TV1000 Dark Elf Starting Roster

This article was written for a previous version of the Blood Bowl rules and has some outdated information in it. You might still find it contains some useful information.

There is now an an updated Blood Bowl 2020 Second Season Dark Elf Starting Rosters article.


Dark Elf starting teams mainly have the decision on which positions to perhaps not start the team with at all. Their players are expensive but they are also good though a couple of them are also somewhat fragile. Thankfully their rerolls aren’t too expensive so spending more on better players to start means you don’t have to save up much more for an extra reroll later compared to the average cost of a new player. Previous editions of the rules saw Dark Elf teams starting with 11 Linemen so they could afford 3 rerolls and max out on the fan factor. Now no money needs to be spent on fan factor you can get the better starting positional players from the outset.

High Armour Dark Elf Starting Roster:
QuantityPlayer / ItemCost

This is the most often recommended starting roster for Dark Elves for a number of reasons. First of all you start with all four Blitzers getting some Block on the field straight away and they are also fairly fast and have AV8 rather than AV7. They are the key players for the team doing a lot of the heavy lifting and being flexible players. Dark Elves are the only Elven team that can have four blitzers so make the most of it and get them in at the start. Having a Runner from the start gives you that defensive problem (for the other team) of having to deal with Dump Off. Also with passing skill access you can perhaps get Leader early on to get an extra Reroll. The rest of the starting 11 is made up from Linemen to maximise the armour on the pitch to help negate early injuries. The AV7 of a Runner isn’t a problem as with only one on the team it shouldn’t be too tricky to protect him as you would do with any ball carrier. You could drop the Runner for an extra Lineman and save 10k for an apothecary, though a Dark Elf team with full positionals will only have space for 6 Lineman. Starting with 7 means eventually you will perhaps sack one or have to wait for one to get injured or die. It also means having to have an extra Lineman miniature or using a proxy in its place, though this is only an issue for tabletop players. This leaves you with enough money to get two rerolls and as mentioned a Dark Elf reroll doubled in cost isn’t much more than your average player cost.

Future purchases see you getting an Apothecary first as with nearly every other team. After that I would save up to get the Witch Elves, they are great players but their high cost makes fitting them into a starting team troublesome. If you haven’t taken Leader then you may want to get a third reroll between the Witch Elves. Lack of rerolls can be somewhat compensated by the skills you take on your players as well.

Witch Elf Dark Elf Starting Roster:
QuantityPlayer / ItemCost
1Witch Elf110k

A slight variation on the above roster giving you a Witch Elf to start with at the expense of a Runner and a Blitzer. The disadvantages are that you have one less Blitzer and therefore Block skill, though you may not really miss the Runner. You also have the 7 Linemen issue as mentioned before. The benefits though are that you get a player who starts with Dodge which may save rerolls and the threat of Frenzy can be great as well, especially near the side lines. You do have to be careful though, with no Block and AV7 coupled with the high cost and no Apothecary to start with, you can expect opposing teams to look at fouling at every opportunity.

Purchases are the Apothecary and then the last Blitzer and then either a third reroll or the other Blitzer. This will mean having no Runner for quite a while though but I can’t see me preferring buying one over the other options, perhaps another reason to start with one as in the first example.

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43 thoughts on “TV1000 Dark Elf Starting Roster”

  1. I’m using another starting Roster:
    1 runner, 6 linemen, 1 assassin, 1 WE, 2 Blitzers, 2 re-rolls.

    I have play tested almost everything when it comes to dark Elves and believe me this roster has been the one with the best resaults. It is a bit risky with 3 AV 7 players and no apo, but he is usually the first to buy.

    With this team I have all I need to actually win a bashing game. Stab the low AV opponents. The witch to push opponents off the field, 2 blitzers for their Block, and the runner to handle the ball.

    it works!

  2. That is exactly the same starting Roster i want to use for our next saison.
    The other Teams are Goblins, Skaven, Lizardmen, Undead and Khemri. Beside the Khemri´s i think i there will be enough fodder for the Assassin.

  3. Ei Coach, i have just started with the following roster:

    2 runners
    3 blitzers
    6 linelfs

    2 rr

    basically swapping a blitzer for the second runner.
    As soon as i can/must sack a lineman to get the 4th blitzer.
    Finding this to work nicely for me, using the two runners as dumbp off specialist i really gave my DEs a boost in offence, where i was struggling a bit.


    • Not sure why you would need to sack a Lineman in order to get the last Blitzer. Personally I prefer to have the other Blitzer over a second Runner, the extra armour and Block skill is more useful in my eyes. Being that all elves are AG4 as well any of your players are as good as a second Runner for the ball carrying one to Dump Off too as well. I don’t think he brings anything useful to the table over even taking a Lineman for instance.

      If you want the Ball to be in the hands of your Runner the following turn then you can either hand off or do a quick pass to him. Though having someone else carry the ball means they will probably score instead and that spreads the SPP around which is also a good thing. Just cause the Runner has Dump Off doesn’t mean he has to be the ball carrier, or that you should let people be hitting your ball carrier either. Anyone on the Dark Elf team can happily sit in a cage or behind a screen with the ball.

  4. Another roster I have great succes with is:
    2 Runners
    2 Blitzers
    1 WE
    6 Lineman
    2 Re-rolls

    Thats gives me 990. I save the last 10.000 to have at least a 50% chance of getting an apo after the first game, which by the way is essenciel for this team. 

    After a few games with both my Runners getting nerves of steel, is almost impossible to still the ball from them. And them being AV 7 it nice to have a extra player to be able to do the same job. (If you are using your runners for the ball handeling).

    VoidSeer, I disagree, I like having to players with dump off to back each other up. But thats the way I like to play DE. Thankfully there are many ways to play them. They are one of the hardest teams to play and propably the most unforgivning but they can adjust to any playstyle out there and boy oh boy are they great when you get 4 blitzers and 2 WE with one or two skill rolls.

  5. @Konstantin
    I have nothing against double dump-off play, per se.
    The question is do you get it from the team creation, or do you try to set it up later?
    From my point of view, a second runner has too many drawbacks at TV1000. It introduces another AV7 player with no apo. It does not help defense, which is the real issue early on. It will also get the SPPs I’d rather see on lineelves. Skilling up lineelves are the main focus to have a healthy DE team.

    • What are your reasons for preferring that starting line up? You are starting with 3 less players with Block from the start which is the time when Block is probably at its most effective.

  6. How about?
    3 Blitzer, 2 Runner, 1 Assassin, 5 Linemen, 2 Reroll
    As much as I love the witch elves, blitzers seem much more important

    • Indeed, that is why I would start with all 4, having 2 Runners and an Assassin to start with puts more AV7 players on the pitch and they don’t really add as much. The 4th Blitzer starting with Block is far more useful, especially as Block is at its best early on in team development while less opposing players have it.

  7. I’m thinking of using a different starting roster to those mentioned here. I’m a new BB player but I see many good things in this line-up. It is a positional player heavy roster and is somewhat inspired by the DE guides written by Coach on this site (so thanks a mil for those!)…

    4 Linemen 490k
    2 Runners 160k
    4 Blitzers 400k
    1 Witch Elf 110k
    1 Re-Roll 50k
    Hear me out before you cry blasphemy and you might be left wiser (or not.)
    1 RR is very scary for a starting team so I make buying a 2nd one my priority after obtaining an Apothecary as my first purchase. However I find that a single RR can be overcome with good use of Dump-off and Block from the positional players.
    I’m a DE player who likes double Dump-off and a previous poster mentioned that having this in a starting roster is unnecessary. I agree to some degree but my problem with starting with only 1 Runner is the question of when I’m going to buy the second one. Not for ages/Never is the answer to that question, as mentioned in a guide by Coach. Before then is the Apothecary, the extra RR and then maybe more RRs or a 2nd Witch Elf. The way I see it, you decide how many Runners you are are going to field in your DE team at its conception. 0, 1 or 2 all work but I find buying Runners along the way to be detrimental unless replacing an early casualty (and even then…) as all the other options for money spending are far more advantageous for most DE teams.
    I also find that Assassins in a starting roster are a waste as they don’t tend to get much SPP anyway so trying to capitalise on early games is a risky tactic: AV7 and no Block/Dodge means they’ll get hammered on and not gain the SPP you wanted them to. Also coaches hate Assassins so you can guarantee they’ll try and hurt them. Assassins can be obtained later if you know you’re going to be facing low AV teams.
    With this roster I can build 1 Runner to be a passer (Pass > Accurate > Sure Hands > Nerves of Steel) and 1 to be a blitzing ball carrier to support my Blitzers (Dodge > Block > Nerves of Steel). Both Runners make good use of the 7MA and Dump-off and this way I get a reliable 2+ pass and 5 Blockers (6 if I build my Witch Elf to Block) foregoing the need for excessive re-rolling. Up to team development as to which one gets built first, just try to level at least one of them up in the first game. With the addition of Leader on a Lineman I’m a lot a safer.

    The way I see it, DE RRs are cheap are therefore not necessary in the starting roster. 100k isn’t much for an RR, some teams have it so much worse. And sure DE don’t have specialised skilled players with Pass and Catch but through good use of an early Block heavy roster (when it counts) and strategic use of Dump-off I don’t see 2 RRs as being entirely necessary. This way you get your positional players out there on the pitch early in order to gain SPP. The Linemen and maybe the Witch Elf can then get Wrestle and you have players to suit every block Nuffle can throw at you.

    This roster is risky as early losses (of games and mushy AV7 players) can punish it. But after glancing through your league, you find you can pull this off then it pays off a lot. No excess Linemen will need to be cut and you can specialise each individual one as he’ll probably see a lot of playing time.

    It must be stressed that the Blitzers are the key to making this line-up work. Do not get them all bogged down as the opposition will capitalise on this and make you pay. Throw your blocks wisely and pick your fights, watch out for enemy players on the sidelines so you can chuck a frenzying Witch Elf at them and keep your Runners close so as to make use of double Dump-off. If you support the Runners adequately with your Blitzers and adapt depending on your opponents roster (DE’s major strength) then this roster can do very well.
    Thanks again to Coach, you’ve more or less taught me to play DE, been playing BB for only 6 months or so now but I hope this helps.

    • That line up can work, though with only 1 reroll I think against better coaches you are going to be in trouble the first few games. It won’t realistically be until game 4 that you get the second reroll (unless you take Leader) and if you don’t pick up wins with those you can drop a lot of points. I don’t really see how it has any advantage over the 4 Blitzer and 2 Reroll roster. Lose the Witch as well and thats another 110k to find from somewhere.

  8. If the Witch Elf goes down it is indeed very scary… My issue with the 4 Blitzers, 2 RRs roster is that you only have room for 1 Runner and I don’t realistically see myself picking another up for 80k. So probably stuck with 1, which isn’t a catastrophe but it’s quite different.

    But yes the roster I mentioned would need to prioritise getting Leader asap on a Lineman.

  9. I’ve had a lot of luck with this roster so far:

    2 x Assassin
    3 x Blitzer
    6 x Lineman
    2 x ReRoll

    Assassins are great against low armor and low movement players because of Stab and Shadowing respectively and at the very least never cause a turn over.

  10. The winner of the Winter Tournament on Cyanide used
    2 WE
    1 Blitzer
    2 Runners
    6 Linemen
    2 Re-roll
    This lineup is very powerful, but somewhat risky.  It obviously has more merit in a resurrection environment, but it is not bad in an open environment either(such as Fumbbl or MM).  Note that the runner up used the 4 Blitzer DE build listed, so it is a very good choice as well.  This is just an alternative.

  11. I’m new to the game (but loving it).  I have the PC (Bloodbowl: Dark Elves edition) game and will be participating in a league with some friends from a forum.  In the game, FF is not free, so what would you recommend for a starting build?
    I’ve done ~30 hours of playing with some various teams, but really love the mobility and versatility of the DEs most.  Also, all my playing has been against the computer (which isn’t too rough on Easy level).  I know against human opponents this should be much more challenging play, so I want to make sure not to hobble myself too badly.
    Atm, I’ve made a team that is 6 FF, 1 Reroll, 1 Apothecary, 1 WE, 1 Blitzer, and the rest are Linemen I think (can’t double check since I’m at work atm).
    BTW, I’m loving this site.  looks top be very good quality info here.  🙂

    • Hi Smirker, glad you are finding the site useful. My recommendation is the four Blitzer build, don’t spend any money on Fan Factor it is a waste if you are playing the current rules. Read the article on Fan Factor and FAME for more details, good luck in the league. 1 reroll will really hurt you, take at least two, getting three on a Dark Elf starting roster isn’t really practical though.

  12. Thanks!  I appreciate it!  And yes, I do love my Blitzers; almost as much as the Witch.  I’ll check out that article you mentioned.  🙂

  13. Nice article Coach,
    I can definately see the merits of the first lineup, Any team needs to get reliable blockers as soon as possible, and starting with 4 is a good way to go. a single runner with dump-off will help protect the ball on offense. Though you shouldn’t need that much help with offense playing elves.
    The dark elf player in our current league started a more positional line up, and had 3 deaths in the first match, so discounting that extra armour point would be a mistake.
    Personally I like having a witch elf on the team, as the threat of croud surfing makes the sidelines unplayable for your opponent, and easy for you to run half a dozen players down one side.

  14. I also prefer the 2 blitzer, Witch, Assasin, Runner, 6 Lineelves, 2 rerolls to the 4 blitzer option even though it’s riskier.
    I’ve been experimenting with the assassin and I keep finding more and more plays for him, with a little luck he can completely shift a drive or even a whole game in your favour and with really bad luck he doesn’t even cause a turn over, sure he plays completely differently from any other player in BB but he is rightly feared in the right hands. 
    The witch brings dodge to the field and when things start getting tense it’s a real life saver, sure the blitzers are great work horses, hitting turn after turn and staying on their feet but it’s the witch that makes the big plays, the crowd surfs, the dodging past 3 players to score on the last turn, just the threat of a witch elf forces an opposing coach to change their game plan (or suffer the consequences) and that’s got to be reason enough to take one.  That and the sooner you have a witch with block and sidestep the better.

  15. Roster #2 for me (sans Runners / Assassins).

    3 Blitzers at least are a must – as Coach says you really need to get as much Block as possible – but the Frenzy threat of a Witch Elf makes opponents go all girly on the flanks until they ‘man-up’ with Stand Firm and the like which provides the Delfs with a sideline option for their offence.

    Not a big fan of Assassins but I have been known to indulge from time to time.

    My most successful Delf side has never had a Runner. I think they’re over-rated and would much rather get the 4th Blitzer than have one. In fact a standard build for me is to give Pass to the first Blitzer who gets a double and he then becomes my ‘blitzing-quarterback’ and is significantly superior to a Runner (IMO).

  16. Giving Pass to a blitzer makes no sense at all to me. I find runners are a vital part of the dark elf running game and if you manage to skill one as a thrower and one as a defensive safety, then you have two very useful players on your team. They start off as very vulnerable players, but if you can get them through the initial games and get blodge on at least one of them, then they can be very durable, as long as you don’t send them into the trenches along with their team mates!

  17. I am tried sometime a bit different with Dark Elves of late. Starting with no Blitzers. It’s quite fun actually. Roster starts as:
    2 Witch Elves
    2 Assassins
    1 Runner
    6 Lineelves
    2 Rerolls
    There are no where near as reliable, or durable, as the 4 Blitzer build but have more character. The assassins are far more effective as a pair than signally I find too.

  18. I’ve had success running an Assassin opening lineup recently, hoping to skill up the Assassins because they’re much more useful with a skill or two, and while they make great receivers early on they’re increasingly difficult to get SPPs with once a league matures.

    Probably not a good idea if you’re in a league with high AVs, but it’s great if there are a bunch of AV 7 teams. The Assassins’ turnover-proof stabs stack nicely with all that Block to help give you an edge muscling the other fresh team.

    1 Runner (I like Dump Off)
    4 Blitzers (Stalwart AV 8 + Block, and more chances to get Guard)
    2 Assassins (Block first, then many options)
    4 Linemen (1 Kicker, 3 Wrestlers)
    1 reroll (Risky!)
    990k total

    Yeah, one reroll. That’s the downside, and you have to play your early games cautiously until you get a 2nd, or better 3rd. All the Block with a side of stabbing alleviates this more than I had at first thought it would; originally I’d considered it a price I was willing to pay to test out better Assassins, but I’ve come around to actually preferring it. Another point is that while rerolls cost more later, this is offset by not having to pad your lineup with 70k Linemen.

    First thing I look to buy is an Apothecary, and after that a Witch Elf or Reroll, with which one I’d pick first depending on my opposition. I might even hold off on the Apothecary, depending on how my skill ups are going, who I’m facing, and how much cash I’ve earned.

    An variant I’ve considered is spending the last $10k to swap a Blitzer for a Witch Elf’s Frenzy threat and the opportunity to get her Block early. However then kicking off has you dangling an expensive AV 7 target where it can be easily Blitzed, which I’m somewhat leery of without an Apothecary…

  19. Alternatively, if you want low armor but high killing potential, you can try this:

    2x Witch Elf
    2x Assassin
    7x Lineman
    2x Reroll
    0x Apoth

    As soon as you can replace one or two linemen with blitzers and get an apoth. If you get past the first few matches, it’s hella-fun.

  20. I know an old post but i just started playing BB again and used to love Dark Elves back in the old edition. So i picked up a team and started to get my head around the changes made. So No thrower… ok this could be awkward… I used to buy one build it up, run both witch elves and go for the open pass.

    No worries i can still rely on my trusty witch elves i thought… but without that passing threat I decided to go for the first team posted here – mainly as DE blitzers are so good. Sooo good. I picked up a runner as i’d never used one before and figured why not.

    I didn’t really end up using the runner as the blitzers are so op and turned him instead into the thrower I was missing from the roster. Few leaping Blitzers later and i’m back into the flow of it – loving the DE team. It’s always slow to start but you get rewarded down the road. Not even purchased a WE yet – i’m kind of wondering if it’s necessary even with armour 8 i’m still taking heavy casualties.

    Those guys who choose two WE are taking a gamble that might pay off but from what i’ve seen the Blitzers will get it done for you and stick around much longer.

    • Welcome back to Blood Bowl, though Witch Elves make the team for me and are by far the best player available to you despite their disadvantages. Just check out the Witch Elf development article for more information about what makes them tick.

  21. Also… Assassins seem to be a waste of time… i really don’t see the use of them other than me wasting a block. The only reason i’d see myself getting one is or a little flavor on the bench.

  22. Which players do people place on the wings? Blitzer and witch elf each side? Or do runners take the second spot now? Witch elves on one side runners on the other could cause a head ache for your opponent i’d imagine. Whats commonly seen?

  23. I try to put my Witch Elves out of reach so they’re not hit and more likely to threaten the sidelines with Frenzy. But I also like to put Sidestep players on the wings, and Witch Elves often get Sidestep. Where I stick them very much depends on the makeup of the rest of my team.

    Oh and Lost Viking, if you like leap on Blitzers, try it on a Witch Elf. Takes a bit to skill them up for Block + Sidestep + Leap, but it’s worth it to be able to leap over and Frenzy people off the pitch from behind.

  24. What do you think of this variation on Konstatin’s roster:
    7 Lineelf
    1 Runner
    2 Blitzers
    1 Witch Elf
    2 ReRolls

    Dropping runner for a line elf only saved me another ten grand, which isn’t enough to upgrade any players, but it puts me almost halfway to that apoth next game. I think I want yo run the team with two runners but I likely don’t need both off the bat and it is one less fragile player on the pitch. I lament the lack of blitzers, but I’ve been struggling to decide which asset I value most in a starting roster– the power and threat of the witch, the protection of those 4 core blitzers, our the security of the 3rd reroll.

    • Heh, that’s the roster I went with for a private league with a few friends. Reasoning being that we’re unlikely to fit in more than 3-5 matches with any given team, so might as well start with many positionals to get the full Dark Elf experience. Also as a challenge to myself – most teams I create, I tend to aim for 4 rerolls if I can afford it – I need to learn how to manage risks better when out of them, and having a team with none might help me focus on that.

      For my Dark Elf team for matchmaking in an open league, I went with a more conservative team though – I think chances are better they’ll get enough games under their belt to gradually develop.

  25. For the Cyanide BB game I went with:
    4 Lineman
    4 Blitzers

    1 Witch Elf
    1 Assassin
    1 Runner

    2 Cheerleaders
    2 Assistant Coaches

    It was sheer hell to get by without rerolls or apothecary during the first few games.

    I made them like that for their blog of course (, not for them to be efficient.

    When I played BB tabletop years and years ago, my starting team generally looked like the High Armour Dark Elf Starting Roster above.
    All 4 Blitzers are a must in my opinion. And never be too shy to use your linemen.

    Now I must just start to remember how I played them back in my glory days. 😉

    • To my mind, its always nice to get as much positional you can get when you create a team. They will be able to get a level up quicker with the MVP.
      Nevertheless, begining a team without any reroll is a mistake I think. Moreover, the cost of RR doubles after the creation and it is completely not worth it on the long term.
      I always try to get a balance between positional and RR.
      I think the traditional 4 Blitzers, 1 runner, 6 Linemen 2 RR is the best one. Trading a Blitzer with a witch is also good but trading a block for a dodge with an AG4 team is not worth it in my opinion.

  26. In Leagues with less tackle I really liked to start with:

    2 WE
    3 Blitzers
    1 Runner/Thrower
    5 Linemen

    The thrower is a very good base against teams with less skills. I like the 2 Witchelves most for their Jump Up and Dodge since they tend to be able to stand up and walk into the end zone from quite far to recieve desperate passes.
    The key is the use of the reroll only for passes. If the cage can be protected, the runner gets his 6 SSP easily which gives me the leader reroll at least after the second match. If you dont get as far as that the reroll lets him at least gain his SSP through well executed throws.
    Without block and AV 7, the witchelvelves should not be positioned near opponent players. I recommend to block in this state mostly in blitzes to open wider holes and else dodge if possible. In a team with only 1 RR Dodge is still saving my butt most of the times.
    As soon as I can get block on them the tables turn.

  27. Ok, so these rosters are admittedly very niche, but I think they should be considered. They are for cyanide champions league. They are very risky with huge rewards in the team development department. They function well under the assumption that you will scrap a team if it does bad but can continue if it starts out well and become highly efficient since most tv will land on positionals.

    SInce champion ladder is such an integral part for so many people who play blood bowl I think they should be considered:

    Option 1 (my favourite):

    1*Witchelf 110k
    4*Blitzers 400k
    6*Lineman 420k
    1*reroll 50k

    980K Total

    You can at your leisure upgrade one or two lineman to runners. I really really like this lineup, because you have all blitzers, as many runners as are your style and 1 witch. I dont really think you need 2 witches for a long time, but one is a massive improvement. Also having 1 reroll makes this team a lot more reasonables and saves on do-overs. Also if you go both runners you can reasonably go pass early to be super tv-efficient.

    The other lineup is even more extreme and I feel it doesnt gain so much important things, namely all 4 blitzers and the second witch.

    2 witches 220k
    4 blitzers 400k
    5 lineman 350k
    Total 970k

    Again you can have as many runners as you like. I dont think losing out on all rerolls is really worth the second witch, but I have tried it and it can work.

    Honorary mention goes to the assasin which can be included in both setups, even together with a runner in the no-reroll one. However, personally i feel the assasin is useless bloats which promotes bad plays and decisions. Since these line-ups are very calculated for high-variance over-performing I dont feel they have a place.

  28. Hi Coach,
    last fall I stumbled over Blood Bowl (still having it seen since ’95 next to WHFB etc.), got excited and had a decent start thanks to your guides and roosters. I took the High Armour Dark Elf Starting Roster (4 Blitzers, 1 Runner, 2RR) and had quite some fun. With some practices even some success. So first of all a big thank you for your guides.

    I have a question on the further progression at low TV. I always purchase the Apo first. After that it seems to be common knowledge to go for the third re-roll and a witch.
    For my feelings that seems to blow up the TV quite fast, especially if you get some good earnings and few casualties early on. Might it be wise at some point to either skip the re-roll (or delay it) or to buy the with but fire a lineman.
    With my third team in a closed league I have now the situation: 3 games played (2-1-0), some good rolls for money (190K), an Apo and no casualties so far combined with 5 level ups (MB, 3 dodges & nerves of steel) bringing me to a TV of 1200. My opponents for the next 2 games are around TV 1050. So by buying the third re-roll or a witch I would be close to giving them a wizard and bribe (or even worse).
    Currently I struggle to buy the re-roll as a wizard seems most times equal to one DT – and I am not sure whether 1 re-roll in each half is equal to that, same goes for the witch.
    I even think about firing a lineelf and buy the with to slowly grow TV by only 40.

    On the other hand it seems not so clever not to spend the money and grow the team at full speed. Any ideas on that would be great 🙂

    • Hi Uthegen, if you’re worried about giving away too much in inducements then I would just keep the money saved up and either wait for other teams to catch up to you in value, or spend it when you take an injury. I wouldn’t fire a healthy player to hire a Witch Elf, what would you do if that Witch Elf takes an injury or dies in the first game and you can’t afford a replacement?

      That being said, I wouldn’t be so scared about giving away inducements. A Wizard is a pain (I personally don’t like their inclusion in the game) but the threat can be worse than the actual use, especially as it’s a one shot thing. The earlier you get a player the sooner you can get them a skill and having that extra player may make an overall difference for longer in the game. There isn’t a right or wrong answer here and both ways can make sense so just go with whatever you find the most fun.


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