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Blood Bowl Khemri Tomb Guardian

Khemri Tomb Guardians Overview:

The main advantage that Tomb Guardians have is that they are the strongest players in the game that have no negative traits. Unlike other players who are as strong or stronger than them, they don’t have Loner or suffer from losing their action or tackle zone. It is clear their very high strength is their main advantage and they also have high armour and Regeneration. Their downsides are that they are somewhat slow, have very low agility, fairly expensive and they also suffer from Decay. Their last real downside is that they don’t have normal access to general skills, so getting Block is a lottery and can make them unreliable.

Tomb Guardians are really good at two main things, being road blocks and hitting opponents. Their high strength makes them very hard to hit, especially as you can get four of them, while also being able to get favourable blocks on opponents. Tomb Guardians have changed slightly from previous editions, they now have an extra square of movement which can come in very handy. They don’t have to go for it in order to blitz an adjacent opponent from being prone any more. It also gives them greater range of mobility on the pitch which helps with advancing a cage.

Gaining the movement though came at the expense of losing Mighty Blow. That means they are slower at development and don’t cause as much damage from the start as before. Tomb Guardians also gained Decay to combat the difficulty of facing four highly developed ones working in tandem. Fortunately they have Regeneration though and a successful roll means you can ignore both injuries from Decay. It isn’t a massive problem to deal with either, with them being ST5 and having high armour, even knocking them over can be taxing, let along breaking the armour and inflicting injury.

To deal with the fact they don’t have access to general skills, which makes them somewhat unreliable (though they can freely use team rerolls), there are a number of things you can do. The main thing I would look for is to try and set up three dice blocks with them. Against ST2 they don’t need any help, but against ST3 if you can get two assists then you get the third block die. Not only will it make them more reliable due to a lower chance of turnover, but it also increases the odds of a knock down, helping both their development and also getting a numerical advantage. As the team becomes more developed, more of your team mates are going to have Block. At this time, you should look to use the Tomb Guardians later in the turn as the Block players are less likely to turnover. It might deprive them of some blocks, but if that is the case, they should then be free to move instead which can be just as useful.

Road Block Tomb Guardian:

Tomb Guardians are likely to spend a lot of time in the tackle zones of opposing players, so maximising their potential to keep those opponents occupied, or even better hurt them, is to your benefit. Start off with Mighty Blow, it will help get more SPP to combat their slow development (they won’t be getting many touchdowns or completions) and also to remove opponents off the pitch. Getting the number advantage makes advancing a cage much easier, especially for a slow and clumsy team like Khemri.

Next I would either go for Guard or Stand Firm. Guard will help maximise the amount of three dice blocks you can get with your Tomb Guardians, to minimise the lack of general skill access and therefore block, to make them more reliable. It will also help get two dice blocks for your lower strength team mates and help protect you ball carrier. Stand Firm stops opposing teams from just pushing them out of the way and means you can get more blocks in with them. It can also be great for forcing a ball carrier to dodge and generally slowing the advance of a cage.

Grab is also a great skill for a Tomb Guardian and you could well consider it as an earlier choice as well. It helps keep opposing players tied up, especially useful if you are marking more than one opponent. The fact you can keep them in base contact easier also means that they can block as often as possible. Grab can also help with setting up chain blocks, crowd pushes and also cancels out Side Step which is helpful if you need to try and get rid of a marker on one of your team mates. After that I would get Break Tackle to help against them getting marked out the game, sometimes it is best to try and move the ball forwards and not take a block. It is no good hitting and killing an opponent if you are then too far from the end zone to score, or you end up losing the ball cause you couldn’t move to protect it.

For doubles it is hard to look past anything other than Block. It will make them much more reliable and you can safely take two dice blocks with them earlier in a turn, than trying to engineer three dice blocks all the time. If you are lucky you can get Block on all of them which is a great boost to the team. For stat increases, strength throws up an intereseting proposition as you could get ST6, though it is also a double roll and I think that Block may be more beneficial. With four ST5 players on the team already and Guard access on them, there shouldn’t be much call for needing ST6, though obviously it is great fun to have! An agility increase is pretty much a total waste, while movement will be far more useful than armour, so that is an easy choice.

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11 thoughts on “Khemri Tomb Guardians”

  1. Giving them MB as first skill seems smart yet boring, as it doesn’t allow you to do anything new. I’m more tempted to rather jump directly to Guard+Break Tackle, for mobility and keeping the rest of the team covered. I’d rather make my Blitz-Ras into the killers, as you do say – it’s important for the Tomb Guardians to stay standing.

  2. It might be “boring” but it’s still very effective.  Since you’re only getting SPP for kills, taking Mighty Blow gets you them faster, which leads to quicker access to more skills (including Guard and Break Tackle).

  3. You say that they are the only ST5 player with no negative traits (not counting Decay) in the game?
    “The main advantage that Tomb Guardians have is that they are the strongest players in the game that have no negative traits. Unlike other players who are as strong or stronger than them, they don’t have Loner or suffer from losing their action or tackle zone.”
    How about them Undead mummies then? Only one less MA, no Decay and Mighty Blow as a staring skill. You do get four TG’s and they cost less, though.

    • I see them comparable to Mummies, they used to be exactly the same players, so you are right they aren’t the only one, but it doesn’t make much difference.

  4. Any thoughts on the reasoning behind the LRB6 changes made to the Khemri’s Tomb Guardians, née Mummies? As you say, they make perfect roadblock/hitters, so the addition of extra move feels a little superfluous and mighty blow is a tough loss. I can see your reasoning for the addition of decay, but it strikes me that a lot of teams can attain a squad of near-unstoppable players over a long enough league (Sauri, Chaos Warriors or Black Orcs to name a few).

  5. Khemri’s casualty rate as a starting team was by far much higher than any other race. So Mighty Blow was removed and they got extra movement to compensate. There was also a more popular alternative with Break Tackle to start with as well, though this was the version that was approved.

    I personally don’t think the Khermi should have been added at all anyway, if people wanted an variant of the old Skeleton team, then they could have done that with the Undead roster. That is a separate issue though, if you want to discuss that please go to the forum as this is about Tomb Guardians!

  6. One thing that is positive about the change is how much easier it is to start with 4 Mummies. Getting 20k cheaper means you save 80k over the course of buying all 4. Between that and not needing fan factor it gives you an extra reroll.

    My main idea with them is to try and keep them on their feet as much as possible. Leave riskier plays like PO to the Blitzra – play them safe and immensely difficult to be in the way. Going from two assists for a two die block to needing 3 assists means it is very difficult to get them out of the way. Especially once you pick up Stand Firm. Just watch out for Mighty Blow/Pile On Dauntless Blitzers, like Trollslayers or some Norse Runners!

  7. I think that having two with break takle as first skill is much more useful than four mighty, so I normally skill them up one break takle, one mighty blow, one break takle, one mighty, then the break takle ones get guard …(so I can move them along where they suport is needed). If one gets block of course he gets mighty next if he had it not already

  8. I take guard first on each and every guardian (when not rolling doubles). Mighty Blow comes second. Guard is vital to get the skellies useful. In my opinion Khemri should be played by having 4 pairs (1guardian + a skellie) roam the field. By getting the guardians guard, your team outstrengths every other team. Since strength is your ONLY advantage, you have to make sure you stay strongest (I even gave 2 skeletons guard on doubles too. I now have 6 guards, and feel like I need them)

  9. I might well go for +AV on a developed TG. You reduce the risk of a standard roll breaking armor by 50% and that is important when you have Decay and can’t use an apo. It takes a long time to level a TG back up again.

    In general I find it odd that so many keep their -1MV players, but kick the -1AV guys, whilst at the same time picking +1 MV all of the time on a 10.


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