Wood Elf Catchers

Defensive Wood Elf Catcher:
  • Normal: Block, Side Step, Diving Tackle, Shadowing, Pass Block / Tackle / Dauntless
  • Doubles: Guard
  • Stat Increase: +ST +AG

This is a pretty standard defensive build, starting with Block for protection and to let you get in some hits if you have the assists handy. Side Step for staying out of trouble and sticking next to players you are marking. Diving Tackle to keep the target there as well, Shadowing goes hand in hand with this role as well. Pass Block is useful to have, especially as you get a catch reroll on interception attempts. You can either go into the open for a 5+ attempt, which with Catch should work 55.5% of the time! Alternatively you can use it to put an extra tackle zone on the intended receiver. Other later skills to consider are Tackle and Dauntless with much the same application as before.

Doubles I would still go for Guard, having a mobile assist who is both hard to knock down and push away is going to be very helpful. Stat increases follow the same logic as before. These guys can not only mark opposing receivers really well, but are great help for slowing cages down as well.

One Turn Scoring Wood Elf Catcher:
  • Normal: Sure Feet, Side Step, Leap,  Block
  • Doubles: Nerves of Steel
  • Stat Increase: +MA +AG

I’m against developing players into one turn scorers as their overall assistance to the team is rather limited and that team value is better applied else where in my opinion. They can also become a crutch that you rely on instead of aiming to improve your overall play. With the changes to the Wood Elf Catcher it has also become harder to build a player who can just run the entire length of the pitch. It was much easier before to get +MA and then just take Sprint. Now you start with Sprint and so now you need to get +MA twice. If you are going to try this you will probably be best advised to wait until one of your Catchers gets +MA as their first skill increase. Until they get their second increase (if ever) you just need to chain push them one square forward to be in range, or be fortunate enough to get a quick snap result on the kick off.

After the movement increase you will be best advised to get Sure Feet next to get the rerolls on the go for its. Side Step next, this will make chain pushing them forward easier. After that Leap will cut out dodges you have to make past a defensive line. Past that there aren’t really any extra skills that are going to help you out, so I would probably go for Block to help keep him alive.

Doubles Nerves of Steel is the most useful as it makes it far easier to get the ball to him. Stat increases obvious +MA mandatory (twice obviously is golden for this build). +AG will make catching the ball easier in tackle zones and dodging through a defence easier (it will replace somewhat the need for both Nerves of Steel and Leap).

Wood Elf Catcher Summary:

Those are the main roles I see for Wood Elf Catchers and you can tailor the skill choices more to your regular opponents and what the rest of the team looks like. You can be really aggressive with your Catchers despite their low strength and armour (though watch out for Tackle players). Wood Elf players aren’t the cheapest to replace, so if money is short you might want to be somewhat careful with them. Though Catchers do skill up very quickly due to their fantastic ability to score. The Blitzing builds can be used to free up the others when offence and the Defensive builds are hard to mark well when you are on offences too. Any time you get the ball free, if you can get it to a Catcher they will be off down the pitch to safety, often far enough that the other team can’t recover. Learn to use them as more than just pure catching and scoring machines and your team will be much harder to play against.

14 thoughts on “Wood Elf Catchers”

  1. Blitzing catchers?  Wow… I’m left almost speechless, but using them in such a way and tying them up in physical brawls with enemy players seems like a perfect way to get them killed plus with a two STR assuming they can get assists assumes you have other players where your catcher *ought* to be… in the backfield.  And *why* would your other wood elves be back there in the first place playing a physical hitting game against anyone but gobbos or halflings or skaven?  Beats me.
    Plus the entire concept seems to completely negate their reason to exist- catch balls and run for scores and get positioned to catch a ball so they can run for a score.  And uh… oh yeah run for score.
    The other thing that they are good for is scaring the other player.  One Catcher in the back field can tie up at least two enemy players, sometimes three if they fear your passing play enough, meanwhile you play a running game with less physical fight at the other side of the field.  This type of catcher isn’t suited as a blizter, as the point is to dodge and play keep away and never let him have a hand (get in block) on you unless the enemy coach wastes a blitz .  In my Wood Elf games I aim to receive one maybe two hits per turn at most, otherwise the economics of injuries catches up to you.
    Oh and taking “Guard” with elves?  Wow… I don’t know what to say but it seems like you’re trying to make up for their weaknesses instead of seriously strengthening their already considerable strengths so you get a really dynamic team instead of an average or weak physical team- which will take many injuries and cost the coach a lot of gold…
    Just my 2 cents.

  2. Blitzing with them isn’t the same as getting stuck in a brawl with them. I don’t recommend doing that at all.

    You take Guard because your players are mobile and you can use them to cancel out assists and get them yourself when you want to blitz the opponents ball carrier. Having Guard also helps slow down their cage as you can hit their players back if they move up to contact with you. This halts their progress and also can get one of their players off the pitch now and again. Dodging away all the time does work but you are more likely to fail a dodge than you are a two dice block. Dodging away also lets them move forward again the following turn.

    Looking at it another way, what would you take instead? What plan do you have to halt cages and also get the ball off the other team if they are caged up? Leap and Strip Ball fails far too often for my liking and gets your Wardancer killed. You can already score easily without taking extra skills to help with that. A rookie Catcher can already tie up a couple of their players.

    I guess you have yet to play against a team built up in this manner, but I assure you it works.

  3. I want to defend 1 turn scoring elf build, I think, that in fact, it is nearly to crucial to have one, at least for not so experienced coaches like me. I don’t think, that his usage in team is limited. Let’s see:
    1) It is the best protection against stalling. We kick first, and if everything goes wrong and an opponent stalls until 8 turn, we can still score with a decent chance.
    2) Another use is to either present a constant menace of scoring, simply standing in the middle of the field, or pressing the enemy ball handler deep in their territory.
    3)  He attracts a lot of attantion and most of the blitzes, which leaves other your players lightly guarded. The most fun part is that a blodger is hard to go down.
    4) Due to high speed he can cover large distances, either to outrun the enemies or to make a sudden blitz, or to serve as safety.
    I play Cyanide game and my 1TTDM elf saved my ass several times, including matches against chaos with tentacles and dwarves with their usual stuff like tackle and MB.

  4. Well, obviously, this is all true to LRB 5 Wood Elves, as they are nerfed in CRP. I should have posted this in Gutter Runner page, but you get the point of the advantages of having a 1 turn scorer.

  5. @Dearmad
    Scoring with wood elves is very easy, since every elf is a scoring threat. This makes putting offensive skills on already awesome catchers seem less-than-smart. “Catching” catchers will be nothing more than targets while you are on defense. When considering most wood elf teams can/will score in 2 turns, this usually leaves you on defense for most of the game. Meaning the more options you have to get the ball back into the hands of your 11 scoring threats, the better chances you have of winning.
    You said yourself that  just 1 catcher is needed to “scare” the other team, possibly tying up 3 opposing players (maybe against new coaches…). You have failed to recognize that you can have 4 catchers on your team, so in reality having both builds is completely viable.
    Some coaches get hung up on the name of the player, instead of realizing it is just a game-piece with stats on it.  A potential ball-stripper/blitzer with 9 movement is quite useful, even with the name “catcher.” Especially when paired with a go-anywhere 9MV teammate w/guard. If you don’t see the benefit of this, you must be new to the game, or play in a very inexperienced league.
    Consider yourself lucky that Coach even dignified your post with a response…

  6. I agree with Zambarzo & Coach. I have played all of the Elves and the only problem I have EVER had scoring is whether I want to score in 2 turns or run out the clock (and usually get beat up in the process with the latter). So, it is true that against bashing/caging teams, I usually spend 2 turns on offense and the rest of the game on defense trying to get the ball back. So, having a good defense is critical!! And that includes Wrestle/Tackle/Strip Ballers (balls on the ground are music to an Elf’s ears) & Guard & Dauntless players, etc.

  7. I know this topic is of an older date, but still. I have played the woodelf team for some years, and the guard skill on catchers are most important. All the guard a woodelf team can get is vital. And guard on a catcher with MA 8 and the ability to dodge from birth makes them perfekt to get that skill. I like a playing style I call “hit and run”. So if a catcher can dodge out of trouble himself AND help a teammate (or two) get 2 dices so they can block their way out of trouble is even better. Ofcourse this must be in situations where the catcher stands unmarked after helping his friends stopping the potential cage forming in front of them.
    However I don’t like the idea of giving the catcher wrestle because I want them standing up when starting my turn. A wrestle skill can result in a foul if the catcher get 3-4-5 skills-ups. I don’t want that happening to my playing piece. One of you said it’s just a playingpiece, and you are right, but nobody want a potential starplayer lying on the grund ready for a boot.

  8. Coach is right Dearmad, they are brilliant Blitzers. The only think missing from any of these builds is Surehands. the first catcher I build is block then Surehands. This is so I have a dedicated player for retrieving balls in tackle zones. Even when the ball is in 3 tackle zones having Surehands on one of your catchers gives him a 55% chance of succesfully picking the ball up, then they can dodge away and hand off to another player, or just run to cover.

  9. I built a blitzing catcher recently, right now he has Wrestle, Dauntless and Tackle, and he is by far my favourite player on the team. He works wonders in tandem with especially my Guard Wardancer, knocking the ball loose against almost any opposition all the time. Awesome stuff here, Coach!

  10. I really have the compulsion to give these fellows sure feet. Not for one turn touchdown purposes, but because I don’t like sprint at all and I feel any player with it really needs sure feet to make something of it. And even then I’d probably only think of getting it for desperation plays. Although I probably still wouldn’t because while such plays can work I don’t want to build players with them in mind.

    It’s silly, I know, but just having sprint on these guys seems like such a waste.

  11. I played them with dauntless in a tournament and ended up taking second! So many times I hear “It doesn’t matter where I put the ball carrier, you can get to them easily.” I like building them as interceptors, yes they can catch and score, but only if they have a chance to get the ball. On defense that can be a little tricky.

  12. hi.

    You build tour defensive catcher with block – side step – diving tackle.
    Don’t you think another option (that by the way make the catcher a defensive AND offensive catcher) could be block – side step – DAUNTLESS (which you give only to your blitzer catcher without side step before level 5) ?

    If you have 2 more side step blodger (wardancer or other catchers), it’s easy to make a wall with only 3 guys. He will have to blitz one of the blodger side step, and if he don’t POW them (maybe he will have tackle…), with side step your catcher can force him to make this choice :
    1- follow, but with no help (the wall is still here), and at your turn you just have to come with one fellow and use dauntless to block 2 dices
    2- don’t follow, so next turn he will only have 1 blitz to try to injure you, but not to go ahead for the moment (you still have your 3 side step for the wall)

  13. Why do you use catchers as pseudo blitzers? Line men are cheaper and stronger. They only have one movement less and although they don’t start with dodge, they don’t need to take dauntless.

    • Dodge makes them far more manoeuvrable, especially early on, though by all means use whatever works for you. Personally I wouldn’t ever play Wood Elves if I could avoid doing so as they are my least favoured team. High Elves are my Elven team of choice.


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