Human Ogres

Blood Bowl Human Ogre
Human Ogre Overview:

Ogres provide Humans with some much needed strength and higher armour, which they need to compete in the bashing side of the game. They are however prone to being somewhat unreliable so it is best to be careful with regards to how you use him on the pitch. I also recommend you start your teams with one from the start. This gives them more games to try and get a MVP and start to skill up as they can be quite slow to do so. You can speed their development up by being a bit more proactive with them, though this strategy can often come back to bite you due to their unreliability.

As they come with the Loner skill you need to be careful about when you use them. A failed roll can result in a turnover and also wasting a reroll as well. This means it is best to try and use them at the end of your turn, or when failing something will not leave your team exposed. Bonehead also may mean that sometimes you want to just leave him where he is as keeping his tackle zone may be more important than trying a two dice block.

If you are going to use your Ogre in a more passive and supportive role in order to minimise the risks, then it is best to give him skills which complement this roll. If he is stuck in the thick of it, he is high strength and coupled with high armour and Thick Skull, he is the hardest player on your team to remove from the pitch. It is better that he is in there than one of your blitzers for example.

Ogre Road  Block:
  • Normal: Guard, Stand Firm/Break Tackle, Grab
  • Doubles: Block, Pro, Dodge
  • Stat Increase: +ST

The first skill you should be looking at giving him is Guard, unless you roll doubles. Humans need all the Guard they can get and a ST5 player with Guard can be hard to just push out of the way, even more so if you follow that up with Stand Firm. Break Tackle is also a good second option so you can move him to where he is needed the most. For doubles, Block is the obvious choice, getting more knock downs helps with getting him more SPP as well as keeping him on his feet more. If you get a second one then Pro can be helpful for when you need to reroll anything, it is the same chances as using a team reroll on him, except you don’t lose a reroll when you fail and you can also use it to reroll push results when blocking as well. Piling On is also an option to increase development, though I really don’t like putting him on the ground as he is more useful to your team when standing.

Stat increases +ST is the most useful, can get easier three dice blocks, even harder for the other team to block you and also gives you the edge against other teams big guys. Agility increases aren’t really that useful as he won’t really be handling the ball and should have Break Tackle for dodging. Movement or +AV I would pass up if you rolled double five, Block and Pro are more useful. For six four rolls you may consider either, the movement lets him keep up in a cage and cover the pitch better and the armour helps more if you tend to leave him getting stuck into the thick of it. It wouldn’t be a mistake if you took a normal skill instead though, especially if it is his first one.

Human Ogre Summary:

This is the best way to use the Ogre to complement the rest of the Human team in my opinion. If you want to go more offensive with him then by all means start off with Piling On. It is just worth bearing in mind that he will be exposed to fouls more often and he can’t support the surrounding team mates while he is on the floor. It will be easier for the opposing team to move around him when he is on the floor as you don’t have any other strong “road block” players on the Human team.

17 thoughts on “Human Ogres”

  1. Hey Coach, great work on the site.  I haven’t found a lot of great info for the new LRB5 ruleset.
    I would consider diving tackle on a doubles roll for an Ogre, definitely after block but maybe before pro.   With the new loner system, pro isn’t as necessary as it was previously.  And while you don’t want your ogre prone on the pitch, if you can cause a turnover it’s probably worthwhile.  Also, just the threat of the DT can give your Ogre more influence on the pitch.  Tackle would also be an option – while more specific, it also increases your block effectiveness and doesn’t have the downside of going prone.
    Because of their high strength and mighty blow, new players tend to throw BGs at everything that moves, looking at them to be the main damage dealer.  However, as you pointed out, often times it’s more important for them just to be standing there, occupying as much space an as many of the opponent’s players as possible, and also threatening the big punch to the face.   Picking up guard means they can’t be ignored when in the thick of things, and break tackle prevents them from being occupied by a single lino.  The other big way to deal with BGs is to dodge away and avoid them, which is why I’d consider getting an anti-dodge skill on all of them (diving tackle, tackle, prehensile tail, tentacles).

    • It could work, though I still prefer Pro, the fact you will Bonehead less combined with the better blocking ability it gives would get more use than diving tackle would. It’s not that often that players dodge away from them compared to the amount of times you will be blocking with them. It would combine well with Stand Firm though as you can’t be pushed away instead, not that it is easy for teams to do that considering the ST5 anyway.

  2. It it just me or are Ogres the least powerful of all Big Guys?

    Rat Ogres and Kroxigors come with Prehensile Tail, Minotaurs with Horns/Frenzy, Trolls have Throw Teammate, Treemen are that bit stronger, etc.

  3. Ogres have AV 9.
    So i would say Kroxigor is superior but not the others with AV 8.
    Really stupid and Take root are bad bad bad imo.

  4. Hey Coach,

    isn’t there an argument for giving an Ogre Frenzy on doubles? I mean I know you’re going to continue to get him into trouble 10% of the time on a two dice block, but if one of the arguments for Block is that you’ll get more knock-downs then surely that applies more so to Frenzy?

    I mean Block actually decreases in value over the course of a league as more players pick up Block/Wrestle. Whereas Frenzy can stack nicely with natural strength skills such as Break Tackle, Pilin-on and most of all Juggernaut.

    Also if you’re just going to use him as a road block then it only becomes a negative not to have block when you’re getting hit by stronger opponents. Whereas if you’re just going to park him then it doesn’t matter.

    I’d be interested to hear what you think, but sometimes I think internet forums seem to advise very cautious play without giving credit to the possibilities of slightly riskier tactics. I guess what I’m saying is it would have been nice if you’d given a non-road block option. 😀

  5. You could do that though Block lets you be more aggressive as it greatly lowers the risk of turnover. That is the more important factor in play for a Human Ogre rather than increased knockdowns. When you consider their Loner disability cutting out the easy option to reroll, Frenzy will just create more changes that they mess up, 1/9 chance perhaps twice each time you use them makes them far more unreliable than 10%. Sure they won’t always take two blocks if the first succeeds but you also have the ~17% chance they will fail Bonehead first as well. Not having Block also makes two dice against hits from weaker opponents more successful as well.

    Frenzy is a great skill to have, though I personally leave to a Human Blitzer who is far more mobile and more reliable. That is an acceptable slightly riskier tactic (imo) than Frenzy on an Ogre, especially as it requires a double skill choice.

  6. What about frenzy as a second doubles skill? I just had an ogre, with block, level and roll doubles. I opted for frenzy because I didn’t have it yet, also it seems rather useful. Opinions?

    • I’d say it would depend a lot on the other races you commonly face. It can be a great skill to take after Block, though if you are facing lots of strong, bash heavy teams he could be more prone to a turnover. Though even then if they try and isolate him you can look to push opposing players off the pitch, or with two potential hits cause more casualties. Other than Dodge or Tackle though I can’t think of much else that would be preferable to Frenzy.

  7. Hello Coach,

    I have been playing BloodBowl for almost a year now but very lightly, I do it mostly for the miniatures and consider myself a rookie coach for which I always find myself consulting this page about what moves to make, strategies to try and specially, ways to build my players.

    In my current league, which is the third I’ve played and longest so far (we expect to run it as long as we can) I found myself rolling incredibly well with my Ogre’s advancements, resulting in the best player I ever had or ever will, a +2 STR and Block Ogre that is simply dominating the bashing game, now I find myself trying to figure out how to get the most out of this literal juggernaut, in this advancement I rolled nicely (yet again) and can pick a skill from any group, this is giving me a headache, I know you recommend a roadblock Ogre but my team is already incredibly Guard-heavy, I’m using your builds for 4 All-Rounder Blitzers, 4 Mobile Tackle-Zone Catchers and 2 Ball-Carrier Passers, all of them with (now or in the future) Guard, Dodge and Block.

    So how do you think I should proceed with him? realistically I got 2 more skills to pick at most but let’s say he actually survives (and if he does I have no doubt I will eventually get there, the amount of injuries this guy causes is nuts), Jump Up and Pilling On? Break Tackle or Frenzy? I have been seriously temped by Multiple Block and I’d sincerely appreciate your opinion on this since I got no experience what so ever with it.

    Thank you very much for reading and if not much to ask I’d be real thankful of an answer before next Monday since I should have him ready for the game.

    • IMO I would say to take pro, it has the same success rate as using a team reroll on the ogre but doesn’t use up a reroll. Makes him more reliable and that is very good for loner big guys.

    • Break Tackle wins with such insane strength, there can be no other skill.

      Later :
      Side Step/Stand Firm are both amazing picks for such a player.
      Then we have Tackle, to murder Blodgers..

      • I wouldn’t take break tackle yet, he just rolled doubles so can take a non strength skill. I see no reason to waste the doubles in this situation.

    • Were I in your situation I would probably get Dodge or Pro, because Dodge obviously will help him stay up and further help with Break Tackle on next level (If you didn’t know ST7 BT can dodge into a cage on a 2+). Pro will also help with giving a chance at a free reroll at Bone-Head, so that’s worth a shot.
      I would not take Tackle because your Blitzers and maybe Linemen should have that, and not Jump Up because ST7 Block player doesn’t go down easily.
      Frenzy however could also be an interesting choice, so that might also want to be considered to help with the surfing game or with getting into cages without dodging, and ST7 won’t get enough assists to end in a 1DB from a bad frenzy.

    • Pro is definitely the way to go. You should expect to roll Bonehead about 3 times per match if you are moving the Ogre every turn (which you will be with such a strong piece). Since you will be puttting him in play every turn you want to minimize the possibility of losing this ST7 tackle zone.

  8. Thanks a lot guys, I really appreciate the quick and helpful answers.

    So if no one specially likes the idea of Multiple Block then it must be bad, what about Block/Pro/Break Tackle/Frenzy? the odds of actually getting Frenzy are minimal but I would bet this guy can get BT pretty quickly, Dodge seems kind of an overkill with 7STR BT since I don’t expect to use him to strip the ball away from inside a cage (my catchers are made for that), now this leaves me with a lack of many great skills, Tackle and Stand Firm between them, or even Dodge if only for the amazing synergy with Block and the bonus of being able to get pretty much anywhere.

  9. Meh, doubt I’ll ever see one of these guys hit 3 skills in table top.

    It’s a M5/St5 piece with MB and a nega-trait so you’re kinda bound to try and get him in the mix every turn *sigh*

    He’ll either deliver and thus get his name listed in every oppo’s book under “things to kill” (seems cool what with AV9 and Thick Skull but long term/luckwise attention equals annihilation) or he’ll be put on his ass and/or Bonehead 3 turns in a row all 160k’s worth.

    Except for Minotaurs and Yhetis it seems wise not to Blitz with the Big Guy.
    I know it doesn’t make sense because they are tauted as the heavy hitters. They are not.

    Human teams get to have 4 Blitzers. Getting a 2D block with Block shouldn’t be too hard. Take MB as a first skill-up. Just saying.

    Multi-Block takes a bit of a set-up IMO but the Big Guy goes last usually anyway so I see it as a likely second skill. Once you are getting the edge on the numbers of players fielded it’ll get easier.

    Then again I usually do not field the Ogre on defense.

    Every time I see Throw Team Mate I think of the odds on me ever spending gold on the Halfling Star Player.

    fwiw I’ll kick in with Al13n back from 2010 on the Snow Troll/Yheti.
    Frenzy, disturbing Presence, Claw. 1st non doubles: MB.
    Be afraid…


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