This skill is a Special Rule that is only available to specific Star Players. Please visit this page to find a list of current and past Blood Bowl Star Players.


Once per game, after making an Agility test to dodge, Gretchen may choose to modify the dice roll by adding her Strength characteristic to it.

Gretchen is widely regarded as not being that good compared to other options you can take. She already dodges on a 2+ and has the Dodge skill to reroll them. The most obvious play to make use of this would when attempting a cage dive into multiple tackle zones. She isn’t the best at blitzing a ball carrier, but just being there could be a nuisance with her combination of skills. As she doesn’t have Block you may just find the opposing team just knocks her over. Your hope here would be that Foul Appearance, Side Step and Dodge means she can soak up the actions of multiple opposing players before she goes down.

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