Nurgle Pestigors

Ball Hunter Nurgle Pestigor:

Getting the ball off the other team, or having a good threat to do so is worth having. I would go for at least one or two with this build or a variation of it. Start with Wrestle to counter Block, Tackle to cancel Dodge. Strip Ball can be handy to have though the more Sure Hands opponents you face the less effective it is. Nurgle do have some great players at tying up opposition, so if you can pin down their ball carrier and force the ball into the hands of a non Sure Hands player, then you will be glad to have a Strip Ball option. Two Heads can make them more mobile to get to targets. Mighty Blow is useful for getting players off the pitch and also helps with gaining SPP. With a ball carrier build often scoring, getting more SPP from casualties can be a great help. There are a lot of late options to take so listing them all may not be helpful and as they get targeted they may not even live this long! I will point out the benefit of Extra Arms which may get overlooked. It can help with picking the ball up after you get it loose and offers you some receiving options on offence.

For doubles Dodge can help you get to targets and offers more protection. Side Step can help them mark a target should they fail to get the ball off them. With so many useful normal skills available to them though skipping the doubles is also an option. A strength increase is great for a Blitzer, especially with having Horns which means you blitz with ST5! An agility increase is also helpful to get to targets and also makes them a more viable option to pass or hand off the ball on offence. Movement can be handy for a slow team, if it if their first skill consider making them a ball carrier if you need it though. If not then early on you may be better skipping it for a skill, though late on it is certainly worth taking.

Killer Nurgle Pestigor :

With strength skill access and often blitzing, then building a killer can help the team. Start with Block to make them more reliable and keep them upright. Mighty Blow will help with development and also getting a numerical advantage. Claw can be helpful if facing lots of high armour teams. Piling On will also increase the damage potential and again keep the SPP ticking over. Juggernaut will let you target weaker Wrestle players and Frenzy combines well with it or by itself. Getting a second block will knock more players over, open up more space and also give more of a crowd pushing threat. Tackle can also be worth having if you have a lot of Dodge opposition.

You don’t really need to take doubles, there are still more useful normal skills to take that I’ve not listed. If you do want to take the double though then as usual Dodge is an option unless you are avoiding it. Jump Up can combine well with Piling On or Side Step is useful for setting up crowd pushes, moving next to juicer opponents and can prevent chain pushes. A strength increase makes getting favourable hits easier and I’d look to get Frenzy to go with it. Agility while not exactly a compliment other than being able to dodge to a different target (though opponents will probably look to avoid being in base contact with a killer) but being an offensive option is also worth taking. Movement is touch and go if it is more useful than another skill would be.

Support Nurgle Pestigor:

Another option is to develop a Pestigor in a more supportive and flexible role who can step up where needed if your primary choice for the job can’t get where they are needed. Start off with either Block or Wrestle, I think I’d go for Block personally as it works better with Guard and gives you a back up for the ball carrier (though a Wrestle player can do this as if you are blitzed by an opponent with Wrestle it doesn’t matter anyway). After that either Guard if you could do with some more due to facing a lot and perhaps because the Nurgle Warriors are slow to develop and don’t yet have it. Alternatively if your team is well developed or you aren’t struggling due to a lack of it, then Mighty Blow is a good option. As usual it can help with getting the numerical advantage and help get to the next skill quicker.

Your team may be light on Tackle and if facing lots of Dodge players then you could perhaps take it earlier (remember I said you need to be flexible with Pestigor development). Two Heads will let you manoeuvre easier which can be a weakness for Nurgle. Extra Arms gives you more offensive options or Fend can help with freeing them to move and offer more protection as Pestigors are targeted.

Doubles again are likely to be Dodge or Side Step, though I wouldn’t rule out Sure Feet either. Stat increase follow much the same logic as outlined for all the previous builds with strength, agility and movement all being useful choices.

Nurgle Pestigors Summary:

This was quite a tricky player to do an article for due to the amount of options they have and that there are so many variables you need to consider. Despite all those options for Nurgle Pestigors they still do really fall into the two roles of either ball carrier or a blitzer and depending on your skill choices perhaps even a bit of both. If you decide to go down the one specialist ball carrier route then do be aware of opportunities to hand the ball off for a team mate who needs the SPP to score. Often though you may be out of rerolls and taking the risk probably isn’t worth it compared to just scoring.

Nurgle teams are one of the races that can vary in development more from coach to coach, while other teams are somewhat straightforward to develop. Pestigors probably more than any other position, if you have tried a Nurgle team in a past I welcome your feedback in the Pestigor Development thread on the forum.

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  1. DM November 4, 2010 at 10:59 pm #

    Great article, I fully understand what you mean by it being difficult to summarize – there are so many options.
    I have all four of my Pestigors up over 31 SPPs now, and developed 1 into an out an out Blitzer (juggernaut, frenzy, Mighty Blow with Horns is evil), 2 into secondary blitzers and ball carriers ( 1 with +AG, Block, Mighty Blow, the other with Block, Tackle and Diving Catch) With hindsight I should have just taken extra arm here…
    My fourth Pestigor is a bit of an enigma. Injured and only Str 2 from a very early stage in his career. AT the time I didnt have the funds to buy another – so I kept him. Hes got Extra Arms, Pass and Strong Arm and coupled with the Diving Catch and +AG pestigor, I can score quicker than other slower teams. He has been on the ‘to sack’ list for a while admittedly, but he’s still scored twice, caused 3 casualties and made 17 completions in his time!

  2. Arctic July 10, 2011 at 11:12 am #

    I had written off Nurgle as an inflexible, uncompetetive team not suited to my style of play, until I saw them thrash my rising star High Elves. The coach warned me in turn one how dangerous they were, but I was confident I could stay out of his reach.
    I was wrong. With four killer Warriors, two killer Beastmen, two custom-built ball handling Beastmen (one for passing, the other for recieving) and 3 unskilled rotters, he created the most ruthless team I have yet seen. So I am emulating him.
    Most Nurgle teams are uncompetetive because they are weighed down with a 200k Beast and 250k worth of Rotters. But with four carefully created Pestigors- two for blitzing and two for ball handling- you have a team that score with ease and whose ability to murder is unparalleled.

  3. Arcane Azmadi April 15, 2012 at 9:58 am #

    Ever considered Foul Appearance as an option for a final skill? If you can get it onto practically your entire team, you’ll drive your opponents to distraction! Even with only the basic FA on my warriors and beast, I had one memorable game where my opponent rolled an UNCANNY number of 1s to the stage that he was failing roughly 1 in every 3 blocks!

  4. Coach April 15, 2012 at 12:03 pm #

    Before when Foul Appearance also included the benefits of Disturbing Presence as well I may have taken it as a later skill. However with the skill being split in half I don’t think it is worth a skill choice for a Pestigor.

    They are really big work horses for the team and generally while I would like it there are many other options that are going to be more useful.

  5. ItsMegatron August 17, 2013 at 7:14 am #

    Just had a pestigor reach lvl 5, and I’m thinking Stand Firm is the choice.

    Progression was to be balanced, but turned ball carrier with +Agility

    Block, Claw, +Agility

    My roll was normal, so can’t take Side Step. This would let me run the sidelines with the ball, or to stretch my reach on defense. The agility boost lets me skip extra arms and the like. Didn’t see SF in any build, but I’m liking it here. Rest of my team is fairly balanced except for a slow developing beast, so a ball hog is fine by me too.

    • Coach August 17, 2013 at 9:29 am #

      Picking skills on a developed team tends to come down a fair amount to what the rest of the team looks like. You will get better advice if you make a thread on the forum and post your entire roster. Also knowing what kind of league environment and what races your opponents use will help to make a decision.

      Even with AG4 I think there is a good case for Two Heads (can start dodging through tackle zones on a 2+) I’m not sold on how useful Stand Firm will be on a Ball Carrier compared to Two Heads for instance. It’s a skill I see more fitting for high strength hitting guys (especially with Guard) and crowd push builds with Frenzy and Juggernaut.

  6. ItsMegatron August 21, 2013 at 3:29 am #

    In a private league online, team’s 3rd season, entering the highest TV division next season, so they trend heavily toward bashy teams. Most teams tend to have at least one Frenzier, so just being able to set up closer to or on the sidelines with an agility 4 ball hawk sounds good to me. Plus, as I said running the sidelines with a half cage or alone forcing the occasional additional go for it to hit him is where I was thinking. That said, if I went with any other skill, Two Heads could be very useful. I am usually pretty conservative except for when I smell a ball dislodge, so don’t tend towards dodges. I could be totally wrong, but I went with Stand Firm, guess I’ll see how it goes.

  7. Tiamat September 15, 2015 at 5:49 pm #

    Hi Coach ! I’m skilling up my MV7 Pestigor and I just wanted to know your point of view about a very popular debate : Sure Hands vs Extra Arm.

    Here are the odds for an AG3 Pestigor (please, correct me if I am wrong) :
    Picking up the ball in 0 TZ : Sure Hands 88.89% vs Extra Arm 83.33% (97.22% with Reroll)
    Picking up the ball in 1 TZ : Sure Hands 75.00% vs Extra Arm 66.00% (88.89% with Reroll)
    Picking up the ball in 2 TZ : Sure Hands 55.55% vs Extra Arm 50.00% (75.00% with Reroll)
    Picking up the ball in 3 TZ : Sure Hands 30.56% vs Extra Arm 33.33% (55.55% with Reroll)

    Let’s say the situation is not critical. This means that in terms of picking up the ball, Sure Hands is at most 5.55% more efficient than Extra Arm. At this stage, Sure Hands and Extra Arm seem to be similar as I consider 5.55% to be negligeable to make a sharp choice between both skills. The main argument of people in favour of Sure Hands is : ” Save your Rerolls”. Does it mean that Extra Arm is Reroll consuming ? I don’t think so : it’s up to you to be disciplined enough and accept a failed test roll.
    My point is that the odds for picking up the ball with Extra Arm are close to the ones with Sure Hands but offer the option to use a Reroll in a critical situation. In the case you HAVE to pick up the ball and use a Reroll, odds are from about 19% to 25% higher in favour of Extra Arm which is, let’s admit I it, a convincing argument.
    Besides, Extra Arm can be used in situations like Catch or Interception and Sure Hands negate Strip Ball.

    My conclusion is that choosing either Sure Hands or Extra Arm depends on a few factors but picking up the ball is probably at the bottom of the list. Sure Hands should be only favoured in a Strip Ball heavy league. In any other case, Extra Arm is more useful because of its higher versatility.

    What are your thoughts ?

    • Coach September 15, 2015 at 5:57 pm #

      Personally I prefer taking Extra Arms for a few of reasons.

      Firstly you can combine it with a Team Reroll if you really need to a lot of the time (unless of course you used one that turn already or are out of them at this point).

      It is also more flexible given that you can use it on catch rolls as well (and on Interceptions if someone is silly enough to throw over players).

      Lastly you can take Sure Hands on nearly every player in the game, if you’re going to do that why play a team that can have Mutations!

  8. Yabby69 May 15, 2018 at 2:01 pm #

    Sure hands offers protection against Strip Ball though

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