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Blood Bowl Undead Wight
Undead Wight Overview:

Wights have changed quite a few times over the years, sometimes having four sometimes only two and with and without strength skill access. The current rules allow you to take two and they also have normal access to strength skills. It is the last part that will perhaps dictate how you decide to utilise them in your team. As they also have AG3 and MV6 they can be quite versatile and built to do a few different roles. Initially on a starting team they will be mainly used traditionally as blitzers as they are the only players on the teams starting with Block. As the team develops though this role may change. As Ghouls are faster and have Dodge they will take over the more mobile blitzing opportunity, especially for sacking ball carriers by taking Wrestle, which would be a bit wasted on a player who already has Block. Wights don’t really have a major drawback though and the only real criticism would be that they are average stat wise but this suits the team well.

Perhaps the best way to utilise them is to help out with the hitting side of the game. As the only other players on the team with strength access normally are the two Mummies, they could do with some assistance. As Wights have better armour than Ghouls and also Regeneration they are far better suited to mixing it up and can also pack more punch.

All Rounder Wight:
  • Normal: Guard, Mighty Blow, Tackle/Grab/Stand Firm/Juggernaut/Piling On/Fend
  • Doubles: Dodge, Side Step
  • Stat Increase: +ST +AG +MV

As the Jack of All Trades kind of player on the team there are quite a few options as far as skill choices go, though the first one should pretty much most of the time be Guard. Undead need to take it to be able to cage the ball well and also help out on defence. It also makes it easier to get two assists for your Mummies so they are rolling three dice blocks instead of two which negates their lack of Block. After that I would take Mighty Blow next, gives the team a bit more bite and removing players from the pitch will help you out and also develop them quicker, there is a case for taking Tackle here though in Dodge heavy environments.

Those are really the key skills for Wights in my eyes, further development would depend on how your team looks, how aggressive you are with them and how you tend to use them in a game. Tackle is helpful if you don’t have much, Grab can make moving a cage easier and set up crowd pushes. Stand Firm combines well with Guard and can be great for closing running lanes for both offence and defence. Juggernaut is good if you blitz with them a lot and target low armoured Wrestle players. Piling On can be great for getting more injuries, though I prefer to keep them on their feet and Fend could also be an option late on.

Doubles would look towards Dodge, as Ghouls have it as well you don’t need to worry about being targeted specifically by Tackle opponents and it obviously helps with mobility and protection. Side Step is also a useful skill if you are in a Tackle heavy league and don’t want Dodge, though I wouldn’t take it if you already have Stand Firm. +ST should never be turned down, same with +AG. For +MV or +AV I would lean towards +MV as their mobility and speed would be more useful and you have other players who should be taking hits on the LOS and from tying up Big Guys.

Undead Wight Summary:

There can be a case to building your Wights as dedicated killer blitzer builds as well. Though with the lack of players on the team with strength skill access and the fact that a caging style suits them best, I feel they suit the team best if you keep them more flexible and build Guard first. The above build should still provide you with some bite and if you want to go the killer route I would also look to add Frenzy in as a skill option as well. I’ve not included it as with the teams overall lack of Guard it could get you in trouble and it causes positional issues, which I would rather not have to deal with with this player type.

10 thoughts on “Undead Wights”

  1. Thrower Wight:
    * Normal: Sure Hands, Strong Arm, Kick off Return, Fend
    * Doubles: Accurate, Dodge/Pass
    * Stat Increase: +ST +AG +MV

    A great alternative role for a wight is to develop him as a sturdy thrower if you want to persue a passing game.
    The wight starts with block, and with sure hands early, this makes him a reliable ball carrier and potential thrower with strong arm. Early development I would use to pick up the ball and score some touchdowns himself. Once he develops Strong Arm he can easily be used as thrower if you keep some spare re-rolls handy.
    This can obviously become a real centerpiece player for your team, so in later development you will be pleased with the 8AV and Block, giving him some longer survivabillity.

  2. I don’t personally like building for the passing game with Undead, they are really well suited to the running game. With only two Wights, making one a Thrower will really hamper the running game. Especially if you then build a couple of Ghouls as Catchers, they should be scoring enough already without giving them more dedicated scoring skills.

    That isn’t to say that you can’t play an Undead team in this way if you wanted too! So thanks for pointing those options out, was obviously too stuck in my ways when writing these ones.

  3. I definitely tend to just use my wights as all-purpose annoyances. When defending they tend to be used to try and keep pressure on the ball carrier (or help break up a cage) and on offense they’re a good way to tie up some would-be pursuers if you’ve been forced to make a dash for the goal line and aren’t in the safety of a nice, healthy cage.

  4. Is there a difference in how you’d develop Necromancer Wights? Also, what is the logic in pricing Wights – aren’t they 10.000 GP too expensive? (If Regenerate is considered worth 20.000GP) Thanks, Coach.

    • As you asked the same thing with the Ghouls, much the same with the Wights I go the same route. Regarding the pricing, not all the players prices make sense as a straight player vs player comparison. The prices are balanced to the race and there are plenty of other examples between races if you check which looks like one is overpriced compared to the same player type on another race.

  5. Coach, You’ve stated that the Undead is best suited to the running game. Couldn’t they be suited to the “bashing” game as well?
    Two ST5 players (Mummies) plus two ST3 players with access to ST skills (Wights) and most of the team have Regen.
    My undead team (Cyanide version) employs both techniques really well. (More running than bashing, of course)
    In some games I’ve KO’d or Injured (or killed) half (or more) of their team. Which, in turn, helped me to score even more.
    What’s your opinion on this?

  6. I have a pretty nwe team, just a mummie with guard. Now i got an AG4 Wight. What would you do with such an early +AG on a wight? Opinions please

  7. For individual players on specific teams you are better off asking on the forum, especially as these articles are aimed to be generic.

    You can also go into more in depth discussions and will get more responses. Make sure to include what environment you are playing in, including what other races you are playing against. Also the more info you can give about the state of your team the better. If you want to build more to face a specific opponent that is useful info as well, such as your main rival for the top of your league and include info about his team build too.


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