Lizardman Saurus

Blood Bowl Lizardman Saurus
Lizardman Saurus Overview:

Saurus are the fastest ST4 players in the game which combines with the Skinks speed to make them one of the faster teams in the game. With the low strength and fragile nature of their team mates Saurus give the team some backbone, of high strength and armour. Without Saurus the team would really struggle with any kind of hitting game or survivability.

The main drawbacks of Saurus though is that they have very low agility so have trouble with dodging or any kind of ball handling and they also have no starting skills which can make them unreliable. Both of these factors also add up to making them really slow to develop as well, relying on casualties for their main supply of SPP and starting without block can lead to frustration. You can counter this somewhat by starting with the maximum allowed on a starting team in order to maximise their chances to get a MVP. Any that do have an MVP and are still just on 5 SPP you will want to use them to block with as much as possible until you get that extra point needed for their first skill. The further developed the team gets the more important it is to try and keep the Saurus skilled up as well, so be prepared to burn a reroll and get those blocks in.

One way to get extra SPP on Saurus players is to give them the ball when you get a touchback. As you don’t have to worry about doing a pick up roll and they have ST4 and are fairly quick (for a strong player), they can make it down the pitch with some careful placement of your players. You do have to be careful about getting them tied up though as they really don’t like dodging so try and avoid this (may take some practice). You may also perhaps try handing off to a Saurus if you have the ball somewhat secure near the other teams end zone (especially if you are already in the lead by two touchdowns and dropping it won’t cause you to mess up the win). With AG1 catching a handoff is a 5+ which will work 33.3% of the time, or if you have a reroll it will succeed 55.6% of the time. That isn’t terrible odds to get 3SPP on your Saurus if failing it means you still win, especially if you have another chance next turn to try and pick it up (either with the Saurus or with a Skink).

General Saurus:
  • Normal: Block, Guard, Mighty Blow/Stand Firm/Break Tackle/Tackle
  • Doubles: Dodge/Side Step/Diving Tackle
  • Stat Increase: +ST, +MV/+AV

There are quite a few ways to develop a Saurus, though generally you will want to give them Block as their first increase on nearly every single one. This will no only cause less turnovers and reroll use, but will help them develop faster by getting more knock downs. I would certainly consider ignoring doubles for the first skill roll as well to get them Block, they don’t really need any doubles as there are so many useful skills they can take normally anyway. Guard comes up next to help against the the other strong races, it can also help in getting blocks that your ST2 Skinks could do as well. A line of ST4 Guard players is trouble for any team as no other race has the ability to take six ST4 players (though Ogres can have six ST5 players, they have their own issues). After that Mighty Blow could come next but there are plenty of options. Stand Firm will combine really well with ST4 and Guard, especially if you can get them into a cage. Break Tackle is needed to stop the other team easily tying them all up, even better if the Saurus already has Dodge. Tackle as well could be helpful on at least one to help against Dodge players and teams. Mix all these up to suit your team and the skills you have already, ie Break Tackle is probably needed if you don’t have one already at this point.

For doubles, Dodge is a common choice, with all your Skinks having Dodge you don’t have to worry about Tackle players targeting them, it will keep them on their feet more and give you the obvious option if you do have to dodge with a Saurus. Side Step is handy as well though you can get Stand Firm on normal rolls, or Diving Tackle, though you should have some Skinks with this, so Dodge is perhaps the best bet, or ignore it and stick with normal skills. +ST is obviously a great stat increase and should be taken whenever you roll it, +AG is pretty much a waste unless you want to try and build a scoring Saurus for character. +MV is preferable to +AV most the time as you already have AV9. I’d skip both as a first skill and lean towards +AV later if the player is in a clearly defined blocking only role.

Blitzing Saurus:
  • Normal: Break Tackle, Wrestle, Tackle, Frenzy, Stand Firm
  • Doubles: Dodge
  • Stat Increase: +ST +MV

To make up for the fact you can’t dodge with Saurus and Skinks are rather weak you could do with a strong player who can also dodge. I’d build at least three with Block first before starting on this guy but this build will come in really helpful. Break Tackle first so you have at least one who can dodge himself free, good coaches will make sure your Saurus are tied up otherwise and still will even if you have Break Tackle. If this happens you are in trouble if you have no Break Tackle. Wrestle comes next as it is most useful for knocking players over, though you could take Block if you prefer (every team should strive to get a Wrestle player in my opinion though). Tackle next up as ball carriers can often have Dodge, you also need to take Tackle somewhere on your team or you can really struggle against certain opposition. Frenzy is probably good after that, by this point ball carriers with have Sure Hands so Strip Ball isn’t probably that useful any more. With ST4 Frenzy won’t be as problematical as it is with weaker players and the extra block could make the difference to getting that knock down or not (with a reroll in hand you are odds on to get players over). Stand Firm is probably best next in case you end up next to the side line after Frenzying an opposing player into the crowd. It will also mean you can’t be pushed away from a ball carrier if you don’t knock them over after hitting them.

Doubles really points to Dodge as the only option as even with Break Tackle you can still roll a 1 and it will save rerolls as this player will be doing dodges. +ST is great for obvious reasons and +MV increases their range even more though I wouldn’t take it first skill, perhaps not even second (especially in short leagues).

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17 thoughts on “Lizardman Saurus”

  1. On your killer saurus, doubles can be used for jump up if you’d like.
    Even with agility 1 it means a 4+ to be able to stand up and block without using your blitz.
    If you’re planning on using piling on consistently, this is definately worth it.

  2. Just a thought:  what do you think about getting Block – Grab on several Saurii?
    A find it a decent alternative, being based on only 2 skills (good for the slow progressing Saurii), and allowing all kinds of nastiness including opening holes in the defense, breaking open cages, and especially freeing up other Saurii so that they can move/blitz without having to rush Break Tackle on top of their other skills.

  3. For my Lizardmen team my goal is to have:
    2 X Line of scrimmage Saurii:

    Normal: Block, Guard, Mighty Blow/Stand Firm/Break Tackle/Tackle
    Doubles: Dodge
    Stat Increase: +ST +MV

    2 X Winger Saurii: (crowd pushers)

    Normal: Block, Break Tackle, Frenzy
    Doubles: Dodge/Side Step
    Stat Increase: +ST +MV

    1x Ball carrier:

    Normal: Block, Break Tackle, guard, tackle
    Doubles: Dodge/Side Step
    Stat Increase: +ST +MV

    1x Ball carrier guard:

    Normal: Block, Break Tackle, Guard, tackle
    Doubles: Dodge, Side Step
    Stat Increase: +ST +MV

  4. Good article.   But you might want to review your claims of Saurus being the fastest S4 and Lizardmen being the only team with six s4 players in light of Chaos Dwarves and Vampires.

    • Centaurs are only faster if you count in sprint and doing go for its, as an advocate of minimising those they are the same speed. There are also only two of them which makes them much easier to tie up, 6x MV6 is faster than 2x MV6 with Sprint.

      Vampires play totally differently from all the other ST4 players who all on the whole tend to be used much in the same capacity, so while you are technically correct I don’t class them in the same player type, which is what I was comparing them against.

  5. @Popper
    For the crowd pushing saurus I would recommend Stand Firm as a third skill above all. Otherwise you are in grave danger of getting pushed out yourself. Even better would be Side Step of course, though that takes doubles. I was lucky and got it on one auf my Saurus. Would take that before Dodge anytime again. Especially as a Saurus can’t really use the re-roll except in combination with break tackle. That is of course also a great skill to have, but on players with Frenzy I find Stand Firm far more important. And you won’t have more than two of them anyway, so your other players can still get break tackle.

  6. Grab is certainly useful to have on a saurus. Combined with stand firm it can make for excellent flank-holders. There are obviously many MANY different ways to develop your sauruses. There are hundreds of ways of developing your six sauruses, and each one has interesting pros and cons.

    Also – You’ve missed out the rather interesting ball carrying saurus. While skinks are the obvious choice for ball handling if you roll +AG early on in a sauruses development they can turn into quite reasonable ball handlers.

    I’d suggest:
    Block, +AG, Sure Hands, Break Tackle, Fend.

    Doubles: Dodge
    Stats: +ST/+AG.

    Obviously this is a lot less good if you don’t roll +AG, but it’s still an option.

    I’m going to refer people to the excellent lizardmen LRB 6 playbook by Garuib if anybody wants any further reading:

  7. Has anybody tried shadowing on Saurus? Seems like there one of the only players who can really cause some havoc with it.

    Plus, just think of all the jurassic park jokes you can make with shadowing Dinosaurs.

  8. i find it odd wahy there are barely any lizardman passing guides, i made one of my sasurus a passer and some of my skinks able to catach and it worked out fine

    • That would be because passing is generally a risky ploy even with AG4 players. When you try to do it with AG1 players who start with no skills and need doubles to get passing ones, it generally isn’t the most effective route to take.

      Feel free to document your team and experiences with it on the forum though, I’m sure there will be interest in reading about it.

  9. I got a -1 ST injury for one of my Saurus with Block, Guard, Tackle skills 🙁

    This is a good-skilled player with Str 3 now…

    What is your advice keep or throw out?


    • I guess it depends on if you find him useful or not. Generally for these specific type of questions a lot of it comes down to what the rest of the team looks like and what races you are playing against. The best thing to do would be to create a thread on a forum posting your entire team roster and listing the other races in your league.

  10. I know this is depend on the team members skills but what do you think generally about it?

    I think-

    Pro: 3 useful skills

    Con: player with ST 3 is bad for a Lizard team efficiency


    • If it isn’t a clear cut choice to get rid of a player with an injury then I would keep them on the team and see how useful they are during a game. Usually though it is clear to me when I want to get rid of a player. Think about how you use him and if he can still do that job with the strength decrease, if you don’t think he can then I would get rid of him.

      I would have thought the strength decrease wouldn’t hurt a Lizardman team much as you will typically have 6x ST4+ players in addition to the injured one. There will be the odd occasion where you will wish he still did have ST4 but depending on his role on your team you may often have assists in place anyway.

  11. what you think about Kick as 2nd or 3rd skill for an Utility Saurus?

    Love this skill, but didn’t think it’s worth a double on a Skink.


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