Fury of the Blood God

This skill is a Special Rule that is only available to specific Star Players. Please visit this page to find a list of current and past Blood Bowl Star Players.

Fury of the Blood God

Once per game, if Scyla rolls a 1 for his Unchannelled Fury roll after declaring a Block action, instead of applying the usual effects of Unchannelled Fury, Scyla may perform two Block actions instead.

This edition of Blood Bowl is the first time that I can recall where some Star Players have been given a negative trait, in this case Unchannelled Fury. However the Fury of the Blood God special rule can turn this into an advantage, especially if you save it for a really opportune time, such as if you are fairly close to an opponents cage.

On first impression this might not seem that great as it does mean you need to have two opponents next to (or close to) Scyla in order to make two Blocks. However as Scyla has the Frenzy skill, you can try and push the first opponent towards another opponent to get the second block off. Now obviously a lot of teams will try and not give Scyla any blocking opportunities as he can be rather lethal. So look out for chances to push opponents next to Scyla, firstly just so he can hit them and secondly in the attempt that you might be able to trigger Fury of the Blood God.

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