TV1000 High Elf Starting Roster

High Elf Starting Roster Overview:

Under older rules it was quite common to see a lot of High Elf teams start with just eleven Linemen as that was the only way you could afford to start with three rerolls and nine Fan Factor. The changes to the rules have given you more options to actually get those rerolls and also have some positionals as well. Or you can use the alternative of taking only two rerolls and have a bit more flexibility with what you create your team with. There are really two base lineups to start with and slight variations of these will be how most teams are created.

Three Reroll TV1000 High Elf Starting Roster:

QuantityPlayer / ItemCost
Total1 Mil

Eleven Linemen and three rerolls comes to a total of 920k which leaves you 80k to upgrade some of those Linemen into positional players. As Block is the most potent against starting teams when their players are less likely to have it, it makes sense to start with both Blitzers. It gives you a bit more speed as well. You can then either save that 20k towards an Apothecary, or use it to start with either a Thrower or Catcher. I prefer to get the Thrower, they have more armour than a Catcher and won’t be the SPP hog a Catcher will. It will also let you slowly start getting them developed from completions. Not having Catchers also means you can concentrate on advancing the Blitzers who tend to see a slow down in SPP when the Catchers join the team.

You can make an easy variation from this roster by dropping one reroll for an Apothecary from the outset. Even a basic High Elf Lineman costs more than an Apothecary so it could save you some money (though you lose out from the doubling cost of that dropped reroll). If you do take the roster as suggested though then an Apothecary should always be your first purchase, after which you can start adding in some Catchers to the team.

Two Reroll TV1000 High Elf Starting Roster:

QuantityPlayer / ItemCost

Like the first example, if you only take two rerolls that gives you an extra 50k to spend on “upgrading” Linemen. This means that you can start with two Catchers in addition to the Blitzers and the Thrower. The downside apart from having one less team reroll is that you add two of your lower armoured players to the team before you get an Apothecary. The Catchers may also really hog the SPP, though they need to so they can get some protection skills. Taking the three reroll team means you can add the Catchers one at a time and hopefully get that one their first skill before you add another. The advantage of doing this though is that you get two Catch skill rerolls and even more speed on the team. It also has 10k left over which you can put towards an Apothecary after the first game and not starting with a full 1 Million may upset those teams that don’t spend all their starting money hoping to get an advantage from inducements.

Again an Apothecary is your priority for purchases. There is a slight dilemma afterwards though as you could do with that third reroll but you also could do with getting some reserves. This is where the cost of starting with two rerolls comes in. It is then also tricky as to if you want to save up for the Catcher over getting some more Linemen each time. This is why I prefer the three reroll team as future development decisions are much easier.

TV1000 High Elf Starting Roster Summary:

It is quite like you will go for one of the above options. There are even more alternatives such as starting with no rerolls to get all your positionals at the start. This can work for some teams, though High Elves lack many in built skill rerolls outside of passing options. If they had a player who started with Dodge it would have more merit. If you are joining an existing league though where you know you will be getting inducement money, then you could do this and take extra training rerolls. Personally though I would still stick with one of the above options, buying new players is still cheaper than the extra rerolls and some games you may not get the inducement money you need.

6 thoughts on “TV1000 High Elf Starting Roster”

  1. Gotta love the High Elves. Closest thing (Woodies aside) to having your BB cake and eating it too.

    Unfortunately it’s a very expensive cake! Would you give any thought at all to a more limited fan factor roster with a long-game economy in mind? Say,

    Blitzer x1
    Linemen x10
    Fan Factor x4 or 5
    Re-Rolls x3

    The Linemen are better than most team’s positionals after all…

  2. I don’t think the Fan Factor is worth the loss of Block and Pass that you can easily get. Also having ten Linemen is more than you will want on the team in the long term so you may also lose out cash if you have to retire them cause injuries didn’t occur.

    Not sure that the Fan Factor will make much difference to long term economy either. Usually the gains will be 10k per match, but your positional players are a whooping 90 or 100k each.

  3. I think Fan Factor helps out early on, most teams don’t take fans so you are more likely to win Fame every time. I would rather take
    2 blitzers
    8 linemen
    1 thrower
    which leaves room for I think 2 rerolls and 5 FF

  4. I have attempted an all-positional team, just to see if it was feasible. This leaves room for only one reroll.

    Obviously that won’t do, especially since rerolls cost less at the formation of your team. Hence I’d probably pick the three reroll lineup Coach posted here.

    During my playtesting I noticed that High Elves (or, at least my playing them) saw more SPP-hogging by the catchers than with other teams. With woodies I skipped the catchers entirely (whether that’s wise is another thing) and with humans I found the catchers hog a bit, but not too much. It’s probably the movement more than anything else. I have a feeling I might pick the second thrower before getting the catchers simply because having only one feels too much like a vulnerability to target. It might also help in learning not to depend too much on catchers for their movement and scoring ability.

    • Block is most useful early on compared to the skill the other players start with. Catchers also have lower armour so will be more likely to pick up an injury. That and the Catchers will tend to hog the star player points as well, though it’s not too hard to spread those around on Elven teams.


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