Nurgle Rotters

Blood Bowl Nurgle Rotter

Nurgle Rotters Overview:

Nurgle Rotters are the very definition of a fodder player. They are cheap and don’t live very long and this combination means they are usually used in a way that exacerbates this. For the money though they are pretty good value, they are slow but have average strength, agility and armour. They have Nurgle’s Rot, so you may get a free Rotter of they kill an opponent. Their biggest downfall though is that they have Decay. Suffering a double injury any time they get hurt accelerates their impending death, or crippling injury. Nurgle teams can’t hire an Apothecary which also doesn’t help and unlike all their team mates, they don’t have Regeneration to rely on. As usual for a Chaotic player, they get normal access to mutations as well as general skills.

This means that Nurgle Rotters don’t usually develop a great deal and you will be lucky if any make it to getting three skills. They do make very good throw away players though as you expect them to die, so it isn’t really a big loss when they do. Rotters will often be used for sitting on the Line of Scrimmage and marking nasty opponents. Despite having Decay an opponent does still need to break armour and actually injure them for it to have any affect. They have a higher armour value than every other player who is as cheap as them apart from Zombies.

Whilst I am comparing them to other cheap Linemen from other teams you can see their apparent value . Looking at the Zombie again, for the same cost they are faster and more agile, so they can be used to ball handle if needed and perform the odd dodge in a more reliable manner. This can make them fare more useful and versatile during a game, it is just when they get hurt their disadvantage comes into play. A Rotter then can perform much more like a more expensive Lineman from that regard, the price difference from those teams is that the Rotter is slower than them. Given that a lot of the time they aren’t moving anyway, that price saving is actually quite useful. Give them some mutations and they can even outperform more expensive counterparts.

A quick point before you read through the development guides and that is I wouldn’t really expect your Rotters to get many skills. Most will probably peak at only one skill, a few may reach two and an exceptionally fortunate one could theoretically get three skills! There will be a lot though that don’t get any skills at all. So despite these outlined builds, there are a lot of coaches who like to plan their skill choices and development far into the future. For a Rotter that is just a waste of your time and I thought it worth mentioning now.

Kicker Nurgle Rotter:

As usual for a Lineman type, building a kicker can be a useful tool to have at your disposal. Nurgle aren’t a very prolific scoring team though, so kicking off might not happen a great deal and they are also a bit on the slow side to take great advantage. Due to this a Kick player perhaps isn’t as vital as it is for a lot of teams. Skipping one wouldn’t be a disaster but I still find one useful on any team, perhaps develop one later if one lives longer than expected. If you do get one and they progress beyond getting Kick, then Block next for protection and to make them a bit more useful on defence. Fend would be my third skill choice if they make it this far.

For doubles I would take Dodge for protection, though Guard could be an option as well. A stat increase in the first skill would mean a change of career away from a kicker. I wouldn’t turn down a strength increase, it helps against the other bashing teams and can give them a greater life expectancy. An agility increase gives you a nice ball handling option and can free up a Pestigor to a different development path. I’m torn between movement and armour with both having their plus points. Nurgle are a slow team so some extra range can come in useful, though an armour increase to nine will really help avoid Decay becoming a factor.

Ball Retrieving Nurgle Rotter:

If you get an agility increase on the first skill then I would consider this as a development path. Use them to collect the ball from kick off and either hold onto it, or give it to your Pestigor carrier (Extra Arms on the Pestigor would be helpful). Either go for Sure Hands next if you want to conserve rerolls and also face a lot of Strip Ball, or get Kick Off Return for some extra initial range and sometimes a free catch roll. If you do manage to get beyond then, either from scoring or just completions (which may take a while) then I would get Block and follow it up further with Fend. Chances are your Rotter will likely die far before this point.

For doubles if you are using them as a ball carrier then I would go for Dodge for protection and to help get away from opponents. If you just use him to collect the ball and get it to a Pestigor, then Pass could always be an option, or maybe one of the other passing skills if you prefer. I would only really try this over a Hand Off if failing it won’t leave the ball exposed. A strength increase would come in very handy for a strong and agile ball carrier to sit in a cage or behind a screen. Movement generally is more useful for a ball carrier / handling player than armour is.

9 thoughts on “Nurgle Rotters”

  1. Foul Appearance! It’s like giving all his team bonehead when it comes to blocking. 😀 And the more of it you have the better it is. Fend is probably better for keeping them alive though in some ways.

  2. Good point, I forgot to mention Foul Appearance, thankfully though most of them will die before anyone gets a chance to give them a skill so no one will notice my oversight!

  3. With a quite fresh team I would also think about Leader at a Double.
    Nurgle Teams are quite expensive so I´m happy to have a RR more until I have earned some money.
    But be sure people are going to hunt this player so he will be dead soner or later.

    Hopefully he dies later when you earned enough money to get some more Teamrerolls.

  4. What about just going Block+Claw? I mean, sure there a huge target, but if you just kill everything in sight, they should be alright.

    $0.02 of an inexperienced Nurgler

  5. Rotters are for marking targets. Full stop. That said, do not invest heavily in them because they will just die, which is their job. Avoid stat increases on them since they raise your TV more than necessary. In fact, a 4tv Rotter is about as perfect as they can get for their job. If you insist on keeping them when they skill up, they are good for a couple of jobs:

    -Kicker: The article mentions this and I agree with this one point
    -Fouling: trading a rotter for a good position player is worth it. It’s easier to do when you’re a dirty player
    -Leader: Leader is amazing when your Re-rolls cost 140k and 7tv. You don’t really want to waste a double on another position, so throw it on a Rotter.
    -Marking: The real job of Rotters. They are even more suited to this when they have Prehensile Tail. You don’t take tail to cause failed dodges (but you’ll get some of those anyway), you take it to prevent the marked target from even trying to dodge. Sure, the rotter gets hit more, but that is its job.

  6. I believe nurgle teams should be HEAVILY concentrated on INFLICTING DAMAGE. Trying to get a team like this to dodge or develop a passing game is just a recipe for disaster as they are simply not designed for it and as you reach higher team value you will be up against alot of guard,mightyblow and claw. I would focus on getting all of these early on instead of weakening your team by concentrating on block,dodge or some kind of a passing game. However increasing movement allowance would be nice.

  7. Couldn’t agree more about taking Leader on a double skill roll.

    I prefer taking Wrestle on regular rolls: by the time these cheap, expendable guys hit 6SPP, all the cool kids in the opposing teams ‘ll be Blodging or Fend-Side Stepping or other Elvish nonsense.

    It helps set up Fouls, costs the opponent Movement (main stat in the game IMHO) just to get up and it might even every once in a while help to get the ball loose.

    They are living on borrowed time though in an otherwise tough-as-nails team so good luck reaching 16SPP with them.

    I treat them like Goblins on an Orc team. That Ag4 dude? Cool but he’ll be gone next match.
    From a failed GFI.

  8. It perplexes me a bit when people bring up “They’re fragile.” as a reason not to take stat increases on a Rotter. When a regular player takes an injury, he’s out for the match. Same deal for the Rotter. Their Decay skill doesn’t matter during the match, only after. A Str 4 Rotter is cheaper than pretty much any other Str 4 player you can get, and he’s really only paying for it with 1 MA. Yeah, he’ll die eventually, but at that point he takes his TV with him, so who cares? While he’s around he easily carries his weight.

    You could point out lack of Apothecary as a slight downside compared to others, but even with Apoth there’s a good chance of an injured player being out for the match, so again, more of a strategic concern than a tactical one. Slight disadvantage that they make up for with their cost easily.

    Agi 4 I’d have to think harder about, those are the guys that often end up scoring in a pinch, and I’d rather have the goals on my other guys.

    • I am playing online with an AG 4 Rotter and LOVE IT! With only 2 Pestigors, The AG+ Rotter can take care of the ball which frees up the Pesties to roam around blitzing. Once you establish control, handing off to Pestigors to punch it in is an option.

      I think the crux of your argument (which I agree with) is take the boost when you get it, use it as long as you can, but expect that it could be gone.


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