TV1000 Necromantic Starting Roster

Necromantic Starting Roster Overview:

When it comes to starting a Necromantic team you really have to to sacrifice something. Despite having some cheap players in the form of Zombies, half the players are expensive and your rerolls are also very costly. The prices of the players have changed a bit from edition to edition of the rules and the current ones do you the least favours. As starting teams go Necromantic teams are one of the tougher ones for the first few games which isn’t helped by the lack of core starting skills. You have to leave something out so it is down to you what you feel you will miss out on the least.

Max Agility TV1000 Necromantic Starting Roster:

QuantityPlayer / ItemCost

This roster leaves out your strongest players in the form of Flesh Golems but it enables you to start with all your agility three players and three rerolls. You have both possible players who start with Block and both that start with Dodge so that is all of your possible core skills to start with. This roster gives you the most flexibility with regards to mobility and ball handling as the higher agility players are also your fastest.

Starting with three rerolls can also save you money in the longer run as they double up to a massive 140k after team creation. As that is more expensive than any of your players I like to get them in at the start. The rerolls help with the lack of core skills and can aid SPP generation to help develop your players. This roster also starts with only five Zombies while other alternatives tend to have six and Zombies aren’t the most flexible of players!

The downside to it though is that you start without some of the strength and higher armour the Flesh Golems provide. They are also slow to skill up so they are missing out on possible MVP awards in those early games while you are saving up for them. The 30k left over is best saved towards one, or possibly replacing one of your injured positionals that you start with.

All Regen TV1000 Necromantic Starting Roster:

QuantityPlayer / ItemCost
2Flesh Golems220k

If you drop a reroll then you can start with all you four most expensive players, taking both Flesh Golems instead of the two Ghouls. This means your whole team has Regeneration now as well which can be helpful. Losing a reroll can make things difficult and you also lose some speed and the Dodge skill. Ghouls are often targets though due to their lack of Regeneration and low armour, so you eliminate that but this could put more heat on your Werewolves instead. You only have 20k left over with this roster that you will probably want to save up for that third reroll first, though saving for a Ghoul is cheaper and getting to twelve players quickly can also win you games. If you get a free Zombie by killing an opponent though then perhaps go for the reroll next.

This roster also has a variation where you drop one of the Wights for a Zombie and use the change with the spare cash to get a third reroll from the start for the cost of a full 1 Million.

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24 Responses to TV1000 Necromantic Starting Roster

  1. d_fly December 17, 2010 at 1:18 am #

    I’ve used the last roster (2 golems, 2 wights, 1 WW, 6 zombies, 3 RR), and like it a lot. As Coach mentioned, it lets you concentrate on skilling (via TD’s) a smaller group of players in your 1 WW and 2 wights. Also, the longer you have the golems, the more chances for CAS’s and MVP’s they get. Also, with so few starting skills on the team as a whole, particularly of the avoiding RR’s kind (block/dodge/sure hands), the 3 RR’s is just about required.

  2. Pottsy December 17, 2010 at 2:43 am #

    I started with the Full Positionals line-up. First game I played with them I lost both ghouls. One was killed outright and the other I had to let go (lost 1 Strength from an injury). I’d recommend the All Regen line-up for any players used to a block heavy team like Dwarves or Orcs.

  3. Juriel December 17, 2010 at 5:42 am #

    The Necro start is full of compromise, but I think going without ghouls is short-sighted. If something happens to your werewolf, you’re left with a team that is slower than a dwarf team, which none of the skills.

    Wights are awesome, but they cannot save the gameplan by themselves, especially against an elf team who you cannot reach.

    So my favored start is…
    6 Zombies 240
    2 Wights 180
    1 Golem 110
    1 Werewolf 120
    2 Ghouls 140
    3 rerolls 210

    Not starting with the second Golem hurts, but you need the speed and rerolls without any skills. I also prefer starting with 12 players if I can, because someone always gets KOed (and if not, you can always foul at the end of the first half with the extra player).

  4. Rusty December 17, 2010 at 12:01 pm #

    An awkward team to start off with indeed. I’ve used the following to decent effect:

    2 Flesh Golems
    2 Wights
    1 Werewolf
    1 Ghoul
    5 Zombies
    3 RR
    20k in the bank

    with the second Werewolf being the first purchase, with a dose of luck you can afford him after two games.

  5. Runi December 17, 2010 at 12:08 pm #

    I like Rusty’s setup best. I haven’t played Necromantic so far but when I was thinking about it, this was the roster I preferred. The reason is that Werewolves and Ghouls will probably skill very fast, so you can get them later, as long as you start with one of each. Also, Ghouls don’t really need so many skills to do their job well.

  6. Gerard December 17, 2010 at 10:53 pm #

    I use Rusty’s set up too. 3 rerolls are a must!

  7. RedDevilCG December 18, 2010 at 2:11 am #

    Yes, 3 rerolls are a must! I usually uses Coaches last team with no ghouls and 1 werewolf, with another werewolf as first purchase. After that a 4th reroll, then the ghouls. Getting 2 wights and 2 flesh golems is a must in my opinion (for MVP on the FGs, and block on the wights), and if you don’t take a werewolf, then why are you playing necro?

    Rusty’s setup seams pretty good too, and I have to give that one a try. I usually make ghouls my last purchase though. Werewolves are the reason you play. If you like ghouls then play undead. 😉

  8. Panda with issues... December 20, 2010 at 11:11 am #

    I too favour rusty’s lineup.

    I feel it’s the best balance between strength, mobility and rerolls, Surprised it wasn’t in the original list.

    It’s playing very well in the league I’m in at the moment. 2 wins, and a tough loss against another necro team.

  9. Narly Bird December 23, 2010 at 3:12 am #

    I also go with Rusty’s setup in both mm and the OCC league. It works really well, as Gollums are so slow to skill (but become really good once they do) that you want to start with both. Having 1 wolf for blitzing and the ghoul as the ball carrier just seems to be the natural thing to do.

  10. Darken-Rahl February 2, 2011 at 6:34 pm #

    I’ve started Necro teams a couple of different ways and the best that I’ve found for me is very similar to what Rusty came up with. In my opinion starting 2 FG and 2 Wights is a must. The wights for Block and the Flesh Golems because they skill up more slowly and get MUCH better with each skill. You just have to have one werewolf or why are you playing Necro? and one ghoul makes a perfect default ball carrier…

    If I dont’ get a free zombie my first game, I will buy one right away just to get up to 12 players. Then I save up for a 2nd werewolf or 2nd ghoul depending on what suits me at the time.

    I really like how the team develops this way.

  11. anklegrip March 8, 2011 at 7:47 pm #

    My team is
    6 zombies
    and 3 RR

    Zombies to stand and get hit wight to pick the ball FG to add a bit of muscle and the werewolves to get skilled up ASAP. Can see why the other lineups also work but this one I have found to be the most effective to start a team as ghouls cost half a reroll and are only there to pick up the ball and are EASILY injured.

  12. Alex82 April 26, 2011 at 10:27 pm #

    Depending on your league I found the following an interesting set up

    2 Werewolves
    2 Ghouls
    1 Wight
    1 Flesh Golem
    5 Zombies
    3 RR

    Purchase the 2nd Wight followed by the 2nd Flesh Golem (by which point hopefully 1st FG would have gained a skill or 2)

  13. Lod1926 May 5, 2011 at 2:45 am #

    Alex82 I use the same set up as you also and have found it to be very workable. Having the 4 fastest players right off has been very valuable along with keeping the 3 RR. I usually purchase the 2nd wight before the golem for costs reasons as both level slow with little to no ball handling anyway.

  14. Varcolac September 27, 2011 at 9:44 pm #

    Thanks for posting about the 3 rerolls. Felt like I had been slamming my team into a brick wall and been blaming it on less than optimal roster choices for (player choice wise) but never considered that 1 more RR or how much of a survivability increase that could be.

    Past weekend, used Rusty’s roster and found it to be very effective. While I would prefer to have a pair of ghouls or WWs to move the ball or snag runners; I found their loss allowed me to better protect the ones I had and concentrate on maximizing their SPs up and getting them a level in the first game. I do consider 2 wights and 2 golems to be a must.

  15. JumperBane November 6, 2011 at 12:31 am #

    I allways just drop 1 werewolf as u can only blitz once a turn anyway, this allows you to have the ghouls which add your crucial ball acarriers to the game, and both flesh golems which because of their stand firm can be match winners from the off.

    2 wight
    2 flesh
    1 werewolf
    2 ghoul
    4 zombies
    2 rerolls

    And I know this probaly sounds crazy but I actually use all the spare cash to buy fan factor 4 more. When you go reroll light you will probably gain an extra reroll per match by having the FAME. As soon as you can though get another reroll, then the second werewolf. ball handling skills for ghouls as prior, gaurd for wights and block for everyone as first choices as it should be for virtually any player that can get it.

  16. Az March 29, 2012 at 4:41 pm #

    I am playing necromantic in a league. My first season I started with a full roster. Which on one hand is great as each player had skilled by the second season but it was a rocky start. With only 1 reroll and a low to average agility and with no starting access to ball skills they simply won’t score enough to win easily. However what it does offer is 2 ghoul ball carriers with 2 wolves as back up if they go down. wights make great starting players starting with block and with access to strength skills. Flesh golems are a must in my opinion as they are ur only higher strength players and as previously mentioned they take some time to skill up. Also depending on ur play style stand firm is amazing. Zombies are good for 1 thing… Cannon fodder sit them in front of the bigger opposition to tie them down and let them get hit. The rerolls will come eventually. I am in my second season 6 games in and sit unbeaten my current team is a full roster plus 1 reserve zombie and 4 rerolls. It took a whole season to get there but the point is this team is a long slog. It’s not worth playing for 1 season takes too much work for that. And because it takes a while to work them up I still say start with a full team. All of the players have a role that cannot be filled by other possitionals. and all apart from the wights are quite a pain to start with.

  17. Anders Sand May 11, 2012 at 7:36 am #

    I’m a rookie bloodbowler signing up for tt league play. After (admittedly, limited) testing in one-off tt games and league online play, I’m starting to feel that on both offense an defense ghouls don’t contribute nearly as much as two Ww. Getting both Ww from start also helps them getting them block faster.

    So, my line up would be 2 Ww, 2 wights, 1 FG, 6 zombies, and 2 rerolls. That leaves 90k. I simply cannot figure out if I should get the third reroll or upgrade a zombie to FG. I can see strong arguments for both options, I’m leaning towards the FG though. Could any veteran convince me?

  18. Scott May 13, 2012 at 6:32 am #

    WWs skills up really easily, as do Ghouls, and a newbie is easy to protect as the ball carrier.

    So, I would argue you need 2 wights, 2 FGs, and 3 RRs. So that leaves either Rusty’s setup or the six zombie setup.

  19. The Doc June 28, 2012 at 10:52 am #

    Take the 2 WW, 2 wight, 2 golums, 5 Zombies, 2 RR build. Reasons being

    (1) the Wolves will ball carry just as well as the ghouls and have 1 more armour and movement making them more useful. You’d screen the ghouls off so it’s the same tactics with the wolves. Also hitting twice per turn with 2 frenzy players with no block will increase your turn overs. Score 2 TDs get block and the wolves are better players for it.

    (2) You need block on this team so Wights are essential.

    (3) Golums take time to build up so get them from the start.

    (4) You’ll learn to live with 2 RRs and it’ll make you a better player.

    This team builds nicely and you’ll get enough gold for a ghoul quicker than you will a wolf. Then buy a 3rd RR and you are set. I used this set up and never looked back.

  20. Brett February 14, 2013 at 9:46 am #

    I think there is another roster worth considering
    2 Flesh Golems
    2 Wights
    1 Ghoul
    1 Werewolf
    3 Rerolls

    It spends all your starting money, which I think is elegant. It’s almost identical to the max regen build; in fact, i doubt you’ll notice the difference. You just go with one WW instead of 2, leaving you enough money for an extra re-roll. It’s a good blend of power and speed for a team that is a good blend of power and speed. 2 frenzy players without block are difficult to handle anyway. Teams that don’t have the basic skills in large quantity NEED 3 re-rolls

  21. Grey July 9, 2014 at 10:05 pm #

    I went with your 6 zombie lineup Coach but grabbed some Fans also. Lost vs Orcs, Khorne, some Lizards and Orcs again. Managed a couple of TD, with MVP’s, a few injuries so some SSP and some cash. Final game a Wight died, he regened to a concussion: -1 AV. Big hit to take on a Wight, so I’ll fire him when I can afford another: instead I bought a second Wolf and a zombie so I can get some fouls in: it payed off, today played against Norsemen: won my first game! 1-0, killed a runner so: Free zombie! This team is really making me happy, win or lose, and as it stands currently BOTH my wolves and 2 zombies all got Block, so the frontline is strong and the blitzes becoming very useful. Thanks again for this website, it really helps me getting a team shape into my head. This was my first Necro team.

  22. Madzie June 23, 2017 at 10:30 pm #

    I started with

    3 RR
    2 flesh golems
    2 werewolfs
    1 blitzer
    6 zombies

    this is a good start, and the first player to get is another wight and then the ghouls, and guard as the first thing on the blitzers

  23. From the Shire June 23, 2017 at 11:55 pm #

    I tried the Doc’s and it works well!

  24. busbee October 24, 2017 at 9:23 am #

    I went with a variant on coach’s first roster, taking
    2 werewolves
    2 wights
    1 ghoul
    6 zombies
    3 RR

    this setup puts me allows me to save a bit of cash early on, sometimes you can get a bloodweiser babe with the petty cash in the first match which can make a big difference. additionally it puts you much closer to getting your first flesh golem and if your ghoul goes down, wights and werewolves can still handle the ball ok

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