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Blood Bowl Amazon Thrower
Amazon Thrower Overview:

With each position on the Amazon team having a somewhat easily definable role within the team, the Throwers are the de-facto ball carriers. While Blitzers start with Block + Dodge making them good at it, their skill access means you need their talents else where. Throwers also have the advantage of access to passing skills so you can have options to pass the ball if your cage gets held up.

Their weaknesses are typical of an Amazon player in that they aren’t particularly fast and have average agility. Their low armour can also mean they are somewhat fragile if knocked over. They can however get the Block and Dodge combo really easily and when sat in a cage they shouldn’t hopefully get knocked over too often.

Beyond this there isn’t too much in way of discussion to be had for them, the team as a whole isn’t suited to a long passing game due to their average agility. It is an option if you really wanted though probably isn’t the most effective way of playing the team. The usual passing skills taking preference over a ball carrier build and the Catchers taking Diving Catch.

Ball Carrier Amazon Thrower:

Depending on your the opposing teams you are liking facing most of the time you will want to start with Block, it lets them hit and also keeps them upright when holding the ball more. If you think you will be facing Strip Ball you may want to take Sure Hands first to counter it. The pick up reroll can be handy, though an Amazon team often will have plenty of team rerolls. Fend is handy for protection and also to help avoid some dodges as even with Dodge, AG3 isn’t overly reliable. Beyond that passing skills are the way to head, Accurate is probably the most useful one to take first. Nerves of Steel lets you pass out even when swarmed by the opposition and you can’t get away. It will also let you mark an opposing player and still pass the ball which can be useful. Safe Throw could be a good alternative to help avoid fumbles on longer throws and to help against interceptions.

For doubles the usual options for ball carriers either Side Step or Sure Feet. A strength increase makes them much harder to hit and gives them team some more muscle. An agility increase is golden on a player who is handling the ball a lot. Movement would also be better than armour to give more range for both running to score and cutting down passing ranges.

Long Passing Thrower:

If you do want to build a Thrower for the long passing game then the usual passing skills apply. Sure Hands to pick the ball up though you could skip it and take it later. If you are staying out of blitzing range then Strip Ball shouldn’t be a problem. Accurate makes throwing easier, Safe Throw to avoid fumbles and interceptions and Nerves of Steel of the same reasons as before.

Doubles change for this build, taking Strong Arm to get more reliable long range passing going. Sure Feet will also give more range, especially when out of team rerolls. A strength increase while great doesn’t add much to this particular player, though an agility or movement increase have the same benefits as the ball carrier build.

Amazon Thrower Summary:

The roles of Throwers on the team are pretty well defined, I would build both as ball carriers so you have some redundancy. Also having two players on defence who can go in and try and get the ball means it is more likely to that one will be in a good position to do so. The ball carrier build plays better into the strengths of the Amazon team’s most effective play style. You could develop one into more of a cross over player, perhaps skipping Fend and going to the passing skills after Block and Sure Hands.

5 thoughts on “Amazon Throwers”

  1. hey there coach..

    would you consider kick-off return as a second skill after block.. i’m not fan of sure hands due to the redundancy of 4 rr my team has.. i also have a catcher with AG+ and wonder whether it’d be better to use her for picking and carrying the ball, in which case i need to think of a other role for my thrower..

  2. With only movement of 6 I prefer to leave 2 players deep to cover picking the ball up rather than taking Kick Off Return. Maybe this is because it’s something I’ve always done due to playing a long time before the skill was added to the game. Though I do think it is good practice to have some cover back in case of a blitz on the kick off table as well.

    I wouldn’t pass up on Sure Hands on the whole team due to the threat of Strip Ball. Also Amazons aren’t the strongest team or the most agile so those team rerolls can be eaten up quickly through blocking, dodging and doing go for its.

    Any AG4 player on the team certainly would make a great ball carrier though. I’d leave both her and the Thrower deep personally and go with Sure Hands. Amazons typically play a grinding game so if things go well you would only be using Kick Off Return once a game anyway… At the end of the day though it is your team so feel free to try out what you think may work well, not everyone plays the same way.

  3. Coach, what would you say about making the second thrower a defence specialist by giving her HMP? This would mainly be a tool against the slower teams. You could then declare a pass at the end of your turn, try to pick up a contested ball and if that works out, chuck it somewhere you control or simply very far back.

    Good skills to combine it with would be Kick, Sure Hands and Wrestle. You might also give one of the catchers Diving Catch. After all, it is also useful for getting completions.

    • I’ve never really been keen on it though I understand the logic, unfortunately it tends to be so situational you are giving up team value for something you don’t really use that often.

      If you care more about fun rather than creating the most optimised team possible then give it a go. There will always be freak circumstances that get you ridiculously unlikely touchdowns if you’ve got those tools.

  4. For me, once your first thrower has Sure Hands, Amazons are just as good as any other AG3 team at the passing game; if you look at them against Humans, they’ve got all the same skills and the catchers give up extra movement in exchange for higher strength, the argument for which can go either way.

    What I’m trying to do with my team is to build a normal passer (Sure Hands, Accurate, Strong Arm on doubles etc) and then the second into a catcher/runner build, giving her Block and Sure Hands so she can run into the opponent’s half early on to look for a loose ball but, on doubles, take Catch so she is as just as good as my catchers at receiving the ball. This (theoretically) should also allow you to flood their backfield with blitzers and catchers, have your Thrower with catch just inside their half and be able to receive a pass one turn and cage up, then make a decision about running the cage up the field or move out for a quick or short pass to a catcher.

    For me, this gives you more options than just caging/running the ball and gives your opponent something to think about.

    The drawbacks I can see are are relying on a double skill on a specific player in order to be able to use this play regularly and, if the opponent can take out or negate this second thrower, you’re back to square one, but I’d appreciate any other comments.


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