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Dwarf Blockers / Longbeards

Defensive Dwarf Blocker:
  • Normal: Guard, Mighty Blow, Stand Firm, Pass Block, Pro
  • Doubles: Diving Tackle
  • Stat Increase: +ST +MV

This is only a slight variation on the above build but I would get a couple in this build. These guys are used to hopefully tie up receivers who are more likely to run away than hit you. Start off with the same basic skills of Guard and Mighty Blow to keep them useful all around, over specialising from the outset will make them a bit wasteful in team value. Stand Firm as usual will mean they can’t be pushed away easily from whoever they are trying to mark and then I’d go with Pass Block. This can let you cover more than one player or just even get in an interception attempt. On occasion that may be enough to make the opposing coach change plan and open up better chances for yourself. I’d get Pro next as it can help with any rolls you need for pass blocking, like dodging or intercepting as well as get more knock downs when blocking.

One of the key anti receiver skills is Diving Tackle, which as an agility skill requires a double roll. As mentioned already there aren’t many doubles I would select though perhaps up to four guys with this skill can cause problems. I wouldn’t take it as the first skill one and stick to the plan of getting Guard. Second skill onwards though and I would consider it. The fact it requires doubles means that any which roll doubles get to go this build and those that don’t stick with the standard Blocker Dwarf Blocker build. I wouldn’t pass up +ST as this makes it harder for them to block you and easier for hitting back, as well as just in the normal hitting game. +AG doesn’t really add much, perhaps late on after pass block it lets you use it more effectively, or gives you another player who can pick up the ball after perhaps their ball carrier fails a dodge away (I’d still prefer to get a Runner or Blitzer there though). +MV gives you greater defensive range to actually get to who you want to mark, making +AV kind of redundant.

Offensive Dwarf Blocker:
  • Normal: Guard, Mighty Blow, Grab, Stand Firm, Pro/Dauntless
  • Doubles: Side Step/Dodge
  • Stat Increase: +ST +MV

This is the other more slightly specialised role for a Dwarf Blocker. I’ve termed this on Offensive over the standard build for two reasons. Dwarfs tend play by caging the ball which means you need space to move the cage in, especially true for slow players. The second reason is that they let you set up more blocks and when near the sidelines, crowd pushes. As usual start with the bread and butter of Guard and Mighty Blow and then go for Grab, there can be a case to get Grab before Mighty Blow, though that slows down the SPP generation and opposition player removal. Grab is the key skill here, you want these guys to move into the opposing half to get into contact with players ahead of the cage (not by themselves you need support for them still). Grab lets you move players out of the way, or into a position to hit them again with a team mate when a normal pushback wouldn’t provide that chance. Near the sidelines with your Frenzy Troll Slayers in support look for good opportunities to get their players off the pitch by pushing them into the crowd, with any luck they get injured as well. Stand Firm for same reasons as before, especially as these guys tend to be nearer the sidelines more of the time. After that Dauntless in a high ST league or Pro in a more mixed one.

You don’t really need a doubles skill for these guys, but Side Step can be great with Grab for setting up the crowd pushes, or Dodge to stay standing. +ST obviously makes hitting easier and +MV to stay in position, ignore +AG and +AV.

Dwarf Blocker Summary:

One thing I’ve not really touched on is how slow these guys tend to skill up. Without much ball handling ability they are limited in practical ways to get SPP. This means that Guard and Mighty Blow will tend to be the only skills a lot of them have. Whilst they are resilient they will be getting hit a lot and your armour will fail eventually. They are fairly easy players in regards to selecting a skill when they advance and deviating much from this will cause you problems, hence most Dwarf teams look and play much the same way.

4 Responses to Dwarf Blockers / Longbeards

  1. Blarg January 21, 2010 at 7:28 am #

    I’d recommend that after the first few Guard players to start handing out “Mighty Blow” as the first skill instead of Guard to help your players gain SPP quicker.

    • Treepunch20XX January 12, 2017 at 7:08 pm #

      That’s exactly what the guide says:

      “unless the team is already really developed with lots of Guard on team mates already. Then Mighty Blow will help rookie Blockers get up to speed easier.”

      • Treepunch20XX January 12, 2017 at 7:10 pm #

        He said, realizing the OP was 7 years ago…

  2. Marcellus51 September 12, 2011 at 11:23 am #

    How about taking some Multiple Block on the Dauntless players ?
    I have find out that the combination of Multiple Block and Dauntless works pretty well and you don’t have much skills to take on Longbeards after getting Guard, Mighty Blow and Standfirm .

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