    – Chris

  7. You certainly could take Tackle first though the player is designed for getting the ball loose and not for specifically getting Catchers. Most teams ball carriers will tend to get Block and Sure Hands first as they don’t have access to Dodge without a double roll. This makes Wrestle preferable to counter their Block and Tackle less needed as on the whole ball carriers will nearly always have Block and not always have Dodge.

    Yes I did skip Big Hand as I favour Extra Arms, which if the ball is in one Tackle Zone the pick up roll would be the same with either skill. However Extra Arms works for all Catch rolls and is better for picking the ball up in the open. If the ball is in more than one Tackle Zone then Chaos teams will usually have enough strength to hit players away from the ball. You may have to perhaps wait a turn to free up enough space around the ball, or you can push an opposing player onto the ball and look for a nice scatter. That doesn’t mean there are going to be some situations where you would prefer Big Hand, but overall I find Extra Arms more useful. There is no harm in building a defensive ball retriever with Big Hands though if you wanted.

  8. I noticed that the utility and killer beastmen are quite similar to their warrior counterparts, is  it good to have that much overlap?  If you had four beastmen and four warriors available for those two positions how would you divide them up?

    • I’d only build one dedicated killer Beastman who I’d do my blitzing with, you really should be getting a lot of Guard on the team so building lots of players without it will hamper you. Opposing teams will often avoid leaving players in base contact with any dedicated killers so the more you have, the more you are going to want to blitz with, making the need for more less likely. The real way to hurt a team is to be able to outblock them and the staple skills like Block, Guard, Tackle and Stand Firm are going to get you more knock downs and therefore armour rolls. On an advanced team you will have more players with Mighty Blow and a few with Claw as well. Piling On also slows down the Warriors a bit too much for my liking.

      That isn’t to say you can’t have success going all out on pain causing skills, but if you aren’t knocking players over then they don’t come into use at all.

  9. On the multiplayer team I mentioned in a previous comment I’ve now got a healthy number of beastmen with block. In these early stages am I better building a solid core of utility beastman first or start specialising next time a player gets a level?

  10. Either method could work fine in all honesty, though most specialist builds will still start with Block as the first skill. If you want more advice on the team when you get stuck with a skill increase, post the team as it stands on the forum to get more advice. It is easier to help if people can see the whole team rather than just speculating.

  11. Once again hello coach, :).
    i have a very good question, how would you build a beastman whose first skill was +1ag, and second skill +1str?
    its very unlikely to get these stats, and im confused, should i be happy to have such a mighty player, or should i be sad becuz my potential catcher / thrower is ruined by a +1str bonus? i need guidance, by a true master, you coach.
    thank you and goodbye.

    • A player like that who is very strong and mobile is destined to be a Blitzer. He can get to his target and is strong enough to to be able to hit them, especially as he has horns. So skill him up to aid that role, starting with Block.

  12. Hmm, yea, ur right coach! he can get out of the tacle zones and then hit hard against the fools who thought they could breakthrough my line!
    But if he is being designed to Blitz, why then not Juggernaut? I know block will help after he have thrown his blitz. But im thinking of giving him frenzy maybe, it might not be a good idea, but juggernaut and Frenzy is a good combination, and he got a good movement of 6 so i dont quite often have to go for it.
    But just to be on the safe side i think i will give him block to start with.
    thanks ;).

  13. Hi coach,  I have a new Chaos team who have played 3 games, had a CW killed and are now bouncing back.  I have one starting ball carrier beastman with sure hands, one with kick, one with wrestle.
    Now I’ve had one get +AG frst roll.  What am I best doing with him?

    • +AG makes him really flexible, there is no single best way to develop them. I would use him to fulfil the role in the team you have the most trouble with. It makes him really mobile and obviously good at handling the ball. You can either get around the pitch to blitz opponents easier, go to recover the ball (perhaps even after a blitz). Keep him towards the front, or even further ahead of your cage as a scoring threat. He will be harder to mark compared to an AG3 player and it can draw the defence away making it easier to move the cage forward. Be careful that he doesn’t hog all the SPP though, but I’d try to get a second skill fairly quickly to get Block or Wrestle (depending on how you decide to develop). If you want to discuss the options in more depth then please start a thread on the forum.

  14. Coach,
    Would it make sense to create an “interceptor” beastman? Wait until you get +1 AG as the first skill on a beastman, then take block (for survivability) followed by very long legs, extra arms and pass block in some order. This would get you a player that could intercept on a 3+ which could really shutdown an opponent’s passing game.
    Any thoughts?

    • That is five skills to create a player that can be easily avoided. It isn’t uncommon for a whole match to be played without a single pass taking place. The agile sides that may do passes will usually be able to avoid him totally, especially if they are equally developed as a team with players that have five skills. It also doesn’t make very good use of the agility increase. With AG4 a Beastman is going to likely be your most mobile player. You would get far more use out of him in some kind of Blitzing role, his agility will also make him a receiving threat as well (even if it just as a diversion it is useful). Think more along the lines of how Elf Catchers develop more as blitzing players than catching ones.

      You could add Extra Arms perhaps later on to make him more flexible but I think some sort of Blitzing role is the way forward. Which exact discipline you go for though depends on what you think your team could benefit most from. To discuss it further feel free to create a thread on the forum about it.

  15. I built an ‘interceptor’ out of a +1 AG Beastman and haven’t found it to be a waste… he’s made Legendary player and this was the final build:

    Block, +1 Ag, Pass Block, Extra Arms, Leap, Very Long Legs

    On defense he does help suppress the pass, I believe. He’s only intercepts about once in every 5 or 6 matches on average, so this is rather situational, but I find value in that the opposing coach really needs to think twice about passing around him! And though I have better cage breaking options available, the +1 Ag/Leap/Very Long Legs can really help with disrupting formations and getting to the ball carrier sometimes. When I have the ball, he comes in handy as a potential receiver, or as a back corner of the cage for a nice hand-off option.

    However, there are better uses for Beastman, and this is kind of a luxury. I was able to do this because I had a very advanced team already, and decided to take one of my bench players, put him on the pitch, and feed him the ball over and over to see what happened. As Coach stated, he’s easily avoided, and pretty much all of his interceptions have come on last minute desparation plays at the end of a half (a couple happened because the other coach forgot about him).

  16. I think I would like beastment more if horns was more generally applicable to blocking rather than just blitzing.

    I would love to have horns on 1-2 players, but to add $10K to the cost of my basic grunt, I would rather have something that’s useful with every block.

    Its too situational to have on every player, and I feel like it kind of holds the team back. Too bad too as I really like chaos lore (play Chosen in WAR online).

  17. I think you are really underestimating the power of Horns across a whole team. It is basically an extra Str 4 player anywhere you need it on your turn. Sure, Str 4 is also nice defensively but Str 4 players tend to be easy to tie up and keep away from key places.

    It is very good to be able to just make a Str 4 player real quick and hit with them anywhere on the pitch.

    Also, for 10k over an average line you are getting Horns, Strength and Mutation skill access.

    I wouldn’t be surprised at all if most teams would trade Beastmen for normal linemen.

  18. Okay imagine if, instead of horns, beastmen were given a different bashy skill, such as:

    Block, how much would you rather have block?

    or tackle, or mighty blow, or claws, or standfirm or grab or even foul appearance?

    I mean, lets face it, when building a bashy team, horns simply isn’t high on the priority list. Anyone of those skills would be far far better to employ en masse because their is no limit on how many players can use the skill per turn.

    But no, they get horns, that skill nobody ever wants when they level up…yay

  19. Not to drag this anymore off topic but to suggest Beastmen would be better with a more exceptional bashy skill is a bit silly imo. Sure they would but with their other aspects it would drag Chaos from being an above average to good team to being unquestionably broken. Once more while horns may not be something most of us would prioritize as a skill to pick up when leveling players it is certainly useful and gives Chaos immense flexibility. Personally I think Beastmen and Marauders are the best overall linemen in blood bowl.

    • I agree Horns works fine on them, if anyone else wants to weigh on this please take it to the forum. Fair warning, I’ll delete any more comments on this article that stray off topic!

  20. Dear Coach and other interested parties, What do you think of extra arms as the FIRST choice skill of a beastman, who is also the FIRST player to gain a skill on my chaos team which is made up of 12 beastmen who all have no skills yet?
    My justification for this tactic is:
    1) Help to pick up the ball.
    2) Help catch the ball (or at least threaten to catch and potentially draw players away from my cage)
    3) Help spread out SPP early on in my team by acting as a catcher for players trying to gain 1 SPP.

    Counter arguments i’ve considered, but ignored are:
    1) Block should always be the first choice for any beastman, but now that wrestle is around i’m not so sure, and its very boring just having block on everyone.
    2) Sure hands might be better than extra arms as its frees up re-rolls, but my team has started with 4 re-rolls so i’m not so fussed.
    Thoughts/comments are greatly appreciated.

  21. The main reason to take Block first is to have someone who is more reliable to Blitz with. It is also more flexible with regards to future development. If you take Extra Arms it narrows down that players development.

    There isn’t really a massive favourite between the two, though I’d personally go with Block as your team as a whole doesn’t start with of the core skills. They are far more important to get on the team in my opinion.

    While Extra Arms is really useful to have, generally if things go according to plan you are likely to be scoring with the player who picks it up. You have very good odds of doing that if you use a reroll with AG3 already (you started with four so burning one early is less of a concern). Extra Arms would only be useful if you rolled a 2, anything else would either work anyway or fail anyway.

    As far as the catching comment, again AG3 and rerolls is fairly capable to rely on for that. Your first counter argument isn’t really that valid as you said it is for the first player to skill up. In that instance no one else on the team has anything, so taking Block here isn’t what I would call boring. If considering a skill selection is boring or not is one of your main criteria though, then I’m probably not the guy to be asking! For more zany suggestions please feel free to sign up and start some discussion on the forum. Whatever you decide to take, I wish you the best of luck.

  22. I like Extra Arms on a Beastman. Having one with Sure Hands who tends to field kicks, and then one with Extra Arms as an alternate kickoff receiver and reliable hand-off threat is nice.

    That said, you really need some Block on a Chaos team first, as you start with /none/ and yet need to win by out Blocking opponents. You’ll be making far more Block rolls than ball handling rolls.

    I’d take Block over Wrestle for (most) Beastmen, although it’d be nice to have one (perhaps two?) with Wrestle + Tackle. Block is just generally more useful for a bashing team.

  23. don’t forget about foul appearance on ball carrier beastmen

    Block-Dodge-Foul Appearance

    Foulblodge is a tough nut to crack, and gives you one last out against wrestle tacklers.

      • Interesting. I was thinking of taking Block as my first skill just because I really like hitting, but Sure Hands probably is more important as with Horns I can usually ensure a two dice block. I worry that a ball carrier early will be an SP hog. How do you get around this?

        • Depending on the opposition there are a couple of tricks. Firstly with everyone on a Chaos team having AG3, anyone who gets an MVP you can try and do a completion to get them their first skill. (Though can be risky against fast and agile teams). This is especially common on dead turns at the end of halves where the other team scored leaving you just one turn.

          If your caging drive has gone well you can also risk a hand off to another player who then scores. Easier if you’ve removed some opposing players and are camped near the end zone. I’d also advise trying it on turn 7 rather than 8 in case you fail the hand off. Also having a reroll left over will help.

          The other situation to look out for is if you already have the lead and are receiving the ball, you could use someone else as the ball carrier.

          Though at the end of the day while spreading skills around is nice (at least the first one) as Chaos players start without any core skills getting a solid ball carrier to his second and even third skill can be very useful. Being able to get the ball into scoring position to win games is great and then just pick times to try the hand off if you are worried about SPP spread.

  24. I have an AV7 Beastman that I want to turn into a fouler. Should I give him Block first, and then Dirty Player or just go right to Dirty Player?

      • Any player that you are probably going to get sent off is best off having as few skills as possible as you aren’t going to have access to them for the rest of the match.

        So regardless of the rest of the team in this instance I’d go with Dirty Player.

        • Yeah the only thinking about giving him Block is to make him more useful before sending him off, as well as to make survive long enough to commit the foul.

          • Kick is pretty good on a fouler too – since if you kick first and play a 2-1 grind you may only really need kick at the start of the match and not again afterwards.

  25. Hello Coach,

    So I like playing Chaos (mostly for mutations, they’re cool, and also I don’t like ending with 5 players with a red cross above their head…), but I also like passing. Do you think that a Passer Beastman could also be made into an Interceptor ? With access to both Very Long Legs and Extra Arms he could intercept on a 4+ if unmarked, which sounds pretty decent since it makes it as good as a Gutter Runner who would only have one of those mutations. Third skill should probably be Pass Block and then Strong Arm I suppose. Doubles would be Pass/Accurate, stats would be +AG and +ST if gotten early (and then change his role probably because a ST4 Beastman on the backline seems silly)

    Other BMs would probably be one ball carrier (who’d be the preferred receiver for a ball cought by the Interceptor), two blitzers and one defensive (with prehensive tail, guard and stuff) while Minotaur and Warriors would be full on fighting, with perhaps one as a killer.

    Does this make sense ? In fact, does the role of a backline Interceptor make sense at all ? My intercepting Gutter Runner (who has Very Long Legs but no Extra Arms) has had a very good record so far, but I’m playing against the AI for now (which makes the Skaven very fun to play btw) and I wonder if having someone in the back makes sense against human players ? (since I’m considering playing some multi soon)

    • Against a human opponent I wouldn’t really bother building a dedicated interceptor as passing isn’t really something that most players do a lot of and when they do you nearly always try and avoid allowing any interception attempt. You could look to adapt someone built for something else that has crossover skills using late skill pick ups but I still wouldn’t say it is optimal. If you want to build for fun or flavour though rather than pure optimised choices then I’m not going to stop anyone doing that.

      • Okay… I guess after all these years the game has been pretty much optimised and the consensus does seem to be that nobody passes except Elves. I think I’m most likely to go against other noobs at first though, I think there’s some kind of matchmaking with the game, no clue how good it is though. I suppose I should just make him a deep thrower, that at least I know makes some sense as long as I can get either +1 AG or Accurate (which is better than Pass if I assume I’ll only have one double, right ? At least with the idea to pass relatively deep) Then my dedicated carrier (Extra Arms/Block/Fend with Dodge on a double seems decent ?) can try to find some nice place to sit for the pass.

  26. Coach, what about putting disturbing presence on the ball hunter build? In cases that you both go down because of wretle and you cant pick it up with another player can be very useful because they can remove the -1 unless they foul him. Against teams like dwarves, chaos dwarves, khemri, goblin or anybody whithout ag4 or sure hands can be really annoying.

    • It certainly has benefits and I used to take Foul Appearance a lot on doubles (which used to be the current Foul Appearance and Disturbing Presence combined) however now I question if I’m missing out on a skill that’s going to be useful more often, especially on a team that doesn’t start out with many skills. You could give it a go as a later skill choice on a developed team, though I’m not sure how often it will really be a factor.

  27. Well, it’s a late reply, but I felt that I want to point out that Disturbing Presence on a ball retriever only will help when the oponent tries to catch lucky scatters or if he tries to pass or hand off. Picking up the ball is not modified.

  28. Hi! Two questions…
    1) Any thoughts on skill choices for my beastman. He picked up +MV on his first two rolls. Now has MV 8! He feels like a target without block. And going that route, block then tackle he would be good to cover the backfield. Though it seems a waste to have such a fast player with no ball handling skills…
    2) It is hard to turn down a double, but when would you ignore it and take block? I’m thinking take a double on the first and maybe the second rolls but after that the time it takes to level up again you really need block to keep your player standing.


    • Hey Mighty Crisp, I’m not personally a massive fan of taking movement advances as you end up in exactly this situation. You can somewhat mitigate movement by the positioning of your players on the pitch, it’s hard to mitigate not having Block. Block does seem like the next obvious choice of skill and you can then develop further from there. A fast player who can cover the back field is handy to have, though Chaos teams aren’t short of players who can blitz at strength 4, they do however lack players who can move the ball as reliably as other teams.

      Turning down doubles isn’t really a problem on Chaos teams as every player has so many great and useful choices to take on a normal roll. Your most obvious doubles choices for any player on the team are either Dodge and Side Step. As with any skill choice it depends on what the rest of the team is like and also the rest of the teams in your playing environment (Dodge loses value if there is loads of Tackle). As you also mentioned the needs of the player in question also comes into play, will having a double now just because you can get it actually make them more useful over taking a skill they can get anyway? The general belief for doubles for most players is that you’d like either Dodge or Guard, the latter you can get anyway, don’t be afraid to ignore a double roll and just take what’s useful, they may end up dead after the next match anyway…

  29. Hey Coach, what are your thoughts on running leap and very long legs, instead of dodge and extra head on a ball blitzer beastman?

    • Leap is a trap! Dodge offers extra protection, can save team rerolls and a player can make multiple dodges a turn whilst you can only leap once. Also if you are leaping it’s because there are loads of tackle zones nearby which means the block you’re trying to attempt will likely not be in your favour. Leaping plays can be massive fun though, so if that’s what fuels your game play then give it a go!


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