LRB5 Changes and Differences


The changes to the rules that are in LRB5 are perhaps the largest rule changes that have occurred for a while. However I would like to point out that the basic level of game play is mostly unchanged. Some coaches have been moaning a lot about it saying it drastically changes the game, though from a game to game level this isn’t true. Sure there may be some changes in strategy dealing with team development and dealing with some of the new skills during a game. These changes though will not mean learning how to play a whole new game, so bear that in mind when reading through the differences.

Please refer to the rulebook for exact changes and explanation. Comment with any questions or anything I may have missed.

The Changes and Differences:
  • Team Value (TV) Replaces Team Ratings (TR)
  • Skills & Stat Increases all have a value
  • SPP/5 no longer count towards your TV
  • Treasury doesn’t count towards TV
  • MNG players don’t count towards TV
  • Retiring players no longer gets a free Assistant Coach
  • Assistant Coaches and Cheerleaders are more useful
  • Fan Factor (FF) no longer has such a great bearing on winnings
  • FAME is introduced (affects winnings and Kick Off table
  • Can start with FF0
  • Ageing has gone
  • High Value teams have to pay Spiralling Expenses after each game
  • Teams get free Journymen players if they can’t field 11 players for a game
  • Apothecary now works on crowd pushes
  • Apothecary is not as reliable
  • Apothecary doesn’t keep players on the pitch (they go to reserves)
  • Players can get a maximum 6 skills instead of 7
  • Kick off table has been modified
  • All stats have a maximum value of 10
  • You can pick +AV on a skill roll of a 10
  • Niggles give +1 to injury rolls instead of missing games.
  • All dice modifiers stack up
  • IGMEOY has gone
  • Foulers get sent off on a double for either armour or injury rolls
  • Foulers don’t get +1 for fouling
  • Traits have gone
  • Inducements have replaced the handicap table
  • New Star Players
  • Existing Star Players have had price increases and some lost skills
  • Spikes skill has gone
  • Mutations all changed
  • Razor Sharp claws has gone
  • All Stars, Big Guys gain Loner skill
  • Big Guys can use Rerolls
  • Secret Weapons automatically sent off after one drive
  • Master Chef not as effective
New Skills:
  • Wrestle (Gen)
  • Juggernaut (St)
  • Loner (Ex)
  • Fend (Gen)
  • Grab (St)
  • Kick Off Return (Gen)
  • Sneaky Git (Ag)
  • Stab (Ex)
  • Decay (Ex)
  • Disturbing Presence (Mu)
  • Titchy (Ex)
  • Nurgle’s Rot (Ex)
Changed Skills:
  • Piling On
  • Frenzy
  • Dirty Player
  • Dauntless
  • Strong Arm
  • Claw
  • Stand Firm
  • Jump Up
  • Horns
  • Big Hand
  • Two Heads
  • Two Arms
  • Horns
  • Foul Appearance
  • Very Long Legs
  • Leader
  • Multiple Block
  • Hypnotic Gaze
  • Thick Skull
  • Safe Throw

5 thoughts on “LRB5 Changes and Differences”

  1. I think this is an absolutely wonderful breakdown of the differences. Helped me a lot. Thanks for the great article! I’m looking forward to seeing how this affects general game-play. Grab, Juggernaut, Fend and Wrestle are surely gonna create a whole new scrimmage dynamics…

  2. Its a pity master chef got the shaft, halflings really needed it, I’d be much happier if they could buy one permanently rather than per game 🙁


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