Goblin ‘Ooligan

Goblin Ooligan
Goblin ‘Ooligan Overview

A new introduction to the the Blood Bowl pitch, though often found in the stands, is the Goblin ‘Ooligan. Adding a new option to the Goblin team coach with a skill set not commonly seen. This early on without any play testing it remains to be seen how useful they will be on the pitch, though it surely goes without saying that they will be a fun and characterful addition to any league.

For a 30k price increase over a normal Goblin, 70k against 40k you’re gaining skills not otherwise generally available in Disturbing Presence and Fan Favourite. First impression is that having a ‘Ooligan on the pitch is going to be a useful aid on the Kick Off Table and an annoyance for opposition ball handling.

Getting an edge on the results for getting a reroll can be just as useful for denying them to the other team as well as gaining them yourself. A Goblin coach may perhaps consider having less rerolls than before, though it does require the ‘Ooligan to be on the pitch to get that benefit. Pitch invasions will also swing in the positive direction of the Goblin team

With the general antisocial behaviour that is expected from a ‘Ooligan I like twist of giving him Disturbing Presence when up till now it’s always been down to physical attributes on other players with it. When it comes to using it on the pitch, keeping him near a cage where perhaps the offence is looking to hand it off may mess with their plan. There is also the obvious defensive affect in the passing game where they can distract the receiver from doing their job. Whilst it’s an ability that works better the more of them you can stack together, the best part of it is that the verbal taunting will still play it’s part even if the ‘Ooligan is on the ground!

Overall a very flavourful addition to the game and as they aren’t classed as a Secret Weapon like a lot of the Goblin positional players, there is the chance to keep them on the field for multiple drives without the need of bribery! I look forward to seeing them on the pitch and how well received they are. I think the only initial concern at the moment is if they are worth their cost, but I’m certainly going to give them a go…

Goblin ‘Ooligan Skills:

I envision developing a ‘Ooligan is going to be fairly similar to a lot of Goblins. With their extra defensive abilities the extra control over positioning that you get from taking Side Step is going to come in very handy. Adding Diving Tackle to the mix can make them great at marking receivers and if you’re feeling frisky perhaps even throw them at the opponents Thrower who is sitting back with the ball. As Disturbing Presence works while you’re prone, tripping up a ball carrier trying to dodge away from you will also make the bouncing ball that bit harder to catch as you laugh in their face!

Perhaps a likely blitz target as the other team wants to remove them and also working in combination with Diving Tackle is the choice of Jump Up. The downside to it though is that like your standard Goblin they aren’t really built to last and there’s a fair chance that a good hit will meant a stint on the sidelines.

Block as usual tends to be the obvious choice for a double, perhaps even more so as you want to keep your ‘Ooligan on the pitch as long as possible. A strength increase will help with survival and offer some more options in the blocking game. An agility increase will let you get them nearly anywhere to the best affect and also help with collecting loose balls that are dropped nearby them.

Another attractive option is to also consider Pass Block which can really disrupt the opponents passing game. You may want to be careful about putting them into base contact with certain players if you want to keep them alive  a bit longer, but sometimes players need to put their lives in danger for the good of the team! If you do end up with Pass Block then Catch will combine with it nicely for two attempts at interceptions and those scattered bouncing balls.

Goblin ‘Ooligan Summary:

Their usefulness remains to be seen but certainly one of the most fun filled themes when it comes to a Blood Bowl player. Adding an edge to the Kick Off Table for Goblin teams and something extra for the opposition when on offence. Will their extra cost offset their abilities? ‘Ooligans are yet another Goblin player that’s a priority blitz target for the opponents, taking their distraction ability up a notch. Will opposing teams ignore hits on a Chainsaw Looney in the knowledge they are more likely to get sent off in favour of removing that loud mouthed cretin?

I’m in love with the flavour and they’ve already taken a spot high up in my favourite players for this alone. If they can also prove their usefulness to keep in the team then we could be onto a winner!

7 thoughts on “Goblin ‘Ooligan”

  1. All the other goblin positionals have the ability, however small to really impact a game, through causing damage or leaping (and now swooping) downfield to score. The ‘Ooligan, whilst a nice idea doesn’t really have that potential. You have a little over 1/3 chance of a Kick off result which Fan Favourite can affect, so 1 or 2 times a game he might get you a result (assuming he is on the pitch). He doesn’t have the staying power for Disturbing Presence to work very often, unlike the high ST/AV Nurgle players that are hard to remove. I don’t think he is worth the extra 30k as he’s basically just another goblin lineman with no distinguishable role.

    However if he came with normal access to Passing skills he would be worth it. You could justify access on the grounds that he was recruited from the hard core fans and spent years throwing rocks/bombs/seats from the crowd and got good at it. You would then have a player you could develop into a ball carrier/short range passing player which would open up a new dimension of play for the gobbos. This would also have the advantage of keeping him alive a bit longer as you protect him on the pitch, which maximises Fan Favourite. Finally, should the opposition get the ball from him, there’s a chance of Disturbing Presence stopping them passing it to safety.

  2. I’m mainly seeing the ‘Ooligan as a nice comliment to the Bombardier. The ‘Ooligan can remove 5+ interceptions without having to mark the opponents. He can also reduce the odds that a ballcarrier inside a cage manage to catch and throw the bomb back at you.

  3. If played right, keeping it on the field and you are very lucky, I found that the ‘Ooligan is of great benefit to any goblin team.

    I had the opportunity to play against two goblin teams during a tournament who both fielded an ‘Ooligan. It’s Fan Favourite together with winning the fan factor with minimum of +1 Fame (+1 fan factor Fame and +1 Fame for being Fan Favourite totalling +2 Fame), guarantees all bonuses for the kick off event.

    Also, if by any chance the the goblin team gets +2 Fame during the Fan Factor roll (+2 fan factor Fame and +1 Fame for being Fan Favourite totalling +3 Fame) and during a kick off event it turns into a pitch invasion, each of the opponent players will get stunned on a 3+!!

    In regards to the Disturbing Presence, I totally agree with Lockmund’s comment above.

    Considering it costs +30K more that a normal goblin and based on what it offers on the field, I believe that the ‘Ooligan’s is worth having on the field.

  4. My oligan in my current league has been mvp. I’ve had a pitch invasion twice now to devastating effect. My bombardier is much more effective now. And since the doom diver can score in a turn, I find myself rolling on kick off tables alot. I love extra rerolls, rocks and free bribes….

  5. Lockmund makes a fair point about pairing the Ooligan with the Bombardier. That does appear to be the most effective way of utilising disturbing presence. I also agree with the other comments that potentially you could get a nice result with a pitch invasion or picking up a reroll but the odds are small and also conditional on other things (like also winning the gate to help your odds). He just doesn’t have the same potential as a chainsaw in a Wardancer’s face or a fanatic smashing through a line of Dwarfs 🙂

    Also I am unsure what useful skills he could pick up to help babysit the Bombardier? Maybe catch if someone throws a bomb back at him, maybe jump up to keep him nearby. I suppose diving tackle won’t negate the effect of disturbing presence. Just seems a bit bland a player as he stands, at least to me.

  6. I’m not so sure you want your Ooligan to have that many skills, he is enough of a target as it is and I wouldn’t protect him like with a pogoer, bombardier or chainsaw.

    Side Step sounds like a good start and Diving Tackle is a nice combo with that. Catch, Jump Up and Sure Feet also seems logical to me.

    Block on a double, Wrestle is for other goblins. Given the chance, I might also go for +AV to make him less squishy. -1 to injury rolls means little if the armor holds up.

    The “best” Ooligan may be one with only Block, but I wouldn’t recycle one if I only roll normal. They should soon die of natural causes anyway. (Well, natural on a BB-pitch).


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