Dark Elf Linemen

Fodder/Screening Lineman:
  • Normal: Wrestle/Dodge, Side Step/Fend, Diving Tackle/Jump Up
  • Doubles: Guard
  • Stat Increase: +ST +AG +AV

These are the standard build that you will eventually be aiming to build most of your Linemen into, with usually only six Linemen on a Dark Elf team though, you are probably looking at around three build this way to start on the Line of Scrimmage, one more may be a hybrid build with the Ball Carrier Blitzer build above. It also isn’t too unusual to see these guys rather light on the skill front with most of the touchdowns and hitting done by the team mates. I would start with Wrestle though Block isn’t bad but you have players covering that already. Wrestle is rather handy for stalling cages and creating gaps. With Dark Elves only being fractionally faster than an average team, they appreciate having these holes being opened up and are still fast enough to take advantage when need be. Dodge is another great choice early on, especially in Tackle light leagues, as it offers as much protection from being knocked over, the opposing player is less likely to have Block and it also saves on rerolls if you want to dodge away.

Side Step is another great skill, I would perhaps bump this up in Tackle heavy leagues and Fend is another handy Lineman skill, both for slowing down the advancement of a cage and can mean not having to dodge away. The fact it also negates Frenzy and Piling On are certainly useful traits as well. If you do get them really well developed then Diving Tackle is great against all sorts of opposition. Jump Up can also be really handy, especially in combination with Wrestle. Doubles point at Guard and +ST or +AG are really handy though may change their development route. If you always have them on the Line of Scrimmage then +AV is handy unless you play a lot of Claw teams, though +MV could be useful as well.

Fouling Lineman:
  • Normal: Sneaky Git, Dirty Player, Block
  • Doubles: Guard
  • Stat Increase: +ST +AG +MV

I’m not personally a fan of this as I think the Dark Elf players are too expensive to be getting sent off and I need my Lineman for other jobs that I would rather the rest of the team weren’t doing. With agility skill access though as well as general you can get the Sneaky Git and Dirty Player combo rather easily and fouling does fit in with the Dark Elf ethos as well. Block would be next for protection and Guard on doubles cause it is always handy. +ST is wasted on this guy in my opinion and I would hope to get it at least on the second skill so I can make better use of it with the following skill choices. +AG will help get to players who you want to foul easier and +MV gives you greater range to do that.

Dark Elf Lineman Summary:

Dark Elf Lineman are versatile players and shouldn’t be underestimated in how useful they can be. This goes for any Elf player but their AV8 also lets them stay stuck in the thick of things when needed too as well. Their high cost is their only main weakness and their high agility their main benefit. With average strength and movement they don’t excel at any roles that really benefit from these but they aren’t particularly hampered by them either and both are fine for the jobs on the pitch they inevitably tend to end up doing. Should you choose to not have either a Runner or an Assassin on your side either, they make fine replacements and the extra armour on the pitch may let you play a more hitting play style as well.

26 thoughts on “Dark Elf Linemen”

  1. I suppose you mean “Dirty Player” instead of the 2nd “Fodder/Screening Lineman”.

    Nice input though I find it hard myself to field 6 linemen, when I also have 1 runner, 2 assasins, 4 blitzers and soon 2 witches. Would you say it would be better to go for linemen instead of the positional players?

    • Late night and copy pasting laziness caught me out, thanks for spotting that. Personally I’d only have one Assassin and one Runner on my team making 14 players and then field on the pitch those players that best worked against each opposing team. This is because I prefer the extra armour, obviously you can use the Blitzers to fill in for Linemen if you take less.

      Chances are though that you start the team with at least 6 Lineman as well, so unless you have any die or get injured so you retire them, sacking them to replace them with perhaps another Assassin doesn’t seem likely. Linemen are also lower Team Value as well which can make the difference as far as Inducements are concerned.

      Regarding Dirty Player and Get The Ref kick off result. I would bet my money that Get The Ref proposed change for LRB6 (out sometime in the next few weeks) to one Bribe for each team instead of unlimited risk free fouling gets made official.

  2. Its always handy to have one player on your team with dirty player.
    It allows you to take advantage of ‘got the ref’ and also gives you the option to buy a bribe at the start of the game if against a squishy opposition (against bashy typically you’ll buy the spare apoth)

    Not having a dirty player is no big deal, but a dirty player can swing the whole game if you’re against other elves or norse and ‘got the ref’ comes up.

  3. Still, having an “armor specialist” comes in handy. Against the murderes you’ll see in bashy teams, it’s just self defense.
    I’d rather see my guy sent off the pitch than loosing half my team to a rampaging Mino, or Crinos, or…

  4. Void,
    have a look on the forums under my post on chaos.
    You NEED a fouler on most teams imo, every opponent will have at least one killer on their team of some sort.
    You need to be able to take that guy out, and for a lot of teams (elves come to mind!) the only way to do that reliably is fouling unless you got a good couple of doubles on a player and they dont take him out 🙂

  5. I agree, a Dirty Player/Sneaky Git is a god send for eleminating specific opposing players.
    But some teams already have this specialist built in, e.g. Chainsaw for Goblins and Assassin for Dark Elves. While yes, the Assassin isn’t as effective for beating armour, they also never get sent off, etc.

  6. BoB, you misunderstood me. Reread my post.
    What I call an “armor specialist” is a dirty player elf 🙂
    And by saying that I’d rather have my guy sent off the pitch, I ment kicked out by the ref.
    Mid and high TV elves team need a dirty player, we both agree on that.

  7. Is Sneaky Git really better than Dirty Player? I didn’t really see the value in it, so I chose  Wrestle as a second skill for my Dirty Player. I’m thinking it makes people not want to block him… It’s also better than Block for the particular role he’s playing in my team.

  8. kowalski, its situational.
    Sneaky git and dirty player are both necessary on a fouler in the current rules imo.

    If you dont have sneaky git, theres a pretty good chance you’ll only get one or two goes at fouling the guy off that you really need off.

    If you dont have dirty player, then you’ve got a much lower chance of sending their guy off the pitch which was the point of the foul.

    Interestingly, in the board game, if you foul and equal the opponents armour with a double and have both skills, you could choose not to add dirty player, and thereby not get fouled off (you wouldnt break armour)
    But in the cyanide version, it auto-uses dirty player and you’ll get fouled off… boo 🙁

  9. Nice articles Coach. It would be nice to see one for the Runner and one for the Assassin too now that the Dark Elves have gone live on the Cyanide server!

  10. Gotta agree with Coach.

    Though I do like Leader, I wouldn’t use up a Double on it.
    Guard is too important a skill to miss out on, unless you have at least 2 dudes with it already.

  11. Just wondering, i’ve heard a lot of talk on several forums that dark elf linemen are the best or at least one of the very best of the linemen class in the game. I’m wondering if its just talk, or whether there is some truth to the claim, and if so, why?

  12. I’ve recently changed my skill order to DE lineelves (still picking guard on any double) for the scrimmage line.
    It used to be Block / Dodge / Side-Step (lrb4).
    I’m running Wrestle / Fend / Dodge now.
    I fell in love with fend, and I prefer it over dodge as a second skill. That applies to AV8 elves however. My wood elves are always getting dodge as 2nd skill, as AV7 is paper-thin.

  13. Im in a pretty heavy hitting league with only one tackle heavy team (chaos dwarves), so im thinking that either block or dodge should be first skills for linemen, what do u say? Dodge increase safety just as much as block, but increase mobility more. Wrestle seems nice for one or to combined with tackle/strip ball.

    • Depends how many other teams there are, if its a small league and you are playing the Chaos Dwarfs soon then I’d go Block first. A larger league with more teams then Dodge is better while the other teams don’t have much in the way of Block. Though I’d personally go Wrestle over Block on at least the first three Linemen. I also assume you have a kick player already, if not that should be first?

      Any more team specific questions though can you start a thread on the forum rather than using the comments please, or these will end up with lots of overly specific questions and answers. Good Luck.

  14. So I just rolled doubles on the second skill for my Kicker, and already have 2 Blitzers with Guard. Guard is so tasty that I’m tempted to take it and risk my Kicker in the ruck, but I’m leaning towards playing it safe with Block, especially as the team is in league playoffs and I’d really hate to lose my Kicker.

    I’m curious whether you’d take Guard anyway…

  15. I went with Guard on the Kicker. It’s worked out well so far, as Guard is useful for the mobile assist, and I’m not planning on sticking him anywhere he needs to make blocks, and usually another player draws the Blitz so he’s fairly safe.

    Well, at least so far, after only one game. 😉 I’d definitely take Guard again though, even despite already having Kick.

  16. Do you have an aversion to Dauntless Coach? I don’t seem to recall you suggesting or indeed mentioning it anywhere and IMO it’s one of the best ‘grunt’ skills out there. Turning fodder into the terror of high strength players.

  17. It is a skill I don’t take very often and so it is easy to forget about it. It can be worth having on a Dark Elf Lineman or two, though you can just as happily do without it.

  18. It takes long enough to get Dauntless on Linemen that I’ll generally take it on a Blitzer first, and so have less need for it on Linemen.

    Maybe on about the 4th skill for a Lineman? I’d be increasingly inclined to take Dauntless if I had bad luck getting any Guard though.

    • It really depends on what the whole team looks like, if you make a thread on the team development forum and post your whole roster then people can give you the various options.


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