This skill is a Special Rule that is only available to specific Star Players. Please visit this page to find a list of current and past Blood Bowl Star Players.


Once per game, if an opposition player catches a Bomb thrown by Bomber, you can choose to have it explode immediately rather than rolling to see if the player can throw it again.

This is a really powerful once per game ability, on a player that doesn’t cost that much to hire. Typically most teams will have the ball on one of their most agile and also hardest to knock down players. Throw the bomb at them and if they catch it then you can just immediately take them down. The explosion will also have a chance to knock over any of their team mates next to them who were helping to protect the ball. You also get a Mighty Blow bonus on the armour or injury roll for all the players who go down.

If the opponent fails to catch it then they will blow up without you having to even use this ability! All being well after all this you can just use another player on your team to go and retrieve the loose ball! If you planned for it, then you can also use the Blitz action for that turn in case another opposing player caught it, or has their tackle zone on the ball.

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