Frenzied Rush

This skill is a Special Rule that is only available to specific Star Players. Please visit this page to find a list of current and past Blood Bowl Star Players.

Frenzied Rush

Once per game, when Glart performs a Blitz action, he may gain the Frenzy skill. You must declare this special rule is being used when Glart is activated. Glart may not use the Grab skill during a turn in which he uses this special rule.

To get the best out of this it is going to be very situational, though can be very useful. I would either look to use it to blitz the opposing ball carrier (assuming you don’t have anyone else skilled up to be more suitable) or to shove someone into the crowd.

You can use his Grab skill to help set up a crowd push, he has Juggernaut to increase the odds you will get the required pushes and also has Stand Firm to avoid getting shoved off himself if you have to stay next to the side line (assuming the opposing team doesn’t also have a Juggernaut player).

Knocking the ball loose, or removing a player from the pitch will maximise this once per game ability. Using it on a normal hit feels suboptimal, though in a pinch you could perhaps also use it to make a hole in the opposing defence to aid you scoring. Personally I think that most teams that he would play for wouldn’t really need to use it in that manner most of the time.

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