This player suffers a -1 penalty to the dice roll when attempting to Rush. (Go For It)

Drunkard Overview

Drunkard is a new negative trait that was introduced along with the 2022 refresh of the Norse team. The only players you find it on at the time of writing is the Norse Lineman and the Star Player Thorsson Stoutmead.

Generally regarded as one of the better Linemen in the game, Drunkard was added to offset the fact they’ve been given a bit of a staying power boost in the guise of Thick Skull.

Doing Rushes / Go For Its is something I typically try to minimise at the best of times, especially if you don’t want to use a reroll on it. When playing in a blizzard I really make an effort to avoid them. The same would therefore apply to Norse Linemen and be especially careful when playing drunk in a blizzard!

Thankfully you’ve a lot of team mates who’ve either not drunk as much or can handle their drink better. As Linemen are typically doing the dirty work on a team, such as marking opponents, covering team mates or doing fouls, you may not be moving at all, or if you are not very far. Unless you’ve got a bad habit of doing lots of rushes then Drunkard shouldn’t really be too troublesome the majority of the time.

1 thought on “Drunkard”

  1. While it is very bad advice to Rush every chance you get, the option of getting a player one or two more spaces in order to be in the right place is extremely valuable (even if it sometimes costs you a re-roll). Turning that 2+ to a 3+ will make the team slower in a pinch, though not all the time.


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