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LRB5 Changes and Differences

Roster Changes:
  • Amazon reroll now 50k
  • Chaos can take mutations on normal skill rolls
  • Chaos Reroll now 60k
  • Chaos lose Troll and Ogre
  • Chaos Dwarf Blockers can take mutations on double skill rolls
  • Chaos Dwarfs lose Trolls
  • Dark Elves lose their Throwers
  • Dark Elves gain Assassins
  • Dark Elves gain Runners
  • Dwarfs gain on roster Deathroller
  • Goblins gain on roster Bombardier, Pogoer, Looney and Fanatic
  • High Elf Throwers gain Safe Throw and now 90k
  • Khemri and Undead Mummies lose Gen skill access on normal skill rolls
  • Thro-Ras gain MV6
  • Necromantic and Undead Zombies price increase to 40k
  • Necromantic and Undead Wights gain ST access
  • Nevcromantic Werewolves lose Catch gain Regen
  • Norse Blitzers changed to Berserkers and only 0-2
  • Norse gain Ulfwereners
  • Norse gain Runners
  • Norse gain Snow Troll
  • Norse lose Catchers
  • Nurgle Rotters change back to Warrirors gain Nurgles Rot and Dist. P.
  • Nurgle Beastmen change to Pestigors 0-4 80k gain Regen and Nurgles Rot
  • Nurgle gain new Rotters 0-16 40k Decay and Nurgles Rot
  • Ogres get 0-6 Ogres 140k
  • Ogres lose Goblins but gain Snotlings
  • Vampires can use Apothecaries
  • Bloodweiser Babes (easier KO rolls)
  • Additional Apothcary
  • Igor (Reroll one Regen roll)
  • Additional Rerolls
  • Wizards (spells changed slightly)
  • Bribes (for fouling or secret weapons)
  • Star Players (most are very expensive)
  • Master Chef (any team can hire)
  • Mercenaries (players for one game, can be given a skill)
  • Return of a similar Cards system from 3rd edition

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5 Responses to LRB5 Changes and Differences

  1. Niklas July 6, 2009 at 3:59 pm #

    I think this is an absolutely wonderful breakdown of the differences. Helped me a lot. Thanks for the great article! I’m looking forward to seeing how this affects general game-play. Grab, Juggernaut, Fend and Wrestle are surely gonna create a whole new scrimmage dynamics…

  2. BoBliness October 19, 2009 at 1:42 pm #

    Its a pity master chef got the shaft, halflings really needed it, I’d be much happier if they could buy one permanently rather than per game 🙁

  3. James_Probert November 5, 2009 at 9:30 pm #

    This is excellent, will you do a similar thing for LRB 6 when it comes out?

    • Coach November 5, 2009 at 9:41 pm #

      I was planning to do so yes, glad you found it helpful.

  4. Thanatos January 10, 2010 at 3:01 pm #

    LRB 6 is out.
    The only differences I have spotted are stunty and Wood Elf Catchers, must look further

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