Wood Elf Linemen

Wood Elf Lineman Defender:
  • Normal: Block, Dodge, Side Step, Diving Tackle, Shadowing / Tackle
  • Doubles: Guard
  • Stat Increase: +ST +AG +MV

When you have enough built to place on the LOS then get a some built to help defend. Again start with the core skills of Block and Dodge in the order as outlined for the standard build. Side Step will help keep you next to the player you want to mark or get in the way of and keep your formation on kick offs better, placing these guys in the wide zone. Follow up with Diving Tackle to tie players in place and to stop more agile players trying to run past them. Shadowing will make dodging away even less attractive and goes well with your high movement, or take Tackle first if you don’t have much on the team or in Dodge heavy leagues.

Guard on doubles as you need it and works well on Block, Dodge, Side Step player. Take +ST and +AG as mentioned before and consider Catch and Pass Block if you get +AG to shut down the passing game as well. You can consider +MV to cover more distance, not that you really need it, though with the amount of useful skills to take I would skip it.

Wood Elf Lineman Summary:

Some other useful skills to consider may be Dauntless on a couple of the standard build and maybe even a fouler with easy access to Sneaky Git and Dirty Player. Don’t get overly attached to your players though, with only AV7 their playing lives may be short lived. In a league where there are a lot of teams that pass a lot then a specialist interceptor could come in handy as well, with Pass Block, Catch, Diving Catch and Nerves of Steel on a double. Your aim with the Linemen is to try and just get in the way of the opposing teams without letting them hit you, this should frustrate the opponent and also help your players live a bit longer!

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  1. Chris January 12, 2010 at 5:29 am #

    Good run down on the line elves i’ve gone with starting out with a kicker and first oppertunity then a few with wrestle/fend combo’s for the LoS elves.

  2. Joe Branchaven September 14, 2014 at 5:35 am #

    Thoughts on Jump Up for these guys? Figured could be very useful on wrestlers to further exploit holes they make…

    • Coach September 14, 2014 at 11:04 am #

      On the one hand I can see your thinking and how it could be useful. However they already move 4 after standing up which is fairly reasonable already.

      The way I think of it is, if I take this skill what am I passing over to take it and would it be more useful to take something else. This is why the common skills are common, things like Dodge, Block, Wrestle, Tackle, Side Step etc.

      Jump Up is only useful if your player is on the ground. I’d rather they were left standing if at all possible. Half the results on the Block die are going to always leave you standing when someone blocks your player. If you take Dodge and they don’t have Tackle that’s another result where it won’t come in. When you use Wrestle that’s one situation it is useful, though if your player gets knocked over, with low armour there’s a fair chance of them getting injured which again will negate Jump Up.

      The other side to Jump Up is being able to do a Block action from the ground. What you need to consider here is how often your Lineman is going to be in position to do an advantageous Block. A lot of other teams are stronger and will also likely have quite a few players with Guard. You will also need an assist which may mean moving a team mate in next to the opponent. If you then fail the Jump Up roll then you’ve moved another player in to get hit the next turn.

      So perhaps a lot of the time you aren’t going to use half of the ability of the skill. The extra movement component may not get many chances to use during a game and even if you do then how many times is that extra movement really any use? There will be times both parts of Jump Up will be useful though for me personally I think there are quite a few skills that you will get more use from and that your opponent will wish you didn’t have. It is amazing how disrupting Side Step can be for example, even if your player does get knocked over.

      With all that said I can see some benefits of Jump Up but I’d likely only take it as a late skill if at all, though by all means try it and see what you think and perhaps report back with how useful it was.

  3. Joe Branchaven September 19, 2014 at 2:40 am #

    The lineelf I have in mind for this is like such: First advance, ST. Second advance, Dodge (help that ST4 get where I need it!). Plan is to take Wrestle next, then Jump Up. Granted, JU is a ways off, but I like to think long-term!. May take Block instead of Wrestle though, in that case I can see passing on JU, cuz I won’t be going to the ground as often.

    So, yeah, would definitely be a late skill!

    • El_Jairo January 9, 2015 at 1:23 am #

      I would rather have block on ST 4 piece as it will be a better road block and being able to block back.

      I’m thinking that for a heavy ST environment a Wrestel, Dauntless LineElf might be a useful addition to the skill set. As you don’t get to have guard as easily, let alone keep them alive.

  4. El_Jairo January 9, 2015 at 1:32 am #

    I’m quite surprised that you don’t include +AV for stat upgrades. It reduces change on breaking armour from 41,66% to 27,77%, or 1/3 of the time your armour doesn’t get broken, so 33% less injuries to be made.
    If you compare this to a blocking skill, they only improve your odds not going down in a 1db by 17% or half. Taking into account that receiving 2db is quite common the effectiveness if even further lowered.

    So to me AV 7->8 is more worth than double a normal skill.

    Of course the player would need to have useful skills first, so it is rather a late pick unless on Line Elves I can see it as second or third skill.

    • Street January 9, 2015 at 9:05 am #

      The reason you would still take block and dodge first is not going down at all is better than less armour breaks when you go down.

      Plus block and dodge have other uses such as blocks offensive uses and dodge giving you a free reroll for dodging if there is no tackle.

      And finally armour is always put against movement increases as well. And pretty much everyone on a wood elf team can make good use of even more movement.

  5. Keksmuzh February 11, 2017 at 2:14 pm #

    Is Sidestep on line Elves really that good? I know sidestep is great and I pretty much always grab it on my Wardancers, but if you’re already getting Fend it doesn’t seem to synergize well, since the squares you can sidestep to will still be in contact with the piece that blocked your lineman, thus defeating the point of Fend. Wrestle/Fend/Dodge would seem to be more generally useful.

    • Coach February 11, 2017 at 6:41 pm #

      Sidestep is one of the most disruptive skills in the game, I rate it higher than Fend but you are correct that they don’t really work that well together. Play a game against a team with lots of Sidestep and you’ll soon find out what a pain it is, even if you knock the opponent over they can still place their prone player in the way.

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